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Racist thugs, Russians and pickup trucks

The DDOS attacks continue, but I think I’ve found a way to publish anyway.

Why they continue is anyone’s guess, but they’ll not succeed in either gaining access or shutting us down.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the pitiful video of the four black teenagers beating and torturing a white special needs man.  If you’ve watched it, it isn’t at all difficult to conclude that the crime was motivated by racist and ideological hate.  It simply is what it is.  And while I’m not big on “hate crime” per se (the crime is a crime whether motivated by hate or whatever else), it is one of the favorite charges the left likes to throw at the right.  “Hate crimes” apparently are more heinous than are regular crime, at least to them.  Yet we’ve seen everyone associated with the left bend over backward to avoid labeling this as a “hate crime”.  It’s on video, for heaven sake.  You can watch it and assess for yourself.  If you come away with anything other than racial and ideologically driven hate, do me a favor and tell me how you got to your conclusion.

Meanwhile, on the left, you get this:

The Daily Caller’s Matt K. Lewis described the event as “evil.” “That’s what this is, it’s evil, it’s brutality, it’s man’s inhumanity to man.”

At that, Lemon disagreed. “I don’t think it’s evil,” he said, repeating the point for emphasis. “I think these are young people and they have bad home training.” Then, he explained, “I have no idea who’s raising these young people, because no one I know on earth, 17 years old or 70 years old, would ever think of treating another person like this.”

And of course, because he hasn’t seen it personally or known anyone who could do this personally, it can’t exist.  Despite video evidence.  Nope, it’s “bad parenting”, which, until recently, we were told were racist “code words”.

Then there’s the continuing saga of “the Russians did it”.  Remember when China stole the personal information on hundreds of thousands of government employees in 2015?  Did the Obama administration sanction them?  Of course not.  A little harsh rhetoric 6 months later, but in the big scheme of things, the usual – nada.

Now suddenly, President Milquetoast gets tough because … politics.  But where’s the proof?  Well, we’re pretty sure the FBI doesn’t have it because they haven’t looked for it:

“According to one intelligence official who spoke to the publication, no U.S. intelligence agency has performed its own forensics analysis on the hacked servers. Instead, the official said, the bureau and other agencies have relied on analysis done by the third-party security firm CrowdStrike, which investigated the breach for the DNC.”

In fact, according to this report, none of the US intel agencies have first hand knowledge.  But, you know, we should just believe them.

A brutal assessment of a failed presidency.  Conrad Black.  Make sure to read the whole thing.  Black is of the opinion that Obama is just the last of a couple of failed presidencies.

The president is correct that the largest issue in the election was the Obama legacy: the 125 percent increase in federal debt while the national work force shrank by 10 percent, the shameful Iran nuclear and sanctions giveaway, the shambles of the “red line” and other flip-flops and miscues all over foreign policy, the haughty disparagement of large sections of the electorate (in which he was almost outdone by Mrs. Clinton), the immigration policy of proudly admitting to the U.S. whomever might be seized by the ambition to enter, and the slavish adherence to the most alarmist versions of the faddish climate apocalypse, whatever the cost in American jobs and the current-account deficit, and without waiting for evidence adequate to justify radical measures.

The president has had a whim of iron, informed by bygone reflexively socialistic pieties, and while he has not been popular and the majority has thought throughout his administration that the fundamental direction of the country was mistaken, about half the people either like him as a public personality or are afraid, because he is not white, to admit that they don’t. He may be, as he often seems, a charming man, but when he has gone and the issue of race is not much involved in assessing his performance, he will be seen to have failed as president, as did, though for somewhat different reasons, and not without some successes, his predecessor, George W. Bush. That is their shared legacy: failure, for four terms. There has never been such a sequence in the country’s history. Which is why, for the first time in the country’s history, a person who has never held a public office or senior military command took over one of the main parties by winning the primaries and went on to win the election: an unprecedented solution to an unprecedentedly prolonged period of presidential failure.

I said after the Bush presidency that I had no idea why anyone would want the job, much less put themselves through the political and media wringer that one must endure to take it.  Nothing has changed in that regard and now Trump, who managed to endure the process and eek out a win,  has to deal with aftereffects of a failed presidency.

It doesn’t get any easier for anyone.

Apparently Bruce Springsteen is frightened of a Trump presidency.  He thinks that man isn’t competent.  Dude, if you worry about presidential competence, where in the hell have you been for the past 8 years?

Recently the NYT ran an article about the pickup truck “phenomenon” in flyover country.  Apparently one of their “reporters” ventured outside the cocoon to actually see if this mythical place existed.  Hilarity ensued:

John Ekdahl set off an amusing storm on Twitter by noting that the three best-selling vehicles in the United States are pick-up trucks and asking journalists the seemingly anodyne question of whether they personally know anybody who owns one.

The responses were predictable: The sort of smug progressives who are proud of their smugness scoffed that pick-ups, pollution-belching penis-supplements for toothless red-state Bubbas, are found mainly in the sort of communities where they’d never deign to set foot; the sort of smug progressives who are ashamed of their smugness protested that it is a silly question (which it is — that’s part of the point) and made strained connections with pick-up-owning childhood friends back home in East Slapbutt; conservatives mainly said “Har har stupid liberal elites.”

This. Is. Why. You. Lost.

One Response to Racist thugs, Russians and pickup trucks

  • Re the New York Times pickup truck dumbass ignorance.

    I pretty much guarantee that I got more out of my cheap $300.00 a month pickup truck than the average asshat in New York gets out of their multi-thousand dollar monthly rent.
    And MORE than occasionally, I personally used it to do what trucks are intended to do. Or was asked by truckless others to supply truck and some muscle in exchange for beer and bbq.

    Allow me to exchange condescensions…
    Can New York sky-dungeon dwellers haul 10 sheets of 8×4 1/2 inch sheet rock or 3/4 inch plywood around with them on their subway rides to make modifications to those swanky apartments they live in?
    Haul a half ton of camping gear (pickem up truck camping you understand) around for a weekend?
    Hunt feral hogs from a perch 3 feet off the ground and out of boar tusk harms way?
    Have a tail gate party before the game?
    Enjoy not sitting more than 2 foot off the pavement in a traffic snarl?

    Or do they hire someone to do those things for them via remote?

    From what I recall of New York City thinking, they could have written the same article about the utility of any automotive vehicle to someone who thinks New York city is the be-all, end-all place to live in the universe.
    Personally, having done a little time working there, I think it’s just slightly east and north of where they’d give the world an enema if it needed one.