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New stuff is up at The New Libertarian!First, it’s an article about organs. No, not the somber church intruments. The squishy, reddish things inside you. How’d you like to sell ’em?Then it’s on to Sweden. Those on the Left tell us that
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Check out the new content at The New libertarian:The Long War TelegramIf the United States is indeed engaged in a long war … then the United States will need a great deal more than a strong military to fight it. We require the kind of moral foundatio
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Nima Sanandaji and Tomas Brandberg, from the Swedish think-tank, Captus, take a look at genetically-modified foods at The New Libertarian.Although genetically modified plants have been successfully marketed in the United States, consumers in the European Union have shown little enthusiasm.A plausible explanation is that genetically modified
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Mixed messages: There’s good news and bad news about the budget deficit, by Jim Glass of ScrivenerFirst the good news: The projected increase in the budget deficit this year, to $400+ billion from
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New content is available at The New Libertarian. This update is an important and interesting article by Conjectures and Refutations’ Matt McIntosh, called Game Theory, Public Choice, and Why It Matters.Game Theory, </td>
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Ayn Rand by the Fireside, by Max Borders"A new collection of Rand commentaries lets us reminisce about her — the good, the bad and the ugly."Most people reading this publication owe Ayn Rand a debt of gratitude. I know I do.
The New Libertarian: The Public Choice problem with Tax Reform
Good tax reforms come - and goHow can a tax code be so messy and complex less than 20 years after Reagan’s simplification?Christian Sandström delivers a keen insight on the cyclical nature of tax reform, why we’r
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The Way the World Works: In many countries, money talks, know what Tim WorstallThis may sound a little strange, my declaring my fondness for the New York Times, but one of the things I love about the paper is its quite charming naivety.Tim W