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The tantrum in the House

Sigh.  I guess the old maxim “you get the government your deserve” certainly rings true today.  House Democrats are staging a sit in because the Speaker of the House won’t call a bill to the floor that violates the Constitution and denies due process to people who are placed on its secret no-fly and terrorism lists.

They’d like you to believe it is a “gun control” bill.  In fact, it is a “due process denial” bill, and we ought to refer to it that way.  Their claim is expanding government’s authority to defy the guarantees of the Constitution will help curb gun violence.

Really?  How?  Will it stop someone who ends up on the list and still wants to buy a gun from getting one?  Certainly not as just about any criminal can tell you (and as study I linked a few posts back revealed).  Again, that “Human Nature 101” thing seems to stump these deep thinkers.

And the irony is that one of those leading the charge for violating the Constitution and denying due process – civil rights icon John Lewis (okay, it’s a bit of double irony) – was once placed on a no-fly list without due process.

So what has been the result of not getting their way and denying you due process protection?  They’ve been reduced to throwing a collective tantrum and harkening back to the good old days when they were protesting Vietnam or whatever.  They even come up with a clever chant – “No Bill. No Break”.  You see they’re supposed to take a legislative break and now, apparently, the desire to deny you your rights is so strong they feel called to pretend they are Social Justice Warriors and act accordingly.

Where’s “Black Lives Matter” when you need them.  Now here is a perfect protest for them to hijack and they’re nowhere in sight.


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22 Responses to The tantrum in the House

  • “Douse those lights!”

    John Lewis, yes, he of the fake “N” word at the Kill the Bill rally story in 2010 – Britbart’s $100k pay off for evidence never collected on.
    Amazing the mileage you can get out of being a Civil Rights Icon turned Kindergarten protester.

    One of these days we’re going to figure out as a nation that someone doing something good isn’t a forever license to do bad things later.

  • Call names all you want, this is working for the Democrats. If they gain big in the house and get the Senate, this issue will be part of it, as the NRA is seen in increasingly negative terms. That said, I personally am not a proponent of the laws they want passed. I don’t think passing them will be a disaster or anything, but I just don’t think they’ll make much of a difference. Still, for the Democrats, this is a political winner.

    • So sayeth the clown, desperately attempting to distract the audience.

    • Sure it’s working, among other Democrats, bfhd.

      Why don’t you explain all that to Mickey Hicks and Patrick Hackett, that part about it not being a disaster.

    • Your 30 pieces of silver await you. You can now go home and collect.

    • I can’t think of an issue more likely to cause “middle-class anarchy” or “Irish democracy”, the whole-sale violation of a law a’la Prohibition.

      Not that I think that is a GOOD thing in the net. But would be a thing, and maybe about time, too. Americans are tired of being the subjects to a class of barons, with more and more egregious and nonsensical laws that the baronial class ignore.

  • Children. We’re dealing with children.

    A divorce is coming. It can’t be stopped. How degrading it is to have to live in a country with these people, and the mindless sheep who follow them. We are all of us diminished by having to share a country with the Erbs.

    It’s going to be bad for everyone, but the consolation is that a LOT of people who deserve it, are most likely going to suffer pretty badly (or worse).

  • It’s not like the Democrats would ever put American citizens on a terrorist watch list and then deprive them of their liberties and their livelihoods. I mean, this isn’t the 1940s.

  • This is Kabuki Theater and everyone knows it. Read any Jihadi website. The recipes for making an IED or poison gas bomb from common chemicals found under any kitchen cabinet should put to rest any foolish notion that useless tools in Congress are going to somehow legislate safety in America. We are at war with Radical Islam and they are decidedly NOT playing by Marquess of Queensberry rules. About the only way this message will ever sink-in is when a few Congressmen or their families get hurt by some guerrilla attack that is coming as sure as the sun rises in the east. We have the most feckless excuse of a commander-in-chief one has to ask “is he really that stupid?” or “does he want sharia law?” The benefit of the doubt has long since past.

    • We’re ignoring the Tsarnaev’s method right now, because the latest Islamic terrorist gay gay hater, used a gun.

