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Observations: The QandO podcast for 2 Sep 16

Podcastlogo 150x150Hillary Clinton  can barely remember being Secretary of State, much less what happened to her emails. Gun sales to medical marijuana cardholders are banned, so no more shooting while high. SJWs are punchably irritating in every way. 2nd Lieutenants are pretty dumb. Gene Wilder dies. Comedy idea: A half-hour sitcom based in a Nazi prison camp. What is porn good for? Not families, apparently. Government makes a bad family. Black people hate Republicans, but Manhattan millionaire Donald Trump thinks he can change that.

This week’s podcast is up on the Podcast page.

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6 Responses to Observations: The QandO podcast for 2 Sep 16

  • Hey, Dale;
    It sounds like your 2 Sept podcast is an exact repetition of the 26 August podcast. I’d bet a maple bar that you uploaded the wrong file.

  • The part about the pick up scene dying off is not Porn. Porn has been readily available among the younger generations since the mid-90’s. What’s new is the advance of 3rd wave feminism giving guilt complexes and demonizing young boys who have normal sexual desires towards their peers. Then add the increase and attempted normalization of rape accusations as a guilt until proven innocent approach.

  • What do you expect from Hillary.
    It’s not like she was a Senator on a Committee, like Armed Forces, which would have required her to already have taken training for classified documents.

    Oh wait. She was.