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I just can’t take this election that seriously

I know I should care, but with these two candidates, I just can’t. I posted my unserious take on the candidates on my satirical Twitter account yesterday, and since most of you don’t do twits, uh, tweets, I thought I’d post it here too.

Some points to head off indignant comments:

– Yes, I know Hillary is a felon who dodged indictment because the fix is in. She would be Obama in a pantsuit if elected.

– I do like the pummeling of the establishment GOP by Trump. That doesn’t mean I think he’s likely to make a good president, or that he has any serious commitment to limited government. I’d love to be proved wrong about that.

– I don’t disparage Trump supporters, because it is so obvious that Hillary would be worse.

– I don’t disparage Trump detractors, because he furnishes so much raw material to detract.


(Not McQ! Someone seems to make that mistake every time I post something.)

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37 Responses to I just can’t take this election that seriously

  • “Some points to head off indignant comments”

    You actually think someone will take offense on their behalf? I don’t think that even trolls are that deranged.

  • Billy, my position exactly.

    If either one of these braying jackasses win ( not an idly chosen phrase I assure you)… America loses.

    What’s amazing is that it’s so freaking hard to get that point across to some people.

    • “What’s amazing is that it’s so freaking hard to get that point across to some people.”
      Well, that could be because one way or another, you’re going to get ONE of them.

      Another shit sandwich only menu option served up for the dining pleasure of the American electorate.

      Not as an endorsement for the Donald, but there are a whole lot of people who admit they’re going to hold their nose when they vote for him and are only voting for him because he’s not her.
      I don’t see that happening much on the Hillary side of the aisle for those who have decided she’s was their choice over Bernie. Maybe they can’t admit she sucks? Maybe they think she’s actually great?

      I have less trouble with people who know they’re eating another shit sandwich than I have with people who still think they’re actually getting prime rib (THAT applies to voters from both sides who are excited and happy about these choices).

      Anyone I know who plans on voting Trump, and this year I’ve actually been asking, is doing it only because they don’t want Hillary.

      • “Anyone I know who plans on voting for Trump…”

        That’s a semi-Pauline Kael statement. All you need to do is tune into a Trump rally — they’re numerous and huge — and you’ll see people who are voting for Trump because they like Trump. And he didn’t demolish his opponents in the primaries because the voters preferred him to Hillary. They preferred him to the entire “future of the Republican Party.”

        I prefer Trump to Romney, McCain, Bush II, Dole, and Bush I. First and foremost because he has taken on those sickening trade agreements and the China Lobby and illegal immigration. Those are his signature issue — if he doesn’t make good on them the same people who are voting *for* him will vote against him next time. They’re looking for someone who will do what they want done and he’s it this time around.

        If he doesn’t win the new Supreme Court will be ruling against America per se and laughing about it.

        • That’s a semi-Pauline Kael statement. All you need to do is tune into a Trump rally — they’re numerous and huge — and you’ll see people who are voting for Trump because they like Trump.

          It’ a smaller crowd than Romney drew…

          • Trump has consistently drawn those crowds for the last year.

          • Yeah folks were all excited about the Romney Care shit sandwich chef last time Tom, no doubt, that’s why he’s President right?

      • Just a general random poll on what is hardly a random selection of people – that is, people I associate with either personally or through work.
        This year I’m curious how people are feeling about Trump because he keeps stepping on land mines, admittedly often planted by the media just for him, but nevertheless he stomps on them anyway.

        I only know a few people voting for Hillary, my Boston yankee neighbor being one, but he’s not a good measure, he’d vote for Satan if he was the Democrat candidate, and would tell you at length how great Satan was if he thought it would piss you off.

        So far what I’m getting back as it goes along is it’s mostly a non-Hillary vote.

        “If he doesn’t win the new Supreme Court will be ruling against America per se and laughing about it.”
        On that issue it may be a dice roll for Trumps selections versus an authenticated certainty on what will happen if Hillary makes those appointments.
        It’ll be filled with Wise somethingorothers using their feelings to interpret law and the 2nd Amendment at a minimum will die through judicial activism.
        We’ll be allowed to keep muskets, in an armory, for hunting during leap years ending with an odd number.

  • I am 100% behind Trump over Clinton. 75% behind him the day after he’s elected. I’ll take it from there.


  • You do know the alternative to Donald Trump, don’t you, Billy Hollis? Yea, you are right. Hillary “empathize w/ the enemy” and “What difference does it make?” Clinton. Maybe you dislike Trump because he has been answering tweets w/ controversial statements such as “the mother of that Muslim soldier (who was he?) seems to have been prevented from talking.”

