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The administration’s ISIS problem exposed

Interesting points today from some who has “been there and suffered that”.

The Yazidi woman, Nadia Murad, who escaped captivity in 2014, testified before the Senate Homeland Security committee about the horrors of living under ISIS, CNN reported.

“The USA must act. We must terminate Daesh [Islamic State] and all such terror,” she said through a translator. “Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons.”

Murad spoke out about the Orlando massacre that left 49 people dead, offering condolences to the victims and saying she was not surprised by the terror attack. “I knew if ISIS were not stopped, they would deliver their crimes everywhere,” she said.

She also confronted the Obama administration on its inability to act in protecting Americans as the president pays lip service to fighting ISIS but does nothing serious to eradicate the radicals.

“If a country as strong as your country cannot protect its citizens in Orlando, or in Belgium or in France,” Murad asked, “how come a small minority like us can protect ourselves while we are in the heart of the land where the radicals are?”

But the USA isn’t going to act.  It has a chief executive that can’t even bring himself to identify the problem or the enemy.  And you have to admire her question.  It’s to the point, isn’t it?

The reason we can’t – or won’t – “protect ourselves” is there is no will to do so among those charged with the duty to do so.  And, after the latest massacre, they’re intent on removing everyone else’s ability to do so by railing against guns, the NRA and whatever other ideological boogey man they can throw into the mix.  It’s election time dear – you life, the lives of Americans, the lives of anyone are not as important is realizing the Democrat’s election goals.

Oh, and this point was pretty telling too:

Calling on the Islamic community to act, Murad said “The Muslims must be the first ones to resist this.”

“We have not seen that Daesh have been labeled as an infidel group within Islam by any Muslim country,” said the woman who had six of her brothers and her mother executed by ISIS in one day, CNN reported.

Well think about that … why haven’t we seen so-called “moderate Islamic countries” label or declare ISIS an “infidel group”.  Well it’s fairly simple I would assume – they’re more afraid of ISIS than the US and the US has likely brought no pressure to bear on them to do so. Either that or they have no problem with what “Daesh” is doing.

This woman came through hell to sit in front of the US Senate and tell her story.  Her confusion about why a nation as “strong” as this one does nothing and can’t even manage to identify the enemy or utter its name are understandable.

Weakness.  Fear.  Lack of leadership.



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  • Except ISIS is losing big time and the US strategy is working. Terrorism is down, and the President is smart enough to know that to win this for good one has to make sure any support for ISIS dries up. To start connecting the Islamic faith with ISIS as if they were legitimately representing Islam would be stupid. It gains nothing but risks helping ISIS recruit. De-coupling the religion from the group assures that moderate Muslims – the vast majority (most conservative Muslims oppose terrorism even) don’t fall for ISIS. To ignore the success on the ground against ISIS – and the international praise the US under President Obama (the most admired person in the world yet again) for his strategy — in order to fixate on wanting him to use a term that makes no sense. He has proven himself a superb, effective leader, and you just can’t bring yourself to accept that.

    • “He has proven himself a superb, effective leader, and you just can’t bring yourself to accept that.” No, he has not proven this. Maybe to you, someone who would not recognize a leader from a hole in the ground. If he had proven this there would be some evidence of the success you so clearly want to believe is there. His own people, FBI Director and Head of the CIA, under oath, state we are not winning with ISIS. Even his hand-picked generals in DOD are telling the world we are effectively losing to ISIS and there is no strategy to win there. His own State Department career personnel criticized Obama for his handling of Syria, a move that never once occurred during the Bush years. Libya is a failed state. The Russian reset was laughable. North Korea and China are flipping him the equivalent of the diplomatic bird. And when he treats England like a bastard stepchild, chiding them for even considering Brexit, he gets an earful from top to bottom in that country. Even that noted leftist, Boris Johnson, told him to take a hike.

      No, the problem here is it is you who cannot bring yourself to accept that Obama’s “leading from behind” does only one thing – It shows the world his ass!

      • Scott intends to waste your time by tricking you into arguing with him. He doesn’t believe what he writes and gets a perverse thrill out of saying stupid things to provoke a response.

        He’s just a clown whose job is to get you to stop paying attention to the real action.

    • “Terrorism is down”
      Well, except in Orlando Florida, USA of course.

      Someone should tell this woman the answer – Love, all we need is love.

    • Yep. Erp is just trolling.

      Hey, Erp, did you direct any of your “students” to the blog thread where we pulled your pants down and spanked you over your “they held a few islands” canard about the Imperial Japanese?

      Naw. KIDDING…!!! Nobody here expected you to show that kind of integrity!

