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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 07 Oct 16

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Donald Trump’s…um…intemperate remarks about women hit the airwaves, and got wall-to-wall coverage. So, it looks like Ted Cruz picked the wrong week to release a photograph of him making phone calls for the Trump Campaign. Anyway, the disaster that is Election 2016 continues apace. With the election almost in the bag, why are Dems cheating so much? Popular culture is sending us subtle messages that are hard to pick up, but dramatically affect our thinking. Also, the educational system in this country is a frickin’ disaster.

This week’s podcast is up on the Podcast page.

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7 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 07 Oct 16

  • On this week’s podcast Dale asserts his desire for career politicians and justifies the media giving different standards because the republicans allegedly hold themselves to a higher standard and public shouldn’t be allowed to assign the importance of republican hypocrisy and Democrat negative conduct for themselves.

  • I wonder what a conversation between Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy would have sounded like.

    • We don’t know, because nobody ever released a tape of it. But if we had, I bet it’d have made an impression in 1992.

      Also, “he did it, too” isn’t an exculpatory defense for your own bad act. It’s the excuse of a fucking child. Which is why we ask children, “If Ted kennedy jumped of a bridge, would you do it to?”

      Oh. Wait.

  • I did not say it was exculpatory. I will say that all this outrage is a bit overdone. Like the outrage I heard expressed during Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing when a witness testified that Clarence Thomas had (Oh, the Horror!) a collection of Playboy magazines! I doubt that there are very many men who can say they have never said or thought anything like Trump said. The phrase “Let him among you who has never sinned cast the first stone” comes to mind.

    In my opinion, people who think Trump is unique in his piggishness are either hypocritical or have been very, very sheltered.

    When I hear all those outraged folks who advocate “Dump Trump” also advocate shutting down all that obscene and misogynous rap music and all those highly paid comedians who specialize in telling yeast infection jokes, etc., then I might pay attention to them.