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Altogether now, “gutsy”, Obama was gutsy to say OK to the bin Laden raid. Gutsy. Say it again …

One thing about the Dems when they want to try to sell something they are very good at syncing the talking points. 

In an attempt to make the Jr. Chipmunk sitting in the small chair in the so-called “iconic” photo seem more than he is, we have our word of the day as spread by the usual suspects.  Toby Harnden caught the attempt.  First John Brennan (wow, should that guy be somewhere else saying “would you like fries with that”, or what?) in the White House briefing room:

When President Obama was faced with the opportunity to act upon this, the president had to evaluate the  strength of that information and then made what I believe was one of  the most gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory.

Yup.  Definitely more gutsy than ordering the surge in Iraq in the face of a political firestorm.  Gutsy.

Then the French looking guy who I believe claims to have served in Viet Nam, John Kerry, was next up:

This was a gutsy decision by the president.  A lot of things could have gone wrong.

No kidding – that chair could have turned over and dumped him in the floor.  Gutsy.

DiFi takes a run at it:

It was a very gutsy decision made by the president.  I mean, he could  have sent some Hellfire missiles in there and destroyed everybody and  everything.

Well, there you go – Much gutsier to risk the lives of our troops than to risk the lives of others, no?  Gutsy.

Leon Panetta:

All of those risks were debated.  All of them were thoroughly  explored.  And in the end, I think that’s why the president made a very gutsy decision by deciding that for all of those risks, we had to  do this.

Because, you know, he only ran on getting Osama, promised he’d go anywhere he had to to do so and, well, somehow doing that was “gutsy” on his part – especially since he really didn’t have to do any of that but could send the SEALs in instead.  Then he took the small chair to the side and let it roll.  Gutsy.

Denis McDonagh on CNN:

You know, the president had an opportunity, on a very granular basis, to work with those guys every day, particularly the leaders of the bin Laden team, two very impressive guys. And the president came away very impressed. And it was their information that allowed him to make this gutsy call.

Or, said another way, they presented so much hard evidence that Obama had no choice but to make the call.  Gutsy.

Finally, the last to be passed the knee pads, and apparently one who wanted to ensure her bit of praise was the best was former Ambassador to Pakistan and Middle East Institute president Wendy Chamberlain:

But he made that decision to go without telling Pakistan and that took some real courage, as much courage as our Navy SEALs did in pulling off a near flawless operation.

Yessiree Bob – not telling Pakistan was just as gutsy as flying into a foreign land, at night, nap of the earth, hoping no one sees your helicopter and blows it out of the sky.  Then fast roping into a compound of hostiles, number unknown, engaging in a firefight and clearing it.   Then exfiltrating.  Yup, not telling Pakistan is just like that.

You’re right, Chamberlain forgot to use the buzz word of the day but let’s be honest she was going for a 3-point shot from half-court here and “gutsy” just wasn’t enough.  Tying Obama’s decision to the courage of the SEALs?



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61 Responses to Altogether now, “gutsy”, Obama was gutsy to say OK to the bin Laden raid. Gutsy. Say it again …

  • “I do not think that word means what you think it means”.
    Gusty.  Perhaps.  As in “a lot of self-congratulatory wind blowing out of a fever swamp”.

    • … and here I thought “we got Osama”
      Now we find out that not only did Obama make the decision to raid Pakistan, but he flew the helicopter, shot everybody in the compound, personally ripped the heart of of bin Laden with his bare hands, carried the dead body of bin Laden in one arm while he first ran then swam to the USS Carl Vinson, and finally personally prepared the body for burial at sea drawing on his boyhood experience in a Muslim country.  And all of this while getting in 9 holes of golf.
      Obviously, there are just too damn many folks drawing a paycheck from the federal government who are doing nothing, while Obama is doing it all.  I suggest that we layoff 20% of all federal employees while doubling .. no .. quadrupling the Obama’s paycheck .. because obviously he is worth it all.

    • Obama got Bin Laden just like Nixon put a man on the moon. 

      (not original, but what I think is the pithiest parallel)

  • I don’t think it was all that hard for Obama to risk alienating Pakistan.  They had been helpful in the Afghanistan War and somewhat helpful in Pakistan, although it turns out not very much.

    But even so, that was enough for Obama to hold them in low regard.

    • Lessee…
      Perhaps piss off Pak-e-stan (the Obamic pronunciation) OR…
      go down in history as the man who ACTUALLY let OBL walk…???
      You can fix the first with a little taxpayer money.
      The second is forever.