      Constant as the Northern Star.

    • Troll while you may, run up your bill.

      • Somehow that doesn’t seem like it’s the same as “make hay while the sun shines”.

        Anyway, we have to cut the boy some slack, he woke up on the wrong side of European history today.
        Probably had Cheerios seasoned with salty tears this morning because the Eurogarchs lost.

        • Sadly, there’s ALWAYS a bill to be paid.

          The only things to be decided are who will pay…..and who will collect.

          Regardless, the Brexit results are sobering rather than good news. Look how close it was. Had this vote taken place a mere few years later, “Remain” would’ve had the numbers by sheer dint of immigration. The Brits showed some of their old salt (and good on them for it) but how close they came to losing their country!

          • They’ve already lost their capital.
            Londonistan isn’t a joke, and they’ll figure that out here shortly.

    • “To start connecting the Islamic faith with ISIS as if they were legitimately representing Islam would be stupid.”

      Don’t tell, show. How is ISIS unislamic? What is it that ISIS does that is forbidden or not condoned in the Koran? Show us all the facts about Islam that you have learned in your extensive research of the subject.

    • It gains nothing but risks helping ISIS recruit.

      Posting here risks helping ISIS recruit.

  • During World War Two the United States spent millions of dollars creating a series of films and pamphlets titled “Why we fight.” The objective was simple – if you cannot define your enemy, you cannot defeat him. The US did not want there to be any hesitation among its fighting forces as to why we fight or who we are fighting. Simple.

    No. Not to this administration. They are unwilling or unable to identify the threat beyond “radical terrorism”. And when called down about this, Obama replies that no one on his staff has advise him this way and using different words will not lead to a different strategy.

    First: The left admonished Bush for surrounding himself with Yes men or not listening to advice or criticism from outside of the White House bubble. But he changed his strategy and pivoted to the surge which did in fact work. Obama will not pivot anywhere for any reason because HE IS RIGHT!!!!! Can’t you tell? he will stay on this path and leave this mess for the next guy to deal with so he can point and laugh at what a doofus the next guy is. (Even if it is Hillary)

    Second: Different words can, in fact, lead to a different strategy. By defining the problem as what it is, RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM, you force the so-called moderate Muslim world to react and choose sides. So far they have been sitting on the fence with some notable exceptions – Lebanon and Iraq – both of whom are front and center on the ISIS threat. If you can push the so-called moderate Muslim world into picking sides on this threat, you will have effectively isolated ISIS. So long as their claim to be the “Caliphate” is not challenged in the Muslim world, then radical Islamists will continue to flock to their banner. It was only when Sunnys got a taste of Al Qaeda in Iraq and found someone to turn to that the Anwar Awakening became a reality. Give the Muslim world someone to turn to, and not just an empty suit.

    • Confidence in him in Jordan, Pakistan, “Palestine” Lebanon and Israel are below 50%, Turkey hits the edge with 46% no confidence.
      Funny, those countries seem to be kinda most likely to be sucked into the ISIS vortex. If the ISIS war is going so well, how come they aren’t more confident in Obumble?

      No one asked what’s left of Libya about their confidence level in him, and I guess Egypt and Iraq weren’t polled either.
      Besides, why would anyone poll Egypt, only the most populated country in the Middle East. Don’t need their opinion I guess.

  • One of these two statements are incorrect …

    We have not seen that Daesh have been labeled as an infidel group within Islam by any Muslim country

    Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents. And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. And ISIL is certainly not a state.

  • I think the Yazidi woman is being a bit harsh. She is not taking into account our representatives’ suffering during both a filibuster AND the fact that they needed sweaters today because the A/C is very low for their sit in. We are definitely doing our part in the fight. SWEATERS people, SWEATERS.

    • And…what if the pizza was cold when it was delivered?


      • Scott missed his opportunity to advance to a better position. He could have stolen some pizza and delivered it hot to the crybabies at the Capitol.

        • In a sharia country we’d be able to recognize what he was as young man.
          He’d be missing on of his hands.

          • Under sharia, is there a penalty for sex with caterpillars…???

            Erp might need his own fatwa.

          • But didn’t those Congresscritters realize that sitting about like a pajama party with Rizzo out of Grease risks helping ISIS recruit.

  • The refugee crisis, in terms of terrorism, is at least a means of infiltrating terrorists and probably whole cells into Europe and here. Remember that here the southern border is also part of the refugee crisis. That’s the least it is and Brennan said as much last week.

    What if it is more than the infiltration of individual terrorists or even whole cells? How about all the personnel necessary for a mature terrorist network?

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