.Blog v2.0 Update
For those of you who are reading QandO through RSS readers, no doubt you’ll be shocked and stunned to discover that your RSS reader now gives you the full text of blog entries, instead of just an excerpt. Enjoy.
More .Blog v2.0 notes.
You’ll notice that, since QandO is now generated with .Blog v2.0, your RSS feeds now properly display the dates and times of the posts.For the rest of you, you can tell you’re seeing the .Blog 2.0 interface because of the little calendar dealie on the sidebar, and because the clunky-looking HTML tool button in the comments writer have been replaced by way cool buttons that look all computery and 3D.By the way, thougn I didn’t mention it in the previous p
.Blog v2.0 is Up!
After a year of bug-fixing, tweaking, and adding new functionality, version 2.0 of .Blog is now available!Several issues with v1.0 have been addressed, including:1) Eliminating double comments by inadvertantly reloading the comments page.2) RSS feeds now display full date/time stamps.3) The function for notifying the Ping-O-Matic weblog update service has been changed, and the XML-RPC functionality has been replaced by automatically opening the Pin
Style Evolves
Note a couple of changes to QandO. These changes are part of the upgrade from .Blog v1.0 to .Blog v2.0. A few other improvements will be appearing over the next few weeks, as I use QandO as the test bed for  
Style Evolves
CSS is a great breakthrough in web designAs you may have noticed, we’ve implemented a new style element here at QandO: the callout box. This is a Cascading Style Sheet element that is simple to implement, format, and change. CSS is a great breakthrough in web design. It’s not quite up to the usefulness and reliability of tables, mainly because different browsers still handle CSS differently. But it’s still a very