Christmas Parade ’06
Today was the 56th Annual Jaycees Parade in my little hometown. So, the Lovely Christine and I got up early to go photograph the parade.Before we get to the pictures, let me just say this. Worst. Parade. Ever. Whoever was in charge of organizing this year’s travesty should be put in a bamboo cage a poked with sharp sticks. There were, at times, up to two city blocks of space between the participants. So some little group of cub scouts would mar
Emu Hunter Diaries
Today, we’ve come to beautiful Ramona, California, to seek out its elusive wildlife.Imagine our joy to see these beautiful emu, strolling through the wilds of a fenced in yard. Let’s see if they’ll approach us!The emu are approaching closer and closer. Danger, danger, danger! These majestic, and beautiful animals are not pets, and you never know what they’ll do.
Weekend Photoblogging
Because of my personal schedule, it hasn’t been possible for The Lovely Christine and I to go out on a photo safari in several months. Last weekend and this weekend, though, we have simply had to get out and have some fun, so we got out out the cameras and hit the road.Last week, we started off at Dog Beach in Encinitas. They call it Dog Beach because it’s the one beach where dogs are allowed to go. Some people, though, seem to be a lot mor
Photoblogging...And a Faaabulous Surprise: The San Diego Gay Pride Fair
Today, The Lovely Christine and I did a portrait/candid photo shoot for a family at Balboa Park. We did the shoot from about 11:00 to 14:30 and, in that time, we took about 1300 photos of this family (who also signed off on model releases, which means we own the images for commercial purposes, too):By the way, note the little girl on the right. Every posed shot we took, she put on a funn
Saturday Photoblogging
In anticipation of the photo shoot that The Lovely Christine and I will be doing next week for the Pro Player Foundation, I broke down and spent the money for Gary Fong’s Lightsphere II (Cloud) flash diffuser. As it happens, I have been looking for a diffuser like this for quite a while, every since I saw a well-equipped fellow from Nippon using a similar diffuser to shoot butterflies at the Wild
Oceanside Photoblogging
Today was another photo safari day. This time, it was to the beach at Oceanside, where I took these pictures.As you can see, a lot of people decided that today would be a good day for a trip to the beach.These three girls apparently found a surfboard, and thought they’d give it a try. They obviously had no earthly idea about
July 4th Photoblogging
On this beautiful July 4th, The Lovely Christine and I went down to Coronado Island to photograph, and participate in, the July 4th festivities. Much picture-taking was included, and a portion of my photos appear below.This is the skyline of the city, as it appeared on July 4th. You always have to add the date qualification, because the city’s skyline is always changing. There is a huge amou
The San Diego County Fair
For the first time in several years, The Lovely Christine and I were able to go to the San Diego County Fair. We’ll pay for it tomorrow, in terms of the work backlog we’ll have to clear, and the pictures we have to process, but we were glad to be able to go today. The fair opened late last week at the Del Mar Race track, which doubles as the county fairgrounds.The Logo for the fair is ki
Disneyland Christmas Photoblogging
The Lovely Christine and I went to Disneyland for Christmas. I’m not a huge Disney fan, mainly because I know a little too much about Disney. It’s a happy long as you have fun the way prescribed by DisneyBack in the 1990’s, I worked for a company in Orange County, first as the head of their computer training division, and later as the head of the programming/networking division. While I was t
The Christmas Parade
Today was the 55th annual Jaycees Christmas Parade in the town of Escondido, California, where I live. Naturally, I was there to take pictures...These are some of the kids from the EHS STEP program. I’m not sure what the STEP program is, but I think it’s a deal for troubled youths. If so, I’m a little dubious about the ultimate success of a program that dresses kids up in military camouflage fatigue
I’m Baaaaack!
I’ve been away all week, which accounts for my total lack of blogging. Once again, I had to fly out to Washington, DC on business, and had a series of marathon meetings with some USMC officials. Over the last week, I’ve put in about 80 hours of work. When I got home yesterday, I went to bed at 3:00 in the afternoon, and didn’t wake up until 8:00 this morning. I really slept badly while I was there, mainly because the abrupt switch from 60° weather to 25° east coast
Desktop Wallpaper for You
I want to share some of the pictures I took with my new Digital SLR this weekend with you. Each of the thumbnails below is linked to 1024x768 BMP images that you can download and use as destop wallpaper for your computer. I hope you like them.
Digital Camera Review: Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR
Those of you who are interested in digital photography may remember my review of my Sony DSC-F828 digital camera. If so, you’ll remember that, while it is a decent digital camera, with many nice features, some of the shortcomings of the camera were irritating. Now, I’ve acquired a new digital camera, the Canon EOS 20D. The 20D is an 8.2 megapixel SLR, which bridges the gap between the fairly
Some Trip Pictures
I thought I’d share some of the pictures from my trip back to DC/Northern Virginia this week.This is the Marine Corps Memorial, or the Iwo Jima Memorial, as it’s often called. Amusingly, it’s right outside the entrance to Fort Meyer, where all the Army’s high mucky-mucks have their residences. So the Chief of Staff of the Army gets to see this every day on his way to and from work. 
4th of July Photoblogging
Every year, we have a nice fireworks show on the 4th of July. Downtown gets jammed every year for this little celebration, but, Chris and I have a very special spot to watch the display that no one knows about, and allows us to bypass all the traffic when we go home. Or, at least, no one used to know about. This year, four other families showed up in our spot. But, it’s still a great place to catch the fireworks display. And the fireworks display,