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Setting history straight

This. A black man recounts history … real history, not the fable that sustains the left and Democrats today:

I did my bit today. I sat with the OR resident leftists- a couple of hearts on their sleeves white folks who keep telling me how horrible Republicans are and why I should agree with them that religious people are the source of every problem in the world, and that American police love to kill black people.

Well, this black man let them have it. I walked them through the history of the Republican party, the speeches and writings of Frederick Douglas… and I was just getting started. I told them who founded the KKK, and which states in the South were for segregation and which party their governments belonged to. I kept going, indices of economy, family stability, education of black people in America and how that has declined since welfare. Some idiot in the corner piped up about how blacks in WW2 were not educated and welfare and the 60’s had changed all that. Well, I happen to have a picture of a Tuskegee P51 Mustang as my laptop wallpaper…. I waded in with their glorious history. I spoke of the honour and character of the American “Negro” at the height of segregation and contrasted that with the black lives matter hooligans today. I quoted excerpts from Martin Luther King’s speeches and contrasted them with those of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

It was dead quiet. And then, I put on my Texas operating hat… and walked out, but not before saying.. “next time I’m in the tea room… we can really talk about the state of the American black.. and who exactly is to blame for his current state.”

It has always troubled me that blacks in America, for the most part, and this guy being an obvious exception, don’t know the history of the left or Democrats.  They love to talk about the Bull Conner’s of the world without recognizing or perhaps realizing that Conner led the Alabama delegation at the Democratic National Convention in 1948. They laud the Civil Rights legislation of the ’60s but never seem to understand that Democrats filibustered it and 100% of the Republicans voted for the bills.  It was Republican Dwight Eisenhower that sent in the 101st Airborne soldiers to desegregate Little Rock schools and Democrat Orval Faubus that stood in the school house door barring the way.

They apparently don’t know that the first Republican (and many subsequent Republicans) from the post-Civil War south elected to Congress was … black.

Yet when this is brought up, it is all simply waved away with this popular myth of the Democrats being the black’s best friend that has somehow taken root among much of the black population.

I’m also old enough to remember something that struck me about the black civil rights protesters that Dr. Martin Luther King led.  Their dignity. And it was their dignity and the honor they showed throughout the horrendous process they endured that won over so much of the white population at the time.

Unfortunately this entitled bunch who call themselves Black Lives Matter lack both dignity and honor. They spend their days alienating those their grandparents spent their time and energy winning to their cause.  They have no idea what racism, as endured by their grandparents, really was like. Instead their fascists.  They take perceived slights as grounds for destructive protests even while many of the leaders of the movement lead entitled lives at some the the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning.  They’re led by professional race-baiters and the same type of people who founded the KKK and tried to block civil rights legislation in the ’60s, but are ignorant of that apparently.  They don’t understand that they’re both expendable and being used to further the political agenda of people who really don’t care about them.  They’re sort of like the Palestinians of the Arab world, with the Democrats being the Arabs.

So this fella did do his bit today.  Good for him.  And apparently it stopped the usual suspects cold in their tracks.  Facts are powerful especially when their wielded outside the echo chamber I’m sure those he addressed usually reside in.

We need more like him spreading the facts in the liberal enclaves who’ve helped keep blacks “in their place” for decades.  Time to break out.  Hope he keeps this up.


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  • Unfortunately, this man will be branded an “Uncle Tom” by the very people he is trying to free with his words. Just like the black Police Captain who recently schooled CNN’s Don Lemon for his defense of the BLM movement , the left went after him with a vengeance. In both cases the individuals were speaking true “Truth to Power” but that truth will be squelch by the very media that prides itself in being “for the little guy.” I agree with you that I “Hope he keeps this up” but I sadly believe his words will not be reported or repeated.

  • Even if, and I do not, you could blame Republicans for the plight of blacks since the 60’s that does not explain the hundred years of DEMOCRATS with segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK and separate and not but equal.

    Even assuming it was Republicans, that doesn’t explain what happened for a hundred flucking years at the hands of the Democratic party.
    If they had worked for 50 of those years to make amends for history the Republicans wouldn’t have been able to destroy the lives of black Americans as lying Democrats have alleged they did.

    The deluded Democrats can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, their distorted history will eventually be corrected.

  • “I [Peter Thiel] don’t pretend to agree with every plank in our party’s platform. But fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline,” he said. “When I was a kid, the great debate was about how to defeat the Soviet Union. And we won. Now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?”

  • ‘Politics is downstream of Culture’ which is getting dropped a lot by Dale in the podcast. The Left took over Media & Eductation which allowed them to take over politics and society and visa versa. Now we have SJ festering in those places and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • It was Republican Dwight Eisenhower that sent in the 101st Airborne soldiers to desegregate Little Rock schools and Democrat Orval Faubus that stood in the school house door barring the way.

    And it was the sainted JFK who sent in unarmed Federal marshals (who promptly got their asses shot) in similar circumstances. BECAUSE of politics.

    Funny how stupid people are about history. Right, Erp…???

    • He’s probably trying to figure out if those German Lutherans got so angry about Trump they had to shoot up Munich this afternoon while looking for an Alloh-ha Snackbar.

      Maybe he’s holding forth on how Erdogan will be freeing Turkey thru Islamic/less secular government, or how Obama’s response to everything for the last couple weeks has been princess perfect.

      So let me stand in for him, Thomas Aquinas, good and necessary, watch and learn, magenta caterpillars with naughty librarian glasses.