  • Do normal people see through this stuff?
    I think I do after the internet opened up criticism of the MSM.
    I wonder about most people though.

  • I think this deserves a 15 yard penalty for excessive demonstration in the end zone  .. not including the spiking of the ball.

  • Idiots all … playing fantasy president instead of fantasy ball.

  • Nice skewering.

  • Let’s see… SEALs, men who’ve accepted the nature of the missions, trained hard for years, come to terms with their own mortality and weighed the value of their lives carefully against the value of the missions they will be called on to do. Obama, a man who weighed the consequence of not ordering the mission and eventually being called-out on that decision just before his re-election campaign versus crowning years of effort by thousands of men and women but maybe a PR disaster before re-election if it goes wrong. Yeah, gutsy.

  • Osama bin Laden aspired to damage the United States not only through persistent terror attacks, but also by attempting to inflame race and class tensions in hopes of tearing down the country from the inside out, according to officials briefed on the evidence trove recovered from the al Qaeda leader’s Pakistan compound. … “Because there were many blacks in the U.S., he wanted to capitalize on them to further the jihadi cause,” one U.S. official told ABC News. “Al Qaeda sees the black convert community as ripe for recruiting.”

    Does ABC have bin Laden’s strategy confused with another well known American’s plans of organizing for America ?

  • I think it was INCREDIBLY gutsy for Obama to take a victory lap for something accomplished solely due to methods, means and procedures he spent years criticizing and promising to end if elected  (including a unilateral, soverignty-violating cowboyesque raid into another country!)

  • Let’s not forget the gutsiest decision of all…pulling the President off the golf course in mid-day for a mission he had no idea was taking place, to get back to the whitehouse.  So little time, he was still in his golf clothes/shoes.

  • Gutsy?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Word has it that the ‘community organizer’ didn’t make any decision. The intelligence service and military made the decision for the boy/man.

  • The only “gutsy” people involved in Bin Laden’s capture & death were the Navy Seal team & other operators that actually had to go in and do the dirty work.

  • Effortlessly gutsy. It was as if he wasn’t even there, in the helicopter, on the raid. But that’s training. Getting up everyday, practicing in front of the mirror, deepening the voice on occasion when speaking and, when he wants to annoy his detractors, dragging those sssss sounds at the end of his words. He showed more courage, the gutsiest of gutsiness, when he came out late last Sunday night and announced that he had gotten bin Laden. (He didn’t have to say that “he” had gotten him; from the sheer impossible gutsiness of the mission that was implied. Besides, as another gutsy move he would share the credit with the other guys who went on the mission along with him.) Gutsiness with gusto. What a performance.

  • I’m going to do a gutsy video. Thanks for the idea. I just have to find all those sound bytes. Rush usually does a talking points montage, but I don’t know if he did it for gutsy.

    I wonder if the word gutsy will come up in tonight’s 60 Minute interview. The campaign sent an email reminding the followers to watch.

    In the meantime in response to the Obama’s campaign website that directs you to the Barack Obama website there is now Listen to the audio. It’s a little funny and the video is one minute long and pretty good. While I’m at it, the pictures are original ideas except for the 72 versions…naturally the best one.

  • Yes, too bad it wasn’t even Obama that made the decision.  His only decision was to punt to Panetta who made the call to go.  You’ll notice in the situation room that Obama is in his golf clothes.  Who goes golfing just as the biggest operation of their presidency is about to go off?  Unless Obama typically wears golf clothes all day at work, this means they pulled Mr Lead-From-Behind off the links after the operation had already begun.  This also explains why the Commander In Chief is sitting off to the side instead of at the head of the table.  He got there late and pulled up a chair.

  • So, then “gutsy” must mean “willing to make a decision any president with three functioning brain cells would have immediately recognized as obligatory.” Or perhaps, “a decision which, if made the other way, would have exposed the maker to criticism as spineless.”

    English is such a treasure trove of nuance!

  • “Lessee…
    Perhaps piss off Pak-e-stan (the Obamic pronunciation) OR…
    go down in history as the man who ACTUALLY let OBL walk…???”

    Gutsy?  Not so much.  This call made itself.

  • How visionary of Richard Nixon to send astronauts to the moon!

