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An update to my discussion about our presidential candidate Hildroid Clintabot

Four days ago, I gave my unserious take on our presidential election, including the explanation that I couldn’t support the android candidate for the Democrats. I mentioned that her honesty and humor modules seemed to have problems.

After that, the candidate admitted to having a short circuit. A surprising admission for a robot, but perhaps it was a side effect of an attempt to fix her honesty module. She also admitted to an intention to raise taxes on the middle class, which seems odd when many middle class taxpayers currently send almost half of what they make to various levels of government. I find it hard to believe that middle class taxpayers want to send even more. Again, perhaps the attempted fixes to the honesty module are responsible.

The reptilian alien candidate lost little time seizing on these admissions:

In addition to the earlier faults I mentioned in the android’s programming, it appears that the stair-climbing module is quite buggy:

It’s been a problem for a while, apparently:



I’m sure the DNC’s has a team of programmers and engineers feverishly attempting to fix or hide these flaws.

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34 Responses to An update to my discussion about our presidential candidate Hildroid Clintabot

  • Is this what Hillary got from Eleanor Roosevelt?

  • Ah!
    ThAt’s what t g circle on her tongue is.
    It’s where the battery for the speech module goes, and they forgot to replace the cover when they brought her back up.

    • The mark does look perfectly circular, which would support your theory.

      It’s also possible that the battery cover was lost somehow, and they had to use one from an android with different coloration.

      For those not familiar with Alan’s observation, the photo is here.

  • Enjoy it while it lasts. I suspect putting content on the internet will be regulated and taxed making it impossible for anything but established media or major internet websites to exist anymore. Any challenge will be killed by the new Supreme Court. The Republicans will buy off on it and get a few fractions of a percent tax reduction on oil or foreign investments and be happy for pleasing their masters.

    • Contrary to folk wisdom, the (R) next to their names on ballots is not short for “Republican”,
      it’s short for Renfield.

      • I’ve concluded they are all the same with a different order of priorities. The Democrat Donors are Progressives who want to publicly ‘Virtue Signal’ more than they want to make money while Republican Donors are Progressives who want to make money from than they want to publicly Virtue Signal. These are not really overriding priorities more like primary/secondary priorities. They see eye to eye when the virtual signaling and the money making align which happens best through Cronyism/Socialism. . Conservatism in the Republican end only exists to garner votes so the Money Primary Progressives have some power at the table. And why people often observe the only difference in the two party’s results is the speed at which we seem to go over the cliff.

  • You know there are a few other alternatives to explain the photo –

    3) Recovering from a really bad hangover.

    2) Staff preventing her from running around yelling “Peter! I can fly! I can fly!” in front of the general public.

    Number 1 (and most unlikely reason)
    1) resisting return to the memory wipe/mind programming chair because she’s really a good person who’s been programmed to be the Manchurian candidate.

    And do I feel bad for mocking her given her blood clot and so on?
    Not. One. Damn. Bit.
    Because Karma is a bitch.

    • The alternative is that the staff was preventing her from running about yelling “Allāhu Akbar” and then not remembering in the morning why she ever did such a thing (or why all the collateral damage was necessary).

  • Goodness! Let us all hope that the robot is never required to chew gum and climb stairs at the same time.

    • Or answer the phone, think, and talk at the same time at 3:00 AM.

      • She already got that phone call. It was about Benghazi. We know the results.

        • You don’t just send people in dressed any old way, you need to decide what uniform they’re going to wear and that’s not a decision you can make without consideration.
          When you have people (not) rioting over a YouTube video it’s essential you factor in how offensive the wrong BDU can be!
          We must do our best not to offend people actively engaged in offensive operations against one of our embassies!
          It could inflame the situation!
          They could go from using machine gun automatic weapons, RPGs, technicals and mortars to using weapon things that could kill people! Assault rifles even, with calibers and clips!

          These sorts of decisions can lead to international incidents (un-like violating an embassy space, killing an American ambassador and staff).
          Weighty issues must be addressed!

