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Stray Voltage

The Dallas police murders, and that’s what the are, appear to have been a conspiracy.  Again it appears to be the result of the other side of “The Ferguson Effect” – the implied “wink and nod” that violence toward police is ok.

It was toward the end of a very peaceful protest, ironically against “police violence”, that the murderer struck.  Interestingly, even though the killer was pretty explicit about his purpose, we’ve seen none of the usual race baiting language from the left, because …

But during the overnight standoff, the suspect told a police negotiator he acted alone and wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers, Brown said.

Recall how it went with the Charleston shooter? Remember what he hoped to accomplish by those shootings? My guess is that’s precisely what this fellow hoped to foment.  Check out the link.

Another irony of the Dallas situation is that the Dallas police were pretty much a model for what the Obama administration thought a police department should be. He’d even hailed their effort recently.  However …

The relationship between Dallas police and the community is hardly perfect, of course. But the ironic effect of Thursday night’s murders is that quick assumptions about how they fit into the national debate over police use-of-force obscure a more nuanced and more positive truth.

And that, of course, is because of the insta-analysis news networks, the 24 hour news cycle and their arguing “know-it-alls.”  They  can be depended upon to inflame and misinform, especially initially, because it is more about sensationalism and ratings than about the hard work of good journalism.  Watch how this gets zero mention in the next few days.

Is “diversity” destroying what it means to be “American”?  The very short answer is, “yes”.  A commenter to the WSJ and immigrant who became an American had this to say:

One cannot become Chinese or Hispanic or Eskimo; one is either born so, or not. But one—everyone—can choose to become American (“At Home in America” by Aatish Taseer, Review, July 2). I know, because I did, immigrating to this country in 1959. I did not abandon my Hungarian origins or family, but I did embrace the values and mindset of a free and brave people, bound by common ideals and a heritage that was inheritable and sharable by the simple act of pledging allegiance to a flag.

Sadly, the melting pot of my youth is gone, replaced by an insidious celebration of diversity. Diversity celebrates not common goals, common values, common aspirations and certainly not who you are. Diversity enshrines what you are, embeds you in what “community” you belong to.

I am glad that Mr. Taseer has found his home, as I did so many years ago. But I fear that few of his fellow American immigrants and citizens share his longing to be “free of the past, and safe in the future.” Rather, they are busy throwing away our common American identity in the name of diversity. Differences, “the knots of intractable history that [are] integral to identity,” divide and rule more and more every day in America, too.

I too have been around long enough to see the melting pot be replaced by this diversity nonsense as well.  Tribalism with a new name.  We all know what tribalism has done to many lesser developed nations over the eons.  Why we think, or should I say, our elite think that reverting to tribalism is a positive is beyond me.  Bottom line, what makes America exceptional is the melting pot.  What will make it just like any other country is “diversity”.

Speaking of tribalism, Glenn Reynolds, while talking about something else, hit the nail on the head – politics:

Tribalism is the default state of humanity: The tendency to defend our own tribe even when we think it’s wrong, and to attack other tribes even when they’re right. Societies that temper those tribal tendencies do much better. But there is much opportunity for political empire-building in tribalism, and if the benefits of stoking tribal fires exceed the costs, then expect political actors to pour gasoline on even the smallest spark.

This is precisely the intent of “diversity”.  It is to enable “political empire building” and that’s exactly what has happened.  So, as mentioned, the “exceptionalism” of America, until the insistence on “diversity”, was the ability to “temper those tribal tendencies” and to establish goals and aspirations that held common ground for all people, regardless of the culture from which they came .  Liberty, freedom and the way of life they promised were what made “America” a great country.  Large government, factional policy and pushing tribalism are a sure formula for its demise.

Finally, speaking of  politics and tribalism, the proverbial race baiting extortionist who pointedly ignores the violence in his home town of Chicago to talk about Dallas chose to weigh in on the shootings.

Human rights activist Jessie Jackson has pointed the finger at Donald Trump and his followers for helping to create a rising climate of fear in America which has contributed to the shocking deaths of five police officers in downtown Dallas.

Calling this guy a “human rights activist” is akin to calling Hillary Clinton an “honest politician”.  Jackson is an opportunist of the first degree, and extortionist who has used race as a basis for boosting cash from corporations and is as dishonest as the day is long.  That said, what he’s doing is called “projection” by most psychiatrists.  There is no one who has helped “create a rising climate of fear” than have he and Al Sharpton, another race baiting extortionist (and tax evader).  How one gets from Dallas to Trump when the killer said he wanted to kill cops and white people is only for Jesse Jackson know.  I, on the other hand, blame the murders on the Jesse Jacksons of the world and their constant attempts to demonize the police.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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6 Responses to Stray Voltage

  • I don’t blame diversity and inclusiveness, except perhaps their definitions.

    The real problem is the introduction of Multiculturalism.
    Truly, Multiculturalism was a method, invented by the elites, to promote self-segregation.
    Invented after those awful school desegregation scenes from Boston with busing and all.
    The underlying social truth of America is that only those who accept the cultural traditions of the ruling class will ever make it big in America.
    Multiculturalism has immigrants retain their minority status, thus they never become a real threat to the “elites.”
    Those who hang on too tightly to the traditions of the “old world” are doomed to be poor.

    • Multiculturalism didn’t arise on it’s own: it had several decades of predecessors. In fact, it’s roots go back centuries, directly to J.J. Rousseau and even further.

  • As far as I’m concerned, responsibility for this whole boiling cauldron of racial tension can be laid DIRECTLY in the lap of Our Dear Leader.

    Jesse Jackson is no saint, not by a long way; he’s as venal as they come… but I don’t know that he has blood on his hands (yet). Al Sharpton, however, definitely is responsible for multiple lives lost. And now — so is Barack Obama.

    It’s sad to think that he COULD have used his “Historic First” status to help heal the racial divide. Instead he chose to stir the pot, foment dissension, sow chaos… and the rest of us have to hang on and endure through the rage and bitterness and social catastrophe that he was so happy to usher in.

    What a worthless human being we elected. (And I *DO* place EQUAL BLAME on the MFMSM who never reported on his background or history. Our Fourth Estate has betrayed their responsibility to the citizens of this nation, and I certainly hope that at some point they receive the grim Justice they are due.)

  • The only good news I’ve heard so far is the bastard in Dallas acted alone.
    And once again, someone thinks two wrongs will make a right.

    Erb, THIS is what comes of pointing out wrongs done by others as a justification for bad acts of people you favor.

  • Perhaps cops can march with a big banner reading “Democrat Hate Kills”

    I mean none of the BLM/Dems ever tweeted out about national police week, right Anderson Cooper?

  • “…this diversity nonsense as well.”

    Stop referring to people as *-American, e.g. Hispanic-American, African-American, Chines-American, etc… If you born here, then you are an American. If you are a naturalized citizen, then you are an American.