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The wages of Socialism

“Wages” being a euphemistic term in this case:

Home to the world’s worst economy, Venezuela is beset by severe food shortages, riots in the streets and hyperinflation that’s closing in on 700 percent. World oil prices have plummeted — and Venezuela relies on oil for 95 percent of its income.

Agriculture was neglected as Chavez and Maduro placed all their economic chips on crude and elected to import goods from abroad while spending on social programs that rallied the poor behind the government.

But now Venezuela has no cash to import food or other essentials. And because Chavez nationalized so much industry, it has no private sector to compensate.

So Maduro has now issued an executive decree that subjects all workers to being forced to work for 60 days (or more, “if circumstances merit”) in the fields, growing badly needed food.

Economically, the move makes no sense. Morally, it’s barely one step up from government-sanctioned slavery.

And there’s a Senator from Vermont that would love to see the system that is sliding into slavery at work here.  More intriguing is the fact that there are studies out that say that Sanders should have won the primary election that was apparently fraught with fraud and rigged from the beginning.  Think about that for a minute.

What does that say – other than total ignorance – about those who felt it was a good idea to “feel the Bern”?  Not that Bernie would have had much success in passing and implementing his programs.  I’m simply making the point that a significant portion of our population thought this potential tyrant was the best choice because – historic blinders, ignorance or both.  Not that anyone is getting a particularly better deal with the two nominees of record (one a crook and the other a clown).

What continues to puzzle me is how Venezuela, which is in the news every single day and pretty much implemented every one of Bernie Sanders policies and programs, is ignored so resolutely by these people.  How do you do that and call  yourself intellectually honest?

But considering their second choice, honesty – intellectual or otherwise – doesn’t seem to be much of a priority.

So there’s that …


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28 Responses to The wages of Socialism

  • Too many people will accept an authoritarian regime if it will feed, clothe and entertain them, make everything “fair”, and smack down the evil people who tell the uncomfortable truth they don’t want to hear.

    Additionally, how often do we hear about socialism: “We’ll do it differently here!!”? Yeah, right.

    And the re-education camps will be kinder and gentler in the “different, better” Bernie-Socialist state…..sure they will…

  • “historic blinders, ignorance or both”
    They don’t have a real clue where the wealth comes from, other than they believe that the bulk of it is concentrated in the hands of only a few.
    You can wager the thinking was more or less sheering those wealth heavy sheep and passing the pie out to everyone.
    First world problems like a cell phone battery that won’t stay charged is their big crisis on any given day.
    Venezuelans at least might have a clue, our dear citizens will go right to hungry and riot, rather than handle it the way people from 2nd and 3rd world countries handle things they’re somewhat familiar with.

    It’s obvious we’re screwed anyway – Hillary, or Trump. Trump doesn’t know when to shut his pie hole and if possible, has a thinner skin than Barack Jugears Obama.
    Maybe he could pull some of it off, but odds say Congress would fight him just because they don’t particularly like him, he threatens their way of life.

    Hillary, well, never saw a dollar that she didn’t think belonged to her, is ripe for classic blackmail based on her essentially wide open back room dealings, and is probably going to drop dead from whatever she has before she’d finish a term of office anyway.

    I’m more or less expecting there will be a global house cleaning that’ll make the Great Depression and the Weimar republic look like a happy time in history.

    • I like how Congress will most likely find a way to block a President, now.

      • They certainly will be friends of the MEDIA – Mainly Enabling Democrat Ideal America – when they do and they’ll be the darlings of the various alphabet media empires until, once again, they stray from the path to progressive ‘freedom’.

        The difference being the speed with which the Republicans take their marching orders from which globalist.

    • I’m more or less expecting there will be a global house cleaning that’ll make the Great Depression and the Weimar republic look like a happy time in history.

      >>>> If (when) that happens, a “house cleaning” of a bloodier kind will unfortunately follow.

      • That was the kind I expected.
        Media plans to thwart it will be derailed as governments “do the Erdogan”.
        The internet, if available at all, will have large holes in it, because Farcebook and YouTube and Twitter will need to be stopped at the borders too.
        Can’t control THAT media until they smash all the cell phones and digital cameras – so, that method is not going to happen.
        If you can’t destroy the milk pails that collect the milk, you destroy the vat so the milk can’t be stored, right?