      • …anachronism, the young people I alone influence, I have an advanced degree, I have studied this much more than you, you are on the wrong side of the arch of history, cherry-picking, you are being left behind, old thinking, Twentieth Century understanding…etc.

        The man is a cliche machine …!!!

        • I understand there was a horrible shooting in Munich today. I don’t understand. We’ve been told the Germans really have it together, Merkel is brilliant, and most other countries don’t have mass shootings like the USA.

          Hey, you don’t suppose the guy who told us all that was a pathetic, delusional jerk who likes to irritate other people by arguing gratuitously with them, do ya?

  • It has always troubled me that blacks in America, for the most part, and this guy being an obvious exception, don’t know the history of the left or Democrats

    >>> doesn’t bother me a bit. They happily destroy their own communities, ruin their own people.

    Hey, if they don’t care I certainly can’t be bothered.

  • It was Republican Dwight Eisenhower that sent in the 101st Airborne soldiers to desegregate Little Rock schools and Democrat Orval Faubus that stood in the school house door barring the way.

    And it was the sainted JFK who sent in unarmed Federal M

  • “…100% of the Republicans voted for the bills.” I beg to differ on that point. It is true that a much larger percentage of Republican than Democratic reps and senators voted in favor of the Civil and Voting Rights acts but it was not 100%. You can look up the congressional records for those years and then slog through figuring out what the bill numbers were to see the counts.

    • Yeah, but then the Republicans that voted for the bills became Democrats, and the Democrats that voted against them became Republicans, because, well, because uh, because. That’s how it had to be to get where we are today.

      You really can’t look that up, but it’s one of those widely spread common knowledge things that you can find on any liberal leaning site on the internet.
      Yep, common knowledge, like it was fairly common knowledge that the earth was a flat table, and the sky was a bowl overhead and holes in it were the stars at night letting the light from….someplace….through.
      Or was it turtles, all the way down? Hard to keep the common knowledge straight.
      Don’t matter. It was common knowledge, everyone knew it, everyone knows it.
      Republicans work to keep the black man down and Democrats work to raise em up, like children almost!

      • You can’t look it up because it’s not truth. But lefties don’t need to look it up. It’s become their narrative, and that’s their replacement for truth. Once enough people accept their preferred narrative, postmodern leftists no longer worry about what actually happened.

        (Do I repeat that sort of thing too often? It helps me understand the left, and I still think there are lots of people on the right who simply don’t understand that the postmodern left does not believe in objective truth.)

        • Some otherwise decent people vote Democrat and they have to explain to themselves how they can do that, assuming they are aware of the, you know, real history of the party.
          It was less of an issue for a while when it first appeared as if sanity would prevail and Blacks would finally be mainstreamed.
          The little people can be decent folks you see. My dad was a decent guy, hard working, union supporting, vet, Irish Catholic. You don’t need to guess how he voted.
          He didn’t look in to the well of history or nefarious long term planning, he just wanted a decent life for his family and FDR had saved the country and he’d helped and he voted Democrat and didn’t buy ‘Jap’ cars (up till Carter anyway, but by then I wasn’t discussing politics with him because it isn’t nice to shout at your dad, and as you might suspect I tend to shout…)

          Not having to explain things like evil plans didn’t last long because the small folk weren’t aware there really was ‘a plan’ by the same elements who had worked so hard on segregation and Jim Crow laws all those years. And gradually it became obvious ‘the plan’ was going into motion.
          As if that group was going to be embraced by Republicans, and as if that group was going to BECOME Republican to accomplish it.
          They had a very long history, that was not going to be easily or quickly discarded.

          Growing up in the North, I an assure everyone, the war ended in 1865, the monuments to the fallen were erected in every little town common area, gradually the old smooth bore cannons were positioned next to them usually on granite chunks, or in the cemeteries by the gate, painted black, and left to rust. The vets who showed up at the GAR hall became fewer and fewer and finally the hall stood shuttered and abandoned, and people forgot what GAR stood for, and sometimes the building mysteriously burned down when someone needed to build something useful on the property.
          Not so across the South.
          Northern Democrats, some descended of damn Copperheads, others just liberal feel gooders, don’t want to admit the hateful alliance they made to keep the party viable after ‘the war’.

          Speaking of feel gooders, too, I shouldn’t underestimate the effectiveness of letting feelings driven do-gooders get out there and screw things up by trying to speed the process up handing out money with plenty of strings attached and doing stupid things that do more harm than good. They are a factor too.

          Toss in a heavy flavoring of marxist trained useful tools of the Soviet Empire for good measure, working inside the system to destroy both Republicans AND Democrats, and you’re beginning to get some of the flavor of the brew we being served up in 2016.

          People like Erb think only good people seeking good ends have plans.that will work, and they laughing brush the idea of ‘evil’ plans off as if they were harebrained schemes concocted by Boris and Natasha and Fearless Leader.
          Having no objective truth, they really can’t grasp the concept or admit the existence of long term intelligently directed evil.

        • The only Truth is Soviet Truth.

  • Ok third time: Check out Moynihan’s report on the DOL’s website. He knew the score way back then.

  • Posts like this are a waste of time. At present, it does not matter that the Democratic Party was the party of racists up through the middle of the last century. What really matters is which party is NOW the party of racists. It is obvious that racists now prefer the Republican party, despite its history with regard to the Civil War and Reconstruction.

    The Dems are not perfect, but they are far better than the Repubs on racial issues…