    Now I ask you…is that a very controversial statement? Seems that the MSM (w/ collusion from the Dems) are the ones who are trying to squeeze the issue dry.

    • Your make yourself look stupid by trying to limit what Donelle T-wamp said respecting this, and trying to minimize the pathology behind his conduct.

      There was enough to piss of the VF-freaking-W, and a Medal Of Honor hero. Get your head out. And it does NOT matter who the Khans are or are not. It’s about being a sick phuc who cannot STFU over a small slight when that would be all that anyone without a severe personality disorder would do.

  • People who will hold their noses and vote for mean girl adolescent Donelle T-wamp are not the target of my opprobrium. I think they’re wrong, and they get to eat the consequences. But “vote your conscience”.

    OTOH, I DO loath T-rump suckers who commonly lie about him and his opponents…or anyone who utters heresy. They are outright unAmerican cultists.

  • What’s 70 + 80% negative for both candidacandifew are showing up to those polls because they will like the candidate.

    As for one way or the other we’re going to end up with one of the other? I don’t care. I really don’t. America loses either way. Just because a bunch of people decide I’m jumping off a cliff doesn’t mean I’m going to join them

    • Well, except they’re going to tie us onto the coffle before they step over the edge.
      I didn’t vote for Obama, but I still went over the cliff to the awesome place we are today.

  • Let’s be honest here. The only thing that either candidate has to offer is that they aren’t the other candidate

    • Hilariously on target.

    • I know Hillary will appoint another Progressive apparatchik to the SC. I may not like Trump’s choice, but it’s unlikely to be that bad. Probably comparable to Roberts or Kennedy or at worst Sununu (who appointed those three, again?). That would be a step up over what Hillary will do.

      But keep telling yourself there’s no difference.

      • Highly doubtful. You have about as much chance of getting a conservative Supreme Court nominee out of a trump presidency as you do finding real talent in a rap concert, and for the same reason

    • dunno….I believe Hillary has some underlying health issue(s). There’s always a chance she doesn’t finish out her term due to the stress of being blackmailed by Putin aggravating an existing malady.

      That would be entertaining at least.

      • Especially if she drops dead of apoplexy right there behind the podium in mid lie.

  • In Hillary Clinton we have someone who is without any question whatsoever the worst possible candidate in American history for the office of President of the United States. And yet, look what we have here…

    RCP Average 7/25 – 8/2 46.8 41.7 Clinton +5.1
    FOX News 7/31 – 8/2 49 39 Clinton +10
    Economist 7/30 – 8/1 46 43 Clinton +3
    LA Times 7/27 – 8/2 44 45 Trump +1
    CBS News 7/29 – 7/31 47 41 Clinton +6
    CNN/ORC 7/29 – 7/31 52 43 Clinton +9
    PPP (D) 7/29 – 7/30 50 45 Clinton +5
    NBC News 7/25 – 7/31 50 42 Clinton +8
    Reuters 7/25 – 7/29 40 35 Clinton +5
    Rasmussen 7/26 – 7/27 43 42 Clinton +1
    All General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Polling Data

    At what point does a trump zombies admit that they made a mistake? The man is a walking disaster.

    • Do you think anyone else wouldn’t get 24/7 accusations of eating babies and Hillary not let off the hook for not having a press conference for over 200 days? They had the ‘Son of Sam’ think almost hung around Cruz, just in case, and all it would take is for him to be a dick once and it would be over. You think Cruz could go 6 months without being a dick? I don’t. I personally wouldn’t have cared but we’re talking perception in the general public?

    • You are still buying what the Malfeasant Media is selling?
      When it comes to politics, what don’t they lie about?
      Just sayin’

      • Unemployment – 4.9%

        You will believe!

      • “The Narrative” will be obeyed or the beatings will continue!

        I just love how the neverTrumper’s here sound just like a skipping record of the media’s trumpisbadnazihitlernationalistmisogynistsexisthatesbrownpeople template.


    • What mistake? He’s profoundly f**ked the GOP., which had it coming for miles and miles.

      This election cycle is already a success on that merit alone.

  • We saw a preview of the debates in Hillary’s Fox interview on Sunday. Lie, lie, then lie some more – knowing her Candy Crowley ‘moderator’ will arrive just in time to pull her out of the fire. The bias will be there for all to see – it’s just that some won’t.

    So we have before us in November two of the most despicable people alive (Hillary winning by a nose), neither very smart, gratingly inarticulate, corrupt to the core (Hillary wins again), having played on opposite sides of the crony capitalism game their entire careers, wanting to tell us out here in flyover country how to live our lives. Hmm.

