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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 30 Sep 16

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If this week’s podcast had a single thread running through all our topics…it would be interesting and listenable. But it doesn’t. So…Anyway, we talk about Donald Trump’s inability to forego responding to criticism. We know exactly what kind of horrific disaster a Hillary presidency will be, but we don’t know what kind of horrific calamity a Trump presidency would be, though we know it would be one. How can we protect Cuba’s unique culture of poverty and despair from being lost to tourism and money? Dale updates us on the status of his Volvo, and tells Michael what car to buy. We then just swap car stories for an hour. We finish up by discussing how women fail to understand that men live in a world where a smart mouth can get you punched.

This week’s podcast is up on the Podcast page.

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2 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 30 Sep 16

  • What’s wrong with responding to criticism? It has grated on my nerves for years that representatives of the Rep. party have not responded to criticism. I am glad Trump is responding to criticism.

    After all, the very idea of a Clinton accusing anyone of just about anything is ludicrous. There are decades of Clinton mal, mis, and nonfeasance already in the back of people’s minds just waiting to be evoked. Like a slug, the Clintons have left a trail of slime wherever they have gone. Probably from birth.

    If you don’t respond to the criticisms/lies, people will believe them. The nature of the response is what causes problems.

    • There are ways to respond to that. The key to this election and what was working to help Trump prior to the debate is that the discussion was about Hillary. The e-mails, foundation, her health, Pepe. Trump has to avoid allowing himself to be the center of discussion. Just from the sheer fact it takes the discussion off Hillary.