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The Government Is A Wanton Slut

So we’ve reached an agreement. I’m not surprised. The entire argument — over money, of course — was nothing more than a prelude to an inevitable act.

Foreplay, if you will.

Oh sure, the back and forth was heated at times, but was there ever any doubt that the money-spenders would arrive at a deal? I mean, you cut off a gold-digger from the credit cards and concessions will inevitably be made. Not at first of course (even whores have their pride), but once it becomes inevitable that the spigot will be cut off, even the lowliest scum whores will come to obeisance. It’s what they do.

Without the sweet ambrosia of federal income, the power brokers — a.k.a. your elected officials — would lose all of their power, ephemeral as it may be. And powerless whores are the lowliest whores of all.

Why are they (i.e. Congress, the White House) whores? Because no matter what, regardless of any consequences, our “betters” have declared themselves to be more concerned with maintaining their ability to lord their will over our money (being realistic, our credit), than they are with protecting our ability to spend it as we see fit. Their main worry is that they won’t be able to control how we spend that money, and — most importantly — that it won’t go to the “correct” people. Frankly, if they can’t control our income/wealth/money, then they can’t control us. Indeed, without access to our tax dollars, congress-critters will have no influence at all. And that will not abide for too many if them.

Whatever the deal may be, the only certainty is that, like any John, we’re screwed. And that we will still be paying maximum price for that pleasure.

I don’t mean to make light of the fact that the House was able to wrestle some budget cuts away from the opposition. Kudos are definitely due. But they are paltry … i.e. cuts of $39,000,000,000 in the face of a $1,650,000,000,000 deficit just for this year, which is about a 2.4% cut. Seriously? Who cares?

The unfortunate answer is, “your representatives of all stripes and colors.” Because they need that money to dole out the gifts that keep them in power. A government shutdown means that there will be no incoming money to buy the power and influence our rulers crave. They may whinge about seniors dying and children crying, but what they truly care about is the power of the purse. With that power they can pay off favored constituents whom they will eventually call to account for the government’s distribution of largesse (witness the current fear-mongering about budget-cutters wanting to “kill women” and starve the elderly). They are simply using our tax dollars to buy their own power.

Our elected money-spenders will always bleat in earnest when their source of power is interrupted. So, of course a budget deal was cut. Like a wanton slut, they will always strike a deal to keep the money flowing.

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17 Responses to The Government Is A Wanton Slut

  • Since things are SO bleak all around the world, and all the news is bad and scary, I’m really in need of seeing this from the glass half-full perspective.
    And it’s possible without TOO much self-delusion. It even sorta uses your analogy to whores.
    Think to the old quote about “Would you sleep with me for $1M? Yes. For $1? No, what do you think I am? We’ve already agreed you’re a whore, now we’re just haggling over the price.”
    With these cuts, we’ve now got Dems and the WH bragging about fiscal responsibility, they’ve agreed that they are spending cutters. Now we haggle over the price. And most importantly, we close the books on 2010 budget, and move forward.
    Apparently (according to NRO) there were some other good things in there – no funding for the army of IRS agents needed for OCare and other crap. Separate vote forced on OCare and PP funding. Annual audit of the Consumer Protection crap thing – audit by both GAO and a private firm. No abortion funding in DC, and I just saw something about DC scholarships put back in. So there was some good stuff.
    The monstrous ship of state has seen the first inkling of a turn. It’s not enough, but it’s the right direction.
    Yeah, I’m reaching, but I just HATE seeing all the negativity directed at Boehner for caving when he actually showed more spine than any politician in recent memory.

    • Don’t forget…¬† We have gotten the Dems to brag about cuts that are bigger than the ones they used to call “extreme”…
      I’m starting to think that this was a really, really good step.

    • I have to agree.¬† Was it everything I could have dreamed of…Hell, NO.¬† Nobody was going to get that.¬† You do not stop a stampede by getting in front of it.¬† That will just get you killed.¬† You have to turn them, first.

    • The budget actually bloats over the year with tweak here, new program there.¬† This won’t even offset that bloat.¬† Drawing the line at the absurd levels that Obama has brought to Washington is no victory.
      Its like getting a non-stop beating with a baseball bat and calling the fact they won’t switch to lead pipes, compassion.

  • Oh sure, the back and forth was heated at times, but was there ever any doubt that the money-spenders would arrive at a deal? I mean, you cut off a gold-digger from the credit cards and concessions will inevitably be made. Not at first of course (even whores have their pride), but once it becomes inevitable that the spigot will be cut off, even the lowliest scum whores will come to obeisance. It‚Äôs what they do.