    Have seen the term “Italianification” thrown around a few times, the concept being that everyone in Italy knows the government and its minions are corrupt kleptocrats, and treated thusly. Respect for the law is nil, so everyone cheats as much as they think they can get away with. Hillary’s email drama confirms there are two sets of rules, so we accelerate down that slippery slope.

    An aside… Did anyone else notice Hillary’s left eye wandering periodically while she was reading the teleprompters? No mention of it anywhere, but kinda hard to miss.

    • That and the nearly dime sized ulcer on her tongue in pictures taken by other than the approved DNC photographers.

      She wants to be the candidate from West Wing, keeping her illnesses quiet because she’s just too dedicated to ‘Merica not to suffer for us with whatever maladies she is inflicted with.
      She’s just that humble and self sacrificing.

  • Trump wants to cut taxes for the super-rich. [crowd boos] Well we’re not going there, my friends. I’m telling you right now, we’re going to write fairer rules for the middle class, and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class! [crowd cheers]

  • And just think guys. This conversation wouldn’t even be taking place, and Hillary Clinton would have been a laughable also-ran if the GOP establishment had gotten over its fear of actually being conservative.

    • Hillary Clinton would have been a laughable also-ran if the GOP establishment had gotten over its fear of actually being conservative.

      >>> It’s cute you actually believe that. Look what they did to poor decent Mitt Romney for god’s sake! By the end he was a cancer-giving, tax cheating, dog killing, heartless GAAAAAFFFE machine – at least if you believed the press.

      You think Cruz wouldn’t have been painted even worse by now? Oh sure. we’d have avoided that farce with the disgusting Khan family, but in it’s place would’ve been some “War on Wimmen” horsespit, maybe some poor girl yelling Cruz’ policies would’ve forced her to carry an unwanted child and what a horrible man he is etc etc.

      A conservative, bible thumper, anti-abortion candidate surely would’ve a press darling /sarc

      • Romney was no conservative. Who wrote enough of Obamacare that Obama had to credit him for fear of copyright infringement. I wrote an extended piece back in the day listing the reasons why nobody could call Romney a conservative. I said at the time he was the wrong choice he still is the wrong choice.

        The fact that he was not a conservative is precisely why the conservatives stayed home and we end up with Obama. At what point does the GOP establishment stop running the same thing and expecting a different result?

    • The GOP establishment isn’t afraid of being conservative – you imply they want to, but just can’t muster the courage, poor babies.

      They’re waiting till they have the House, the Senate, the White House, 75% of the voting population, plus a quorum of media empires cheering them on to VICTORY!!!!!!!! Boy, then they’ll show those progressive Democrats a thing or two, yessir.
      They’ll FIX that Universal Health Care thingie, and give us some free colleges stuff, government funded abortion and maybe they’ll consider further legislation to violate the 4th Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment plus any other one that annoys their owners.
      Oh, wait..
      am I talking about the Republicans?
      Let me re-read – yes, I am, phew, for a minute I thought I was talking about Democrats.

      They don’t want to be conservative, they want to be powerful, and rich, and have the progressive media say nice things about them.
      Already forgotten the Republican party torpedo attacks on ‘conservative’ Republican candidates in the last elections?
      How they killed off Tea Party elected people who made it into office, how they tried to scuttle Ted Cruz in Texas when he was running for the Senate?
      Unless ‘conservative’ means saying things that sound good to the voters and then acting like Texas Democrats working with Massachusetts Republicans.

      For the last 4 years they’ve had the House, the last 2 the House and Senate.
      They have precisely the same set of tools the Democrats had in the house and senate, and yet can’t manage to even stop Obama from using his pen and phone agencies AND then provide funding for Obama’s government abuse, which is their ONE actual power, the purse.
      They’re owned and operated by some collection of globalists who, like the Koch brothers, can turn on a dime when their servants don’t do as they’re told and support the other side.
      Too many in it for the money and power.

      Sounds like a number of pure conservatives will march off to the Hillary future because while they were okay with the old shit sandwiches they were being served by McCain and Romney, they just can’t bring themselves to go with this latest one. It’s a brioche too far!

      I don’t like the guy, he’s not much of a leader, but I like Hillary way less.
      There’s no magical prince candidate that’s going to appear to save us from Trump and by extension no one that’s going to save us from Hillary.

      • A demolition job is usually very messy. Especially when the wreckage fights back, as the establishment GOP does vigorously.

      • “they were okay with the old shit sandwiches they were being served by McCain and Romney,”

        De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum. To a dung beetle, shit sandwich= Beef Wellington. You got it in a previous paragraph–power and wealth is their goal.

        The rule for us plebs, as they have been telling us for years, is that we need to compromise, we need to hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils, we need to support the party(establishment) for the long-term good, blah blah.

        “a brioche too far! ”

        I like dat.