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Paul Mcleary Explains
Posted by: Dale Franks on Sunday, July 29, 2007

After reading Bruce's post below on Paul McLeary's post at the CJR web site, I dropped an email to him complaining about his line: "How dare a college grad and engaged citizen volunteer to join the Army to fight for his country! (Which is something that most of the brave souls who inhabit the milblog community prefers to leave to others.)"

He responded by email, in part:
I really walked into this one.

I actually spend a lot of time on milblogs. I was careless in my choice of wording when I wrote the piece. What I meant was the whole community of blogs that have sprung up in the same universe as milblogs — Hugh Hewitt, etc., who act tough about the war, but have never served, and have never left the comforts of their air-conditioned offices to see what might be going on in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I've written a lot about milblogs, actually: Interviewed Matthew Currier Burden for CJR, as well as a couple soldiers who wereblogging for the New York Times. I've also spoken to, and exchanged emails with Yon and Bill Roggio and such, and I blogged the whole time I was in Iraq back in '06, which doesn't make me a milblogger, but hey, it's something, I guess.

Like I said, I really stepped in it because I didn't take the time to clearly define what I was talking about.
So, there you have it.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

The chickenhawk canard is a fallacy when directed at those of the stamp that he’s talking about and unhinged when directed at milbloggers. I think that Mr. McLeary’s post was something akin to a “Michael Kinsley moment” i.e. inadvertently telling the truth or, in this case, telling what he really believes.

There’s a Japanese word for this sort of outburst; it escapes me at the moment. For the Japanese this takes the form of, in place of the normal reserve, emotionally telling the boss off or something of the sort. It’s considered a kind of temporary insanity and that’s probably what McLeary’s post was, too.

Still, it suggests what he really thinks.
Written By: Dave Schuler
I have to disagree. I think we have to take his word for the reasons behind his words/actions. His chickenhawk-esque slur is wrong enough without ascribing motives that he denies.
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
Kind of reminds me of someone that says, "some of my best friends are black folks" just before making some racist remark.
Written By: McQ
“What I meant was the whole community of blogs that have sprung up in the same universe as milblogs…
What the hey, for a liberal “in the same universe” is close enough when going after those righties. A good portion of their work product suffers from the same unfocused (lack of) diligence.
Written By: notherbob2
URL: http://
While I believed that comment was ridiculous this is the one that really made me snort.
This childish game of name-calling, mostly led by the know-nothing Michelle Malkin’s of the world .
The hypocrisy was contained within the same sentence. Usually it’s a paragraph or two later. I know, he meant nothing against Michell Malkin-why maybe he even interviewed her once.
Written By: tom scott
URL: http://

I wonder if the lefties will realize John Kerry isn’t running against George Bush in ’08 and that neither Hillary or Obama have military experience. In fact, it escapes me if any of the Democratic Candidates have any military combat service.

Not that the Republican candidates are overflowing with military service either but they at least have some.

I expect making the Chickenhawk argument to be considered a huge sin by Democrats soon.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
I expect making the Chickenhawk argument to be considered a huge sin by Democrats soon.
Just because it bears repeating.
Written By: kyleN
What I meant was the whole community of blogs that have sprung up in the same universe as milblogs...
It’s perfectly acceptable to him to make broad-brush character attacks on all bloggers who advocate a different policy position than his own on Iraq, but now he is willing to gernerously carve out an exception for milbloggers.

Since McQ and Dale are not technically milbloggers I guess they must still be chickenhawks in this guy’s estimation.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://

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