Free Markets, Free People

And now, something completely different

This one is a pretty thrilling ride, I think you’ll enjoy it for a change of pace:



Yup. Big brass ones.


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5 Responses to And now, something completely different

  • The view from a human cruise missile

  • Freaking awesome.

  • Insanity takes many forms.

    Daedalus would be proud.

  • Ya gotta wonder who peered over some cliff the first time and said “I think we could fly down the face in a squirrel suit at 100mph and live to tell about it.”  And then tried it.

    • Hopefully someone who is, or has a friend who is, very good with physics and could calculate if it was possible lol … or someone who is plain old insane. Reminds me of those old videos with people trying to fly with taped on wings. I half expected a crash just like them.

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