      • I’m liking the Term Political Islam. Which is what people fail to understand. These killings aren’t punishments for moral crimes or sins. This is about asserting Islam in daily life by use of force. For most, Islam isn’t just a belief systems that is to influence your positions and choices, indirectly, its a complete way of life including politics.

      • Yup, some people like to pretend that Islam is ONLY a religion – it ain’t – it’s a theocratic system of government.
        So, you can’t have current Islam that isn’t government, which is Constitutionally forbidden, “…shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” Boom, end of story – the religion therefore has to change, but can’t, because it’s literally THE WORD.

        Some super smart political science types, and Constitutional misdirectionist lawyers in Washington, either don’t know what a theocracy is, or they want to pretend it’s not a form of government that would ever infringe on our own system of government.

        Someone’s system has to change, I see no reason to change mine to accommodate people who want to immigrate here. They’re going to have to leave strict adherence to their religion back in the old country, or stay back in the old country with their religion.

        • As someone who has studied Islam and integrates it into my course, your claim is an example of the false ignorance, based on fear, that leads people to bigotry. You take one extreme interpretation of Islam (and there are Christians who strongly believe their religion should be a theocracy – look at the history of the Catholic church) and then label the religion that way. Luckily, if you look at what’s going on in our culture, and especially the youth, your fearful ignorance is being roundly rejected. And some of us – who actually study the history and theology of the religion — are making sure of it!

          • So, uh, splain the whole death for homosexual acts in the non-extreme countries skippy – you know, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE. Can you do that?
            Or are those countries minority ‘extreme interpretations of Islamic law’, rather than three of the big players in the Persian Gulf?
            Care to splain , as but one example, from Saudi Arabia the “Committee for the promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” who are tasked with enforcing dress codes, separation of men and women, overseeing prayer during prayer times and other behaviors it believes to be commanded by….wait for it….Islam, which is a religion, right, but obviously has the force of a government entity!
            Or, again, is Saudi Arabia one of the minority extreme interpretations of Islamic law?

            “and there are Christians who strongly believe their religion should be a theocracy – look at the history of the Catholic church”
            And you know what slick – why don’t we talk about real countries where theocracy is the government, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, instead of what some Christians you pulled out of your ass would like to do, but would be arrested, tried, and prosecuted for if they actually tried in the United States, like cutting the heads of homosexuals.
            You know, let’s have a real conversation with real facts, instead of one of your usual bullshit handwave misdirection strawman attempts, shall we?

            You’d think a guy who studied things wouldn’t have to keep pulling the Crusades or some civilian collection of Christians with no power or authority, let alone a country of their own, out of his butt every time someone brings up the current actual government and forms of theocratic government in various countries where Islam is the state religion.

          • Oh, and note sport, I didn’t say they had to give up their religion, I said they had to give up the idea they get to establish laws that US citizens, including their wives and kids, and themselves, have to adhere to to satisfy their religion.
            If they can’t manage to let go of that, my suggestion is they stay in whatever country they like where that works for the local population, but not here.
            Seems pretty simple to me
            No fear there, skippy, no ignorance, just facts.

            But you can’t see the potential for a cultural and legal collision, because, well, frankly, you’re apparently just not that bright after all.

          • Name one country that the Catholic Church or any Christian denomination mandated law the same way that Sharia law is mandated in Muslim countries.

          • your claim is an example of the false ignorance


            I guess that would maker your claims examples of TRUE ignorance…!!!

            LOVE THAT…!!!

  • Maybe John Lewis and his buddies should head over to Deutschland and park their happy asses on the floor of the Bundestag to ‘do something’ about guns in Germany.

    Really though, a shorter trip for him might be a little wander over to the Senate chambers and park his butt there, demanding the Senate pass one of the 4 bills Democratic Senators voted against, that actually prevented people on terror watch lists from being sold a gun.

    Damn those Republican gun nuts, why do they want to sell guns to the terrorists that Obama let into the country? (I can demagogue too…)

  • Clinton and Congressional Democrats want to crack down on terrorism by prohibiting people on the no-fly list from buying guns.

    Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (D-Boston):

    Back in August, we did an investigation — the inspector General did — of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security.