  • Overlooked in all the mockery of Obama’s pretend courage is that it wasn’t even “gutsy” under the tasteless metaphor his supporters are using.
    They’re calling it “gutsy” because, supposedly, all of us GOP hacks and Tea Partiers would have gone for his throat if the mission had failed. That’s perhaps the stupidest suggestion made about Obama’s opposition yet, one that (I hope) stems from the same kind of past-as-parallel theory that flavors all media analysis of Obama. (i.e. Bay of Pigs, Iran Hostages, etc)
    Conservatives never, ever would have faulted the President for a failed mission to kill OBL. It wouldn’t make any sense – Bush, after all, didn’t get him over 8 years, and was so embarrassed he pretended to stop looking. Failing to kill bin Laden means you, at least, found him alive. Aside from the fever swamps of some blog comments, we would have stood behind the President in his continued pursuit.

  • As much a creep as Nixon was, He didnt try to get a bruise patting himself on the back for the Apollo 11 landing. He knew that it was a long process that started long before he was President.  This mission was a long effort across multiple administrations. The glory, if there is any to get, goes to the nation and what we stand for.
    And I wish people would understand that there are people who have recently been cashiered from the Service or the CIA for being “Gutsy”. You cannot logically laud one man for being “Gutsy” while hounding other men out of their jobs for the very same things.

  • i thought there was a law against assasination.Obama keeps saying “I did it”maybe someone in the world court would do us a favor and throw obama in prison  and prosecute him for war crimes…..He can sit in there with all the other “gutsy” cockroaches.

  • Well, maybe it is gutsy to stop being a pantywaist, put on a rubber George Bush disguise, and finally do something actually worth doing. Of course a better President wouldn’t find that gutsy, he’d find it routine.

  • Now if only he donned a flight jacket, flew to the aircraft carrier, put up a banner “mission accomplished” and pushed Bin Laden’s body over the side himself.  Now THAT’S the definition of GUTSY.  I would call the way he handled this, in comparison to his predecessor, CLASS, (especially since this mission was, unlike the earlier one at that time actually accomplished).
    What was gutsy was the huge political risk any Democrat since Jimmy Carter takes approving an operation like this.  Gotta give him his due, boys, like it or not.  Suck it up.

    • Ira, I am so sick of that Mission Accomplished crap. How many times do people have to say that the sign was for the carrier’s mission? It does not matter, you don’t care. I think Bush has a lot more class than Obama. For one thing, he did not say that his predecessor had no respect for the Constitution. That is exactly what Obama said about Bush in terms of the Patriot Act and indefinite detentions and all kinds of stuff and yet Obama himself expanded those policies rather than ending them. So I don’t think class is the word I would use for Obama. In fact if Bush and Cheney had not been willing to risk their political careers to create the policies that made it possible to catch this guy, Obama and you would not be strutting and braying right now. So why don’t you go suck that up.

  • Thank goodness Mr. Obama wasn’t injured in the melee.
    He was obviously ready – stripped to the waist, lightly oiled and carrying a dagger in his teeth.  Talk about gutsy!  How many other presidents would have waded into this the way that Mr. Obama did? We should rename him “Bam-bo”.
    I swell with pride to be an American when I remember we have a “snake eater” and man of enormous personal courage at the helm. Gutsy doesn’t say the half of it.

  • Barokeydoke gave the ‘go’ signal because he knew that if he didn’t and OBL wasn’t taken out due to his hesitation he would be finished as CIC…Ive’ seen more guts when I field dressed an 8 point buck

  • Gutsy, but not in the way they mean.  He made the decision to alienate a very vocal part of his base – who will likely vote for him again anyway, but might stay home or defect Green/Nader.  Had the mission blown up, he would have alienated a lot of other people as well.
    Considering that all these bastards care about is the politics of the thing, and whether they keep power in Washington, Obama did take some calculated risk on the only thing he actually cares about.  It is calculated, because he can perhaps use it to gain more votes, or at least give his people talking points.  This was a very average amount of courage, but unusually high for a liberal.  It is a very average amount of defending the country, but unusually high for a liberal.  Therefore, his people can trumpet this one for the next 18 months, trying to show that they are not really wusses.  That they won’t convince sensible people of the idea is irrelevant.  They may convince enough to stay in power.
    My dear non-liberals, please remember that reality and rational argument have very little to do with this.  Attempting to see this through rational eyes will only hamper your understanding.

