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An explanation

I feel I owe those who read QandO an explanation as to the paltry number of posts you’ve seen up here in recent times.

You see, when I retired I started this little business doing Social Media Marketing to give me something to do each morning when I got up.  You know, a filler.  Something to keep me busy.  Make some fun bucks.

Well guess what … it has taken off.  Boy has it taken off.  You take one Facebook page from 6,000 likes to 1.1 million likes and boom, you’re a “guru”.  Everyone wants you to either consult with them or manage their page.  And, well, I’m swamped.

Not exactly my plan, but I’m having a tough time turning stuff down, and the money is very good.

So bear with me.  I’ll get back on track.   The contract I’m working right now demands a lot of time and it is a “turn around” job if you get my drift.  I’m about a month into it and it is turning around.  But much more work to come.

I guess, in reality, you could say I’m no longer retired.  But I refuse to give it up just yet.

Best to you all.


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9 Responses to An explanation

  • What!
    You mean you’re making money instead of doing research and opinion piece stuff to keep us entertained?!!!!

    I’m shocked! Shocked to find capitalism is going on in here!

    Of course you do realize this violates the whole archaic aging last century out of touch ex-military paradigm that a certain someone claims prevails hereabouts.
    So by all means keep it up!


  • Kuhl. Go with power up…!!!

  • Just keep in mind that you didn’t build that.

    I’ll show myself out. =)

  • At least you ain’t selling used cars or time shares. 🙂

    • Or giving away free cruises or selling Obamacare health plans over the phone.

  • It’s like when you prey for rain during a dry spell and the heavens open up. Thank you Lord, but enough already.


    Hey, it’s great you’re making bank. Mazel Tov! Hope you make millions.

  • You do realize that if you’re doing Facebook pages for people and it’s catching on, you’re indirectly influencing young and impressionable minds.

    Millions of them.

    In fact, you’re probably reaching more impressionable young minds than say, a college professor at…a small state college, in a, um, randomly chosen far north/northeastern state in the United States will ever reach in a lifetime.

    Doesn’t it make you grin?