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I can’t wait until we can “omit” this administration



Not that I necessarily believe there’s anything better coming along behind it, but this one is just blatant with its disregard for both the law and our traditions.

To say I was aghast at the decision to censor the 911 call from the Orlando murderer (even though what was said was widely known) would be an understatement.

I immediately asked “why”?  Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all so I don’t subscribe to much of what some are saying out there.  To me it speaks of three things, in this order – 1) politics, 2) fear and 3) arrogance.

One … If they acknowledge that fact that this was a terrorist attack by a representative of a sworn enemy that the administration (and by extension, the leading Democratic contender for President) has badly mismanaged to the point that they are regularly striking random targets here – well, that reflects pretty badly on the “home” team.  So let’s pretend it’s something else and let’s divert attention to things like guns, Christians and the NRA.

Two … They’re afraid of ISIS and what ISIS can and will do.  So they handle that fear by ignoring it and pretending it doesn’t exist and hoping it will go away, or at least leave us alone.  If they call it’s name (i.e. Islamic terrorism) and acknowledge its existence, they’ll be called upon to do something.  They haven’t a clue about how to do that.  So again they divert.  The US Attorney General, in attempting excuse the “omitting” of parts of the transcript of the 911 call talked about her ‘greatest fear’ – and it ain’t ISIS or attacks on Americans:

Speaking to the audience at the Muslim Advocates’ 10th anniversary dinner Thursday, Lynch said her “greatest fear” is the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” in America and vowed to prosecute any guilty of what she deemed violence-inspiring speech.

“The fear that you have just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor, as someone who is sworn to the protection of all of the American people, which is that the rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence,”she said.

Three … pure arrogance.  While other examples of censored releases were blamed on “glitches” (French President’s remarks, State Department briefing), they didn’t even try on this one.  It’s rather hard to blame “glitches” when actual words are replaced with the word “omitted” or actual words are changed to other words (Allah/God). The administration isn’t even playing the game anymore. No more blaming it on glitches, just pure and plain censorship because the words said by the killer don’t help support the narrative this fearful administration has been trying to push on the people for almost 8 years.

And now, the Attorney General of the United States says her greatest fear is “rhetoric” against Muslims?  Really?


Speaking of rhetoric, “the most transparent administration” ever has forever made it clear that transparency is campaign rhetoric for consumption of the rubes in flyover country only.  They won – they’re your rulers.  They can do whatever they want.

Suck it up, buttercup.


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24 Responses to I can’t wait until we can “omit” this administration

  • This was a (silly…see below) exercise in pure Orwellian GoodSpeak.

    It was silly because the parodies write themselves…

    “I pledge alliance to [don’t think of ISIS].”

    “I commit to being a true soldier of [don’t think of Allah]”.

    “I praise (all honor to his name) [don’t think of Mohammad], the true prophet of [don’t think of Allah]”.

    This is the kind of “leadership” we have in the Obamic Decline…

  • I think you can be sure any decision to redact was made at DOJ by low level summer interns working there.
    Cousins, no doubt, of the low level interns working at the IRS in Cincinnati way back in 2011.
    Someone will be fired, or placed on paid leave, possibly promoted, when it becomes absolutely clear the public won’t let it go. (Look a Squirrel!)

    It’s crazy to think that based on his rantings this guy represented (redacted) and we shouldn’t go letting the one who committed the attack make that kind of link for himself!
    Those sorts links are best made by the administration afterwards in a way that doesn’t make them look like the collection of useless incompetent blame shifting responsibility ducking asshats they obviously are.
    And those links clearly point to gay hating Republicans carrying mass murdering AR-15 rifles around in a conservative generated atmosphere of gay bashing hatred, not (redacted) and not (redacted)!

  • ” And now, the Attorney General of the United States says her greatest fear is “rhetoric” against Muslims? ”

    Well, you have to remember General Casey’s noble statement after Nidal Hasan murdered 13 of his Army comrades and wounded another 32: “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” Seven years later, the body count of “American Victims Of Islamic Jihad” has steadily increased; and yet the sentiment of our leadership has not changed.

    In short, the interests of Islam *will* be served, public be damned. And so will the interests of the #BlackLivesMatter agitators and the LaRaza/ Reconquista crowd.

    Our Beltway Betters apparently think American citizens should just turn in their guns and wait quietly for the Three Favored Minority Groups to come slaughter us at their leisure.

    So, boys and girls, the short version: The USA is led by traitors who have NO interest in protecting their fellow-citizens, or their homeland, or their culture. And the absolute-same-thing is happening in England, France, Germany, Sweden … just about all the so-called First-World countries. ALL those leaders of ALL those countries have seen the problems their immigration policies are causing. NOT A ONE OF THEM HAS SAID “Maybe we should stop this immigration thing until we re-think how this is going to work successfully.”