  • Let’s look at the three main options that he had to choose from:
    1.  Unilaterally blow the compound to hell using precision guided munitions dropped by stealth bombers.  Risks: lots of potential civilian casualties, no reliable way to identify Osama in the rubble, no capture of intel, piss off Pakistan.  Benefits:  Osama dead.
    2.  Unilaterally attack the compound using ground forces.  Risks:  lots of potential US military casualties, piss off Pakistan.  Benefits:  Osama dead or captured, intel extravaganza.
    3.  Involve the Pakistani’s in a large-scale ground raid.  Risks:  Pakistani insiders tell Osama that they’re coming, Osama runs and takes intel with him.  Benefits:  involve Pakistan as a partner, potential Osama dead or captured, potential intel extravaganza.
    Of those three options, which seems like the most useful one to the “War on Terror”?  Number two:  target definitively eliminated, tons of intel to go after the next set of guys and a very interesting roll call at Pakistani Intel that Monday morning (because if OBL had your phone number, and now the CIA has it, are you going to work the next day?).  Sorry Pakistan.
    The “gutsy” part of Obama’s decision here was to risk other people’s lives for a potential windfall of intelligence.  A big failure and loss of life means that he’s sure to lose the next election…and a big win only means that he takes the defense issue off the table in an election that will be mostly about the economy anyway.

  • You little people may never have a chance to make “gutsy calls” and could never relate. I, however, could relate to the “gutsy call” because I have made one.

    My one-and-half year old daughter refused to be toilet trained. After visiting her cousin who threw away her diapers at the gutsy age of six months, I made a “gutsy call”: I took away my daughter’s diapers and told her to pee in the toilet like gutsy grown-ups do. The whole day I kept my fingers crossed lest I’ve to replace the carpets. My daughter took the gutsy challenge and did the gutsy thing peeing in the toilet. I patted her back, “wow, what a big girl!”. She beamed with pride for doing the expected gutsy thing, I let out a long-held breath for making the gutsy call.

    Now, just think of the occasions that you have made gutsy calls, then you’ll understand how gutsy the call to kill the man who caused the greatest Man-Made-Disaster was. Our dead must be avenged. It took real guts for the gutless One who Leads from Behind to use the full force of the United States to make the gutsy call to kill an unguarded, unarmed, old man in pajamas.

  • I am glad Osama is a goner, but come on, these people are starting to make me sick. Of course he made the call, what else could he do? People say it was gutsy, as if there was some nice safe call he could have made instead. And add to that the fact that he fought Gitmo, EIT, black sites, rendition, preventive detention, and on and on. However, once he becomes President Obama instead of Candidate or Senator Obama then this stuff starts to look a little different. Bush deserves some credit for this and he also deserves an apology from our gutsy present president.

  • Ol’ Blood and Guts Obama. The soldiers’ blood. His guts.

  • “then made what I believe was one of  the most gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory”

    Gutsy indeed.  Think of the votes it could have cost him if this thing had blown up on his watch.  Of course the SEALS could have all been killed, but hey, what election were they standing for?

  • I don’t like much of Obama’s foreign or domestic platforms, but I have to give him this one. I think it was Gutsy. This could have gone very wrong, and would have most likely been a spectacular failure. Intel is by no means a game of certainty. He could have simply lobbed a missle, but he let the warriors do their thing and gathered the evidence we need to prove that Osama Bin laden, the puss filled canker, was dead. I didn’t think he Obama it in him. Good on him.
    When even the most liberal president we’ve had in decades isn’t afraid to destroy our enemies, it sends an incredibly loud message to the barbarians: If you attack the US, we will not stop hunting you until you are dead.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • *didn’t think he had it in him.

  • Two questions:
    1) What new version of ‘Journolist’ was used to spread the word of the day- ‘Gutsy’
    2) Are we supposed to be distracted (by the debate over whether this was a gutsy call) from the real question: did Obama even make this decision, or was it handed to him by Panetta and Clinton as a fait accompli?
    Looking at that Situation Room picture, I can tell you who DOESN’T look in control.

  • IMO it was a gutsy decision by President Obama, not least because he took on so much of the National Security establishment in doing it.   I wrote The Case for Invading Iran (Google it, and me), and am hardly a fan of Obama or the Democrats.

    President Obama deserves enormous credit for injecting strategic clarity here.

    Exposure of Pakistani duplicity, and that it is making war on us, is far, far more important than merely killing Osama bin Laden. I can’t emphasize this enough.

    President Obama has made an historic, decisive, courageous and, in my opinion, ultimately successful strategic move in the war on terror.

    America’s will to win is THE decisive battlefield of any war involving us. President Obama just identified our real enemy in an irrefutable way.

    We can’t modify Pakistan’s behavior through blackmail or threats. We can only destroy Pakistan’s ability to harm us, however many of them we have to kill.