        Here’s a healthy toast to me being unbelievably WRONG.


    If you invest 1.5 hours in this, you’ll learn a lot.

  • So have you dudes gone Full Trump now? Just getting it on the record before the furious backpedalling begins as you vainly attempt to piece together your integrity 🙂

    • Your best bet is to get your link to bizzaro universe fired up and check the ODNAQ site.
      Let me know when you find the “rah rah Trump” posts, I’d like to read them myself.

      How bout you, plan on voting for the latest Democrat mafia class criminal?

    • Well, Tom, if you plan on voting for Hillary, I’d say you’ve already left your integrity behind years ago.

    • We have two stinking, lying, pathological Collectivist thugs.

      I’m sticking with “none of the above”.

    • How in the universe did you get from “Socialism is bad” to “In favor of Trump”?

      Or were you sufficiently self-aware that you knew there was no connection, but couldn’t resist trolling?

    • I’m full “Trump is pretty much no different from the rest but lets hope a lot of insiders and king makers get pink slipped for allowing Trump to happen as well at the republicans fielding viable candidates that meet the base half way next time”.

      I’m also full anti-Hillary. I like my 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Don’t know about you?

      • Tom is just hoping she’ll build a new bridge he can take up residence under, maybe two, one in Florida where he can winter.

        • The worst part about trolls is that they’re so boring. I mean, seriously — a gamma male suffers one narcissistic injury and they’re ankle-biting for the rest of their pathetic little lives.

      • Well, we just saw the beginning of the T-rumpian Scouring with the defeat of a fine conservative in Kansas. He will not tolerate dissent.

        And the mook who won is MR. INSIDER, though he lied successfully.

        • Not formerly a politician. Maybe at best a Donor. Vs. Career politicians who are beholden to donors not just now but for the income for the rest of their lives. Give me a break. Unless you’re anti-wealth. Then I could see you seeing him as an insider. But like I said, behind all the others are also wealthy people, career campaigners, party lifers.

          Just how does this he’s an insider thing work? Other than being the wrong insider is what you really mean?

          • As so often is the case, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

            Marshall is MR. INSIDER, and was financed by BIG AG cronies in Kansas and other big money interests, while lying about who he is.

            Hueslkamp (sp?) was a solid conservative who led off against Boehner and was punished for it. Don’t look for that kind of integrity from Marshall, who will be a solid GOPe guy.

          • You mentioned Trump. My original comment is about Trump. So, you’re ‘Mr INSIDER’ comment is now about Marshall? Ok.

      • It’s like I’ve said – most likely, both parties would team up to stop Trump from doing anything. We’d have 4 years of gridlock – not the worst outcome.

  • Don’t forget that you can always write in a candidate. In California, my vote is useless so I plan to write in myself for POTUS as well as Senator.

    • Write in Bernie Sanders .. just to make the Democrats fight among themselves after the election

      • I have absolutely no idea why this comment landed in the moderation queue. But it did, which is why it didn’t appear initially after posting.

  • So Maduro – who looks quite well fed – will be joining the people in the fields in a glorious show of equality and solidarity?

    • Sure he will – someone needs to oversee the overseer of the overseers.
      He’ll stand there for at least 2 minutes with his sunglasses on, dressed in his crisp shirt and riding boots, head raised, chin out-thrust, looking out over the fields in true heroic Marxist leader fashion before he gets back in the car and heads back to the palace, I mean, capitol.
      You know, like Che, with that far away all seeing look in his eyes.

      I clearly missed the food riots prediction by at least a month and a half.
      These peasants are far too timid and I underestimated their fear of the government reaction.
      I guess they know better than to think anyone is going to come to their aid if the kick up the dust too much down there.

      • He’ll stand there for at least 2 minutes with his sunglasses on, dressed in his crisp shirt and riding boots, head raised, chin out-thrust, looking out over the fields in true heroic Marxist leader fashion before he gets back in the car and heads back to the palace, I mean, capitol.

        I give him more credit than that. I think he’ll hold some kind of farm implement just long enough for photographers to take his picture. That way, his propagandists in the media can talk about how he is sharing the burden with the common man.

        This is not for domestic consumption, because they know better by now. It’s for gullible leftists in the US. Marxist and leftist academics, Hollywood dumbasses, NY Times reporters, that sort of folks.