    That is a VERY sobering thought. Either they are all possessed by the same madness, or the same demons, or they’ve been bought-and-paid-for by the same shadow entities, or … what?

    To quote my Inner Spock: “I do not understand how all these different governments would follow the same disastrous path, would SEE the social disasters unfolding, would SEE the immense drain on their treasuries as well, and NOT A SINGLE ONE WOULD *CHANGE* THAT PATH TO DISASTER. It is simply not logical, Captain.”

  • I decided the omission of certain elements of the transcript meant that I was then allowed to fill in the blanks with whatever fit my narrative.

    You see, Omar pledged allegiance to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party of Death and Buggery, a natural ally of ISIL.

    Who could prove me wrong … without releasing the unredacted transcripts ?

  • Which is why all the liberal bastards voted against the Senate bill yesterday to prevent people actually on a terror watch list right now from buying weapons.

    Because…. They’ll do their best to protect us.

    Oh well, at least we’re not Venezuela, yet.

  • BHO: a seven-year glitch. Same as a seven-year itch, except you can’t scratch it.

  • “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

    >>> No worries, a gay club on latin night? Our casualties don’t get much more diverse than that!

  • Speaking of rhetoric, “the most transparent administration” ever has forever made it clear that transparency is campaign rhetoric for consumption of the rubes in flyover country only.

    I think their rubes are in the coastal big city area. Unfortunately, too many of them.

  • What’s funny is that the Obama administration is more effectively fighting ISIS and terrorism from Islamic extremists than Bush ever did (his bizarre effort to re-make Iraq – which most of you supported – led to an increase in support for terrorism and in fact the beginning of what became ISIS). In fact, the reason Republicans fixate over this non-issue (“we’ll ignore what he’s doing and whine that he’s not using the words we want”) is because this President is so effective in building a global anti-terrorism/anti-ISIS policy. And, of course, what would people say if abortion bombers or the Westboro Baptist church were routinely called “radical Christian extremists” and other Christians were labeled with the term. The ignorant types who say Muslims do not have western views are being countered in schools and universities to assure that the bigots don’t use hate and fear to try to demonize a religion and give the terrorists the gift they want.

    • Which is why we have terrorists with guns shooting our citizens right here in the good old US of A, professer schiesskopf.

      • Oh, sorry, ISLAMIC terrorists.

        Now feel free to make an Idiot out of yourself with your usual blather full of distorted history from 1300 years ago, you delusional hairball.

        • Haha, Alan, I’m helping make sure the next generation creates an America that you do not want to see. You’re on the losing side of history, holding on to obsolete ideas. Oh, and your candidate is Trump! ROTFLMAO! Love it!

          • Haha Scottie, you better hope it doesn’t work out because if it does people like me won’t object any more when assists like you end up in front of a wall with lots of bullet holes in it.
            We won’t even waste our time saying we told you so.

            And Trump may be the candidate, but he isn’t the one I wanted.
            So unless you like voting for felons you should feel about the same huh.

          • Fantasizing about those who think different than yourself being lined up against the wall and having bullet holes. That shows exactly what you are – and how completely out of touch with reality you are. Well, Alan, as a true American I will fight against people being lined up based on what they believe, regardless of whether or not I agree with them. I have principles. Have a great day!

          • Nope, I’m not hoping you get there Scott – see that’s the difference, I hope you don’t because the country would be a shirt-hole place to be if that ever happened, and I don’t want to go through that kind of crap at any age, let alone around my retirement.
            I have principles too, they assume we have inalienable rights. So they don’t agree with the “anything goes, whatever society says is okay is okay” principles you’ve flaunted around here so proudly.
            Of the two, my principles are far more likely to keep people from being executed at the hands of a mob or a kangaroo court than yours.

            But it’s a little hard for me to carry on with that hope when you boast about actively promoting a social contract that I think can lead to what I described.

            I recognize it’s always a possibility.
            You believe it can’t ever happen because of some magic you think occurred when the year in the date got to be over 2000, and because you live in some happy fantasy land where you think the people who disagree with you are pretty much ignorant backwoods morons reading, posting and commenting on what you think of as “right wing wacko” websites.

            You should come down out of Whitemanistan to the heartland where we have people who aren’t the same color and creed we are all around us every day, and we don’t kill them, string them up, abuse them or otherwise treat them any differently than we want to be treated.
            And stop assuming all your information from like minded liberals in your cloister is the only way sane rational people who easily as well educated and well read as YOU see things.