    Our behavior is what wins wars.

  • Gutsy.  It’s the new ‘inconceivable.’

  • I was Googling Kerry’s comment trying to find the video (no luck) but I did find a bonanza of similar comments on various websites all over the country. They often started the comment with I’m not an Obama supporter but… for added credibility. It’s actual unreal. I have no doubt who bought An enterprising reporter should look into this.



    Chemist, pragmatic progressive, Atlanta

    242 Fans

    07:04 PM on 5/03/2011
    The whole assault raid was phenomenal­. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong, including OBL not being there. It was a very gutsy call.

    byronbca | 6:43 p.m. May 6, 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT
    I don’t think anyone capable of individual, rational thought would argue that the raid that got Osama was a gusty call for a president to make, a lot could have gone wrong, very wrong. Obama should get credit for having the guts to give the go ahead for this mission.

    Give the president credit for a gutsy call. So much could have gone wrong during this operation.And give ultimate credit to the soldiers who made it happen.
    Posted by Allen Johnson on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 11:46 am

    1st Class Member


    I am not a big fan of President Obama, but the decision to send in an assault team was a very gutsy call.  And clearly the correct one.  That op had a 1000 things that could have gone wrong. 

    04 May 2011 10:49 AM

    I am not a big fan of President Obama, but the decision to send in an assault team was a very gutsy call.  And clearly the correct one.  That op had a 1000 things that could have gone wrong

  • IMO, it was “gutsy”: had the raid ended in disaster like Desert One, he would have looked like the incompetent fool many of us believe him to be.  There would have been plenty of questions and second-guessing that might well have finished his presidency (oh, dear!  No more taxpayer-funded wagyu and trips to Rio!).  It would have been much easier just to bomb the compound flat and let MiniTru file the usual “suspected US airstrike against alleged senior al Qaeda members kills XX people outside Islamobad.” Many people (including me) thought bin Laden was dead; many libs didn’t care whether he was or not.  So, sending in ground troops ran the risk of debacle PLUS the risk of creating a helluva mess with a nominal ally, Pakistan (we can’t exactly deny that we invaded them, can we?).  Yes, Captain Bullsh*t didn’t risk life and limb like the SEALs and other spec ops troops who actually conducted the raid, but, then again, Lee didn’t directly risk life and limb when he made the gutsy decision to split his forces at Chancellorsville, FDR didn’t risk life and limb when he made the gutsy decision to spend millions on the potential boondoggle that was the project to build the A-bomb, Ike didn’t risk life and limb when he made the gutsy decision to initiate Operation Overlord, etc.

    That being said, the backslapping by the dems and their MiniTru cheerleaders is ridiculous.  The remarks by Chamberlain… I wonder how people can say that sort of thing with a straight face.  It rises to a level of sychophantic idiocy that I usually associate with somebody like Cwissy Mathews or David Brooks.

  • “most gutsiest calls”
    This statement was perhaps one of the most grammatically incorrectedness ish statements ever miss saided.

  • docjim505,

    Thank you for some perspective.

    • It wasn’t easy, I do assure you.  Given that Captain Bullsh*t apparently took sixteen hours to decide to do it, I’d say that he came within an ace of blowing it entirely.  However, he did it, no matter how hard it was for him to make a decision that didn’t involve his own pleasure and self-aggrandizement.

  • The little boy in the corner ( see the picture ) has “guts?”
    That’s nice- now, we need a real President– not a “Precedent…”

  • Love it – is that a freudian slip I see??  Two words above.  Is Obama really gutsy – or just GUSTY!

  • It strikes me that all this talk from the sycophantic dems about how gutsy their guy is is due to them having realized (but being unable to bring themselves to publicly admit such) he’s just an empty suit.  But now they can relax, safe in the knowledge that their doubts can be dispelled, thanks to Obama being the gutsiest man who’s ever been president.  Through one act most of us would see as a no-brainer, they’ve proven to themselves (or are certainly working hard to convince themselves of it) that he really is the most macho, accomplished warrior-god EVAH!

    The fact that they look like a$$es crowing about his gutsy call just makes the joke even funnier.  Because even the politically disinterested know Obama had little to do with the actual raid.  It’s not like he issued the order to get Osama, no matter what.  Nope… all he did was okay the mission plan.

    Gutsy, indeed.  I suppose it seems so, to a guy who apparently only works six hours a day…

  • Obama is to gutsy as Jello is to firm.

  • Gutsy.

    The new “No-Brainer.”

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