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An explanation

I feel I owe those who read QandO an explanation as to the paltry number of posts you’ve seen up here in recent times.

You see, when I retired I started this little business doing Social Media Marketing to give me something to do each morning when I got up.  You know, a filler.  Something to keep me busy.  Make some fun bucks.

Well guess what … it has taken off.  Boy has it taken off.  You take one Facebook page from 6,000 likes to 1.1 million likes and boom, you’re a “guru”.  Everyone wants you to either consult with them or manage their page.  And, well, I’m swamped.

Not exactly my plan, but I’m having a tough time turning stuff down, and the money is very good.

So bear with me.  I’ll get back on track.   The contract I’m working right now demands a lot of time and it is a “turn around” job if you get my drift.  I’m about a month into it and it is turning around.  But much more work to come.

I guess, in reality, you could say I’m no longer retired.  But I refuse to give it up just yet.

Best to you all.


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