    This might be the best paragraph ever written in the history of blogging…

  • …about a 2.4% cut. Seriously? Who cares?

    Well, apparently a great many of us, pro and con.
    Just look at the paroxysms of pain this appears to have caused.  I mean, old people will die, women are relegated to the 15th Century (and not in that good Renaissance Fair kind of way), children will be crippled.
    And this is ONLY the beginning, folks…

  • The GOP caved, just as I expected them to do.¬† They are a pack of yellow, sniveling cowards.¬† The dems learned (as they likely knew all along) that, to the extent that the GOP wants to cut spending in the first place, they can easily be scared off by threats of being raked over the coals in MiniTru for being “mean” to women, children, old people, and minorities.¬† The dems made those hysterical claims because THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE EFFECTIVE.

    We’re heading off a cliff.¬† Under Bush, we were going at 30 mph; slow enough that it seemed pointless to worry too much.¬† Under The Dear Golfer, we sped up to 100.¬† The GOP got us to slow down to 99.¬† Wheeeee…..

    • I’m the cock-eyed optimist here, I guess…
      We’ll see who won in September, but Republicans have achieved one major accomplishment.  Not only did they force the first actual reductions in government spending in ages, but they have changed the political paradigm from whether to cut to how much and where to cut.  That’s a pretty impressive victory for a party that only controls one chamber of Congress.
      Update: One last point along these lines.¬† Democrats have spent the last four months arguing that Republicans were too radical to govern and wanted to destroy government.¬† Instead, Republicans fashioned a deal on their own terms and passed a budget deal ‚ÄĒ something Democrats couldn‚Äôt or wouldn‚Äôt do when they had all the power in DC.¬† This gives the GOP a lot of credibility on leadership and governance, and all of it at the expense of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

      • I hope that you are right.¬† However, the big spenders in Congress – and the millions of deadbeats among our people who demand more and more handouts every election cycle – have been at this game too long for me to be very confident that any real progress will be made.¬† As another blogger I enjoy wrote this morning:

        John Q. Public is wheeled in with an arterial bleeder, and Dr. Reid says a bandaid should fix it, while Dr. Boehner wants one of those little 3″ gauze squares. They compromised on a 2″ gauze pad, but with only one strip of tape.

        I would also add that, while many of us scoffed at the rhetoric from the dems over the past few days (the palm goes to that¬†harridan Louise Slaughter for claiming that Republicans were elected to kill women), the fact that they can say these things without being laughed off the public stage speaks volumes about how effective the rhetoric is.¬† Another advantage is that “cut” has been misdefined such that it’s not elimination of spending, but rather a (usually small) reduction in the rate of increase.

        • Well, to play off your analogy and the paradigm shift noted…
          Reid wanted to treat the patient with a good, old fashioned 17th Century bleeding.  NO cuts, MORE spending.
          So, Boehner is moving in the right direction, at least.
          Enough???  Obviously not.  But this is politics, and people have to be moved by degrees, and the movement is undeniable.  We can see the tenor of the debate (which is consistent with the last decades), but there is something new under the sun, and that is good.

  • Your analogy does a disservice to whores.

  • As much as I want to agree with Less on this, I can’t help but feel that it can be summed up as Boehner managing to get out of the dragon’s lair with one of the dragon’s scales at the expense of being very badly scorched in the process. Clearly, the upshot of this was that both parties were following the Newt/Clinton play book. There is no doubt in my mind that Harry, Phil and Nancy have the Republicans psyched out over a shutdown because only rarely did I hear a Republican mention the fact that this wast last year’s business. No one consistently reminded the public that the Dems did not see fit to craft a budget even when they had complete power. Why, it is almost as tho’ it was a diabolical plan to be used just in case to protect the one should the sagging numbers be too great for comfort. I will say this, I have a renewed respect for Boehner but the fact is he got the worst of it by far.

  • Sluts and whores in government is the problem? The solution is obvious- Who has¬†lots of¬†experience at taming sluts and whores? CHARLIE SHEEN FOR PRESIDENT!!! What, you say that an actor is not qualified to be President? I would remind¬†you of Ronald Reagan.¬†And Charlie has a lot more experience dealing with sluts & whores.

    Send the Violent Torpedo of Truth to the White House!

  • It makes me sick to see the politicians taking their voters¬ī money for pretending to work hard. Unfortunately, that is not just America¬īs problem. I wonder whether the payrolls of the lawmakers who finally agreed on the proposed cuts is a part of the cuts. I don’t think so.

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