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Hillary’s challenge from the even farther left

How unattractive a candidate is Hillary Clinton?  Well, first she’s not the first female to nominated for president by a US political party (you have to put “major” in front of “political party” for that to be true and only if you think that difference matters).  The Green Party has been doing it for years.

Speaking of the Green Party, this is how unattractive a candidate Clinton is … among her own kind:

Now that Hillary Clinton has officially won the Democratic presidential nomination, chances are we’re going to hear a lot more about Jill Stein. The Green Party candidate, currently polling in the low single digits nationally, has been gunning for the support of disaffected Bernie Sanders fans, urging them to “keep the revolution going” by getting behind her own long-shot White House bid. Tuesday, she was on hand at the Democratic convention to meet aggrieved Sanders delegates, some of whom formed a small crowd around her to chant, “Bernie or Jill.” Thanks to progressive grassroots rage, she may well peel off a few percentage points of the vote come the fall, when she’s expected to be on the ballot in about 47 states.

That would be lovely.  In fact, I’ve read in more than one place that votes for the Johnson/Weld libertarian ticket might actually find votes on both sides of the political spectrum, those from the left coming from “dissatisfied Democrats” who can’t stomach Clinton. How bad is it when the chosen candidate (she was certainly not “elected”) can’t even dampen the fire of contention in her own party?

And, finally, a recent poll found Clinton’s unfavorable rating to be atmospheric in relation to other presidential candidates in recent presidential elections.  Like not even close!

Look, we all know Stein is Sanders in a skirt.  An unrealistic, economically illiterate Socialist platform based on wishes, hopes, unicorns and rainbows.  But frankly, if it’s enough to siphon off votes from Clinton, I say let the unicorns stampede.

This could end up being a very interesting election after all.


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10 Responses to Hillary’s challenge from the even farther left

  • Everyone locally, ex-Cruz supporters pretty much all, are still more than a little apprehensive about Donald.
    Devil I know vs one I don’t says I’ll take the crap shoot for Trump this time because we’ll sink so hard and fast we’ll bounce off the bottom if Hillary wins.
    No on is jumping up and down excited about this.
    It’s pretty much the wincing one eye screwed shut look of your average 7 year old about to get a shoot in the arm when I ask how they feel about it.

    It will be an interesting election though. I’m thinking the most interesting one I’ve ever experienced.

    • I’m pretty sure that many leftist chatterers would secretly love Donald to win. The ones I observe haven’t been so animated since the days before Barad-dûr fell, sorry, I mean Bush the Younger left office. They’ve had 8 years of biting their tongues and studiously ignoring what has been happening in the White House and State Department etc. No criticism allowed of the first black man to hold the Oval Office. Can you imagine how pent up they will be after another 4 years of the first woman to hold the Oval Office? Lefties thrive on righteous anger and protest. A Hillary presidency is going to give many of them a collective stroke. Just look at the start of this already, trying to whip up a Red Scare hacking of non-sensitive documents while simultaneously claiming that Hillary did no wrong with a wide open mail server transmitting classified material.

    • The fun has just begun. There’s still some of the most crazy action yet to come. I don’t know what – maybe some of the hacked Hillary or DNC emails comes to light, or Trump does something so outrageous……I dunno, but there’s still something nuts on the way.

      Oh, and at least 1 more US-based terror attack.

  • A little apprehensive? Hell. I will never vote for him.

    A little history is in order here. There’s anybody remember the 1976 GOP convention? I do. Watch the whole thing from stem to stern from my perch near Kent Ohio. The most notable events was that the delegates wanted to vote their conscience, butt the GOP establishment used the usual tricks on the floor to prevent that idea from coming to a vote. Ronald Reagan got rejected at that convention because the delegates were bound by the establishment to vote for Gerry Ford. Who promptly got his ass handed to him by the worst Presidents in American history until such time as Obama came along. Those who haven’t learned from history are apparently bound to repeat it.

    And remember, it took the likes of Hillary Clinton to make Bernie Sanders into a viable candidate.

    • Sorry I think you’ve split the fact the delegates which range from party fans to party insiders to essentially patronage appointments. It’s diverse from varies form state to state. In my state, its technically open but you have to know where to show up and when and there is no effort to make that public. Regardless they are never a cross-section of all ‘Conservatives’ or all ‘Republicans’ (including or excluding ‘johnny come lately’s’) for that matter. Their allegiance on average will be with the official party which IS the establishment. The delegates this year were in most cases bound to the public. To say that is the establishment is to spit on the use of the term.

      ‘Voting you conscience’ is code for ignoring the will of the people and voting with party insiders. If the choice isn’t left to the people who we get to choose from in November and it the choice of two each chosen by elites, then we have elite rule and a lot of Blood was spent 250 years ago for nothing.

  • Some of you may have missed this.


    See, I think this is just hilarious…in a DARK sort of way…!!!

    I could have told them. In fact, I DID… He’s a Collectivist. Always has been.

    We a choice between shit sandwich on rye or wheat. I’ll just have the salad, thanks.

    • I was thinking more along the lines of
      “The gun, or the cyanide pill, is that it?”

      One is hard pressed to tell the difference between the trial balloons, the random things, and what might be actual policy.
      So far he’s demonstrated everything he’s going to do is pretty much unexpected by people who think they know what to expect.

      All we should expect either way is trouble, this is a historically bad arc to have these two choices for leadership.

      • And I’m trying to think of when it would be GOOD to have these choices, and no, there’s no time when it would ever be good – but there are times when it can definitely make bad worse.

      • Medicare Part D & No child left behind. Not feeling we wouldn’t have something like this from any of the other options.

        $10/hr would require the Republican Congress to go along.

        And $10/hr can be made go away in impact by mere attrition. When Hillary appoints a Judge to bring the Progressive Apparatchiks to 5, she will make my 1st & 2nd Amendment rights go away forever.

  • Urch…..well hell….for any oblative augury watchers we have this.

    It’s enough to give me the heebeejeebees and I don’t do superstition.