          Flag insignia or no flag insignia! normal or subdued?!
          Do we make any women in the combat teams wear hajibs?
          If there are no women in the combat teams, why are there no women in the combat teams!?
          How long will it take to find some and get them involved?!
          What about the transgender troops, will they be forced to use the same latrine as the cis-gender troops on the deployment?
          What if some of them are carrying pork flavored ramen noodles as a snack!?
          Their gear will all need inspection, someone might try bringing in one of those Bible book things people cling to!

          Imagine if you will your own reaction to all these questions that must be resolved at 3:00 AM!
          And the Pee-Resident is not a man given to drama! Nor was his Sec State!
          You don’t just make all those decisions in 13 hours sir! No! These things take time!
          What have YOU sacrificed for you country!
          Have you even read the Constitution!

          • My bad. Thank Goodness there are public spirited wise men and women who can figure out all these complex things for us plebs.

          • Well, really though, at this point, what difference does it make, you know?

        • Oh, and what about the global warming!

          My God, we are blessed to have such leaders, to bear such weight, to address such issues, and STILL be able to find the peace of mind to plan a run for President, or figure out which club to use with the ball in the rough on a par 3 at Andrews!

          • The Best and the Brightest, indeed. Thank you for reminding me of how grateful I should be.

          • What I’m thankful for is that poor Hillary finds the strength to soldier on when so many around her keep turning up dead.

          • It’s all a matter of good long term rechargeable batteries.

  • No wonder the elites look down on you people, you’re all dumb as posts.

    • I took a look at your blog. Apparently you’ve uncovered a wide variety of people who are dumb as posts. We’re honored to be part of such an assemblage.

      Now, do you have anything besides insults to contribute to this discussion?

      • I don’t know why, but I read his blog, too. Before reading, I thought he might be one of Erb’s students. Now I don’t think he even graduated high school.

        I love the entry where he complained about being awakened before 8:30 am. Ben Franklin would have made quick work of him.

        • I read it to determine if zhe had a leg to stand on in declaring we were dumb as posts.
          It appears zhe does not.

      • Now , now. Obviously you are too many SDs to the left to appreciate him. I can feel the sheer intellect and macho oozing over the ‘net and into my machine. Makes my naughty bits all tingly and stuff, it does.

    • Blog posts or fence posts?

    • The elites?
      Did they communicate this to you directly?

      How I yearn to have the elites come and talk to me.
      You must be blessed.

  • “Did they communicate this to you directly?”

    Oh, yes. Especially when he forgets to take his meds.

  • Perhaps if someone on her staff were to send us pallets of cash in small denominations, say, as a tax refund, our mockery I especially might diminish.

  • Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s own “2nd Amendment people” have been busy shooting down this poor man, a former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, on the streets of DC as WikiLeaks now claims that Rich was the source of the leaked DNC emails.

    The bumbling “experts” the Hillary campaign used to claim it was the Russians were completely wrong, as the former Secretary of State’s campaign risked inflaming relations with the Russians for domestic political purposes.

    • If in fact the latter is accurate regardless of the circumstances regarding the staffer’s demise you will be cautioned to “just move on”.

      The media will be focused on the latest Trump “short circuit”.

    • Hillary’s famous “Reset Button” with the Russians just keeps paying dividends, doesn’t it?

  • The media, the DOJ, the State Department, the FBI – exactly who is the parade of criminal evidence in the Clinton Foundation and recitations of her disastrous time at State supposed to impress that will actually make any difference?
    Can I assume we’re having an election for the same reason the Brits go through the marching in and out of cathedrals in ermine robes for coronations of kings or queens?
    All part of the ceremonial ritual for what’s essentially a done deal?

    It doesn’t help that Trump keeps behaving like a human mine detector either.
    Fingers shoved in his ears, standing with his left leg firmly planted, stomping on the ground with his right foot.

  • As the evidence shows, she can walk far better than she can govern.
    As my wife says; “God help me, I’m voting for Trump”