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The New Libertarian

The New Libertarian is a monthly journal of Neolibertarian commentary, policy and philosophy, available only to subscribers. Each issue will provide a variety of articles from the QandO staff, as well as other writers from the worlds of blogging, journalism, and politics. Each issue will also contain a month in review as well as a roundup of notable commentary from the blogosphere.

The current edition of The New Libertarian can be viewed as

TNL Issues

Vol. 1, Issue 1: What Is Neolibertarianism?
Vol. 1, Issue 2: Why Freedom?
Vol. 1, Issue 3 : The Turtle Bay Puzzle Palace
Vol. 1, Issue 4: How Are You feeling?
Vol. 1, Issue 5: Hard to Ignore

Submission Guidelines

The New Libertarian accepts unsolicited submissions of formal op/ed or book review articles for publication. Each article you submit must be between 1000-3000 words, and, again, must fall within the Neolibertarian ideological framework. Acceptable article subjects will be (in no particular order):

  • Politics/Current Affairs
  • Security/Military Policy
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Neolibertarian Ideology
  • Health Care
  • Reviews of books that cover the subjects above

Articles must be original, and have not been published previously in any other location, in any form. While we are unable to pay you for your article, you will retain secondary publication rights, with the understanding that no secondary publication will occur until after the isue of TNL containing your article has been available to our readers for 24 hours. Article submissions must be sent to , with the Subject "TNL Article Submission". Submissions must be attached to your email as a text file, Microsoft Word, or Rich Text (RTF) document. Please include your name and a brief bio (i.e. less than 100 words) with your email, so that we may include it with your article. The bio may include a link to your blog or web site.

For those articles we accept, we will reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion as to length and content, and to request revisions from you prior to publication.



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