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BLM – just another gang wanting “reparations” and “free” stuff

Black Lives Matter has finally gotten out of the middle of interstates and quit shrieking long enough to publish their “manifesto”.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the same old racial warfare stuff:

In a policy agenda titled “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice,” organizers call for policing and criminal justice reforms.


It also includes a request for the passage of a bill that would create a commission to study reparations for descendants of slaves.


The document also calls for changes in U.S. educational policy including free tuition and retroactive forgiveness on federal student loans.

Not a word on black-on-black crime.  It’s all about getting stuff for nothing.  Because, you know, they’re “owed” this stuff.  The SJW invented “white privilege” is what justifies their grab.

The fact that none of them have been a slave or have ever even known a slave, have had the right to vote before they were even born and are students at some of the most elite educational institutions in the world, many of them on full rides, doesn’t matter one whit.

They perceive themselves to be victims.  To be discriminated against.  Micro-aggressions, you know, those nasty little comments and actions that they can handily interpret (because it supports their agenda and because white guilt for some reason lets them get away with the nonsense) as “racism”.  And, of course, they’ve redefined “racism” so they can never be accused of being what they denounce even though they are the very definition of the old racism definition.

So … nothing new here.  Just a bunch of petulant, spoiled, entitled people demanding something for nothing. Well, not “nothing” – they demand you pay for it.

These types have been a part of the world since it’s creation.  And when they get in the position where they can dictate how society functions, we all know what happens.

It’s one reason I call them “The New Red Guard.”



5 Responses to BLM – just another gang wanting “reparations” and “free” stuff

  • It’s the confluence of Marxism and racism.

    The boys at the Frankfurt School are smiling. They’ve succeeded in fracturing the American people so that there can me a Marxist “struggle”.

  • Racial Marxism but that’s just the first level. The list of demands intersects in heavy ways with the Democrat Platform. In places that have little value to Blacks and in the instance of facilitating illegal immigration and voter fraud, contrary to the interest of Blacks.

    It is a finger on the hand of a a broader Progressive Marxist Hand. Racial Marxism, Gender Marxism (aka modern feminism), Economic Marxism, ad infinitum. This is why there is stuff there that seems out of place.

    I’m like to use the example of the ‘Vermin Man’ from the B-movie Contatine. It’s demon’s whose form is a collection of insects and other critters to form a more or less man shape that attacks the protagonist. Combine the SJW Marxist movements as a whole and you will and old friend, Classic Communism, only modestly retooled for today.

  • The document also calls for changes in U.S. educational policy including free tuition and retroactive forgiveness on federal student loans.

    >>> If all those blacks are getting shot and incarcarated, who’s around to take advantage of this?

    • Descendents of South American slaves?
      Descendents of current African slaves?
      Descendents of current slaves throughout the realms controlled by the Religion of Peace?
      Descendents of:
      Viking slaves, Roman slaves? Gaulish slaves? Babylonian slaves? Greek slaves? Celtic slaves? Carthaginian slaves?

  • Reparations? Sure. I would be willing to restore them to the same circumstances from which their ancestors were so untimely ripped. Transportation to their nation and culture of origin and property and wealth equivalent to that owned by those ancestors.

    I believe the legal term is to “make whole”.
    “To award an amount of damages sufficient to put the injured party back into the position that party was in before the injury. ”