            But you won’t, because you’re an arrogant know it all Scott.
            You’re a closet racist member of what you quietly think should be the ruling class.
            You think you’re some kind of aristocracy with special insight because you managed to complete more than 12 years of education and have, in your case, essentially meaningless letters available to toss after your name.
            And for some reason you feel like it’s your job to show up here occasionally and bring culture and wisdom to the backwoods dirt eating goobers clustered around their camp fires in fear.

            Well, that and you have a twisted need to jerk people’s chains to get some attention.

    • “The ignorant types who say Muslims do not have western views”

      Count me as one of those ignorant types. Do you deny that Islam calls for the death of homosexuals? Or the death of those, like Charlie Hebdo, who mock Mohammed? What does the New Testament say about those things?

      • Hey man, all we need is love.
        Don’t go asking what kind though, that could be problematical.

        Scott is okay with gays dying, women being told to shut up and submit, churches being burned and priceless archeological sites being destroyed so long as when the dust settles he can say “I win!”.
        He’s very pragmatic you see.

        • Now you’re making up silly lies. That demonstrates exactly what you are.

          • So tell us more about that thar Shria law then Prufessur. Clearly I’s wrong and I’s jus a lower n a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut liar.

            Gays – In Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, homosexual activity carries the death penalty.
            Iran executes gays in the public square by hoisting them up with construction equipment, in the ‘Caliphate’ they throw them off buildings, set fire to them, cut off their heads, run them over with cars, whatever new fanciful method comes to mind today.
            Women – shutting up and sitting down – women in Saudi Arabia CAN’T DRIVE CARS, can’t go anywhere without a male chaperon, 2 items on a list of things they can’t do, by LAW. Just an easy example because Saudi Arabia is where Mecca is, right? So, Defenders of the Faithful! and all that.
            Churches – I’m sorry, did I say churches were being burned, well, not in Saudi Arabia anyway – there ARE NONE, they’re not allowed, well, my bad! Can’t burn em if they’re not there – have to go elsewhere – okay….
            Whereas in the Sharia-law governed region of Aceh in Indonesia, at the urging from Islamic leaders, hundreds of Muslims took to the streets with machetes and torched area churches, and in Egypt and Ethiopia and Pakistan just to name a few others.
            Archeological sites/Historical sites destroyed? Syria, Iraq, Libya, Timbuktu, Mali, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, India, the Balkans. Afghanistan.

            And you think immigrants from all these places are going to be a good fit in the US right now with the perceptual set they have from home?
            The US, where women have equal rights, where we practdice many faiths and often ‘zone’ houses of worship close to one another, where gays can marry and where our historical sites of a religious nature are almost exclusively NOT Islamic? Where Catholics actually draw pictures of GOD and his son/primary prophet who is NOT Mohammed and put them on the windows of their churches for everyone outside to see (specifically so they can offend devout sharia following Islamics of course).

            Those things are all readily available for reading on the internet, by reputable world recognized organizations, not the WND or National Enquirer web sites.
            So who’s lying Scott? But thanks for the opportunity to demonstrate exactly what you are.

            One more time “you don’t come here for the huntin”, do you son.

          • Silly lies? So Islamists are not denying women basic rights (driving cars in Saudi Arabia)? Islamists are not burning churches (suspected church burned in Egypt)? Or priceless archeological sights being destroyed in the Islamic world? Those silly lies? Are you supportive of those actions? And it sounds like you are supportive of the importation of those ideals into this country.

            You keep talking about all of this reform within the Islamic world, why does it not show up in their culture? Has Turkey become more attune to the West in the last 5 years? Egypt? Libya? Syria? Iran? Iraq? Shall I keep adding to the list? And this is under Obama’s influence and guidance. And this is what you call success? You say “ignorant types who say Muslims do not have western views are being countered in schools and universities” – that may be true here in the US but can you show me where these western views are being touted in schools and madrassas in the middle eastern, Islamic world? (Note: I mean today, not 700 years ago.)

            And all of this uproar because we are demanding a very simple thing, adherence to current immigration law. The law which states an individual’s background must be verified before entrance to this country – that’s all I want at least. And when the Director of the FBI says this is impossible to accomplish, I have to ask “Then why proceed?”

            But you have principles. But, just like a typical progressive today, one who touts diversity and inclusion, but only to those who agree with you. To the rest of us “You’re on the losing side of history, holding on to obsolete ideas.” So are you going to “line me up against” against that wall you so detest?

            PS: Can you please define for me what the “right side of history” means?

          • “I win” is his side.

          • Huh, looks like Big Ears Barack got up on the wrong side of history this morning.
            How bout that.