Pelosi, the Church and abortion
The Archbishop of San Francisco has essentially validated my point from a day or so ago about the consistency of the Church’s position pertaining to abortion:In his statement Archbishop Niederauer wrote, "For 20 centuries, not for 50 years, the Catholic Church has taught that abortion is grievou
Catholic Church contradicts Pelosi’s self-serving attempt to rationalize abortion as "permissable" for Catholics
You may remember this when the brilliant theologian, Nancy Pelosi, attempted to explain why abortion is, in reality, permissible to Catholics:On NBC’s Meet the Press, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, told Tom Brokaw that the Catholic Church does not have a definitive teaching on when life begins, and that, therefore, abortion may be considered permissible. "Over the history of the church," she said, "this is an issue of cont
Yo, Rev, take a couple of weeks off ...
The Catholic church has taken action, of sorts, against the priest, Michael Pfleger, who mocked Hillary Clinton during a guest appearance at Chicago’s Trinity UCC:Cardinal Francis George asked a Chicago priest on Tuesday to temporarily step down from his post to "reflect on his recent statements" regarding Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her bid for
In UK "hate" now resides in evangelizing
Last week, Anglican Bishop of Rochester said there were no-go areas in Britain and was severely criticized by the Church of England. This past week, apparently, two ministers found out first-hand that what the Bishop claimed was true:The preachers, both ministers in Birmingham, were handing out le
Pfleger whines ...
I certainly don’t advocate violence of any type against this man, but it is rather ironic that a man spouting a brand of hate from the pulpit is now complaining about receiving hate in return.The Rev. Michael Pfleger, who helped reignite Barack Obama’s pastor problems by mocking Hillary Clinton, said this evening he’s received "thousands of hate th
Trinity - Let’s get the white guy to say it!
Same theme (black liberation theology), same message (whitey owes us) - just a guy of a different color delivering it:
Religious tolerance - how it is supposed to work
From MEMRI:Interviewer: "But Islam got rid of it, in order to remain all on its own."Muhammad Abduh Al-Yamani: "It was not Islam that got rid of it. It was caused by the contamination that occurred in this religion. They changed, altered, and distorted their holy books, and Islam came to rectify this. Islam has not changed a thing in the teachings of Moses.
Pelosi’s new Old Testament
I’ve heard of people making up quotes (or using quotes that were later found to be fakes) from other politicians of some fame, but few politicians attempt to make up Bible verses and think they can get away with it. Well except, apparently, for our Speaker of the House:Biblical scholars are challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s continued use of what sh
Pelosi takes communion at Papal mass
Wow - what a surprise:House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she felt very comfortable taking Communion during the Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI, who has said supporters of abortion rights should not receive Communion.“Communion is the body of the people of the church coming together,” Pelosi said at her weekly news co
Pelosi and the Pope
This will be interesting:Catholic members of Congress who publicly support the right to abortion will trek to Nationals Park Thursday for a Mass celebrated by a pope who has said such lawmakers should not receive Communion.Leading these lawmakers, some of whom have repeatedly complained about remarks by Pope Benedict XVI and a few bishops on the subject
Theopolitical Musings
I haven’t strayed too deeply into the controversy surrounding the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. The surface reactions and counter-reactions are moderately interesting to me as a political junkie, of course, because they effect political outcomes in the nomination race. But this is, really a subject that deserves far more than surface treatment, because it goes directly to the heart of the nation’s political and religious culture.Th
Roman News Network breaks lynching story
As if this comes as a surprise:In a sunrise Easter sermon, Rev. Otis Moss III never mentioned Wright by name, but implied that his mentor, who has delivered sermons in which he likened the U.S. to the Ku Klux Klan and declared it damned for its “state-sponsored terrorism,” is facing the same challenges Jesus did.”No one s
Reforming Islam - Turkey gives it a try
This article is a couple of days old, but is an extremely interesting look at Turkey’s attempt to change, or at least revise, the Hadith, "the second most sacred text in Islam after the Koran." The Hadith is a collection of sayings attributed to the Prophet Mohammed and the source of many disputes concerning jihad and the religion in general.Turkey is preparing to publish a do
Tom Cruise and Scientology, still crazy...
I’m not sure what it is about Scientology - and especially the Scientology evangelism of Tom Cruise - that fascinates me, but this is going to be the second time I blog about it. The first time, I wrote...Let’s face it, even by the standards of semi-obscure cults, Scientology is weird. Is it a religion? A philosophy? A self-help program? A science? (Hint: No!)Scientology is a riddle, wrap
"Christians?" It just makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
This isn’t a shot at Christians or Christianity in general - its a shot at the people involved in this incident who call themselves "Christians" (and who also would call themselves Christian leaders):Members of rival Christian orders have traded blows at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, with four people reported wounded in the fray.Greek Orthodox and Ar
Religion and Politics: Thank you Dr. Krauthammer (update)
Because he says what I and others have been saying for some time now - enough with the religious tests and enough with religious talk:Mitt Romney declares, "Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone." Barack Obama opens his speech at his South Carolina Oprah rally with "Giving all praise and honor to God. Look at the day that the Lord has made." Mike Hucka
Stand by for a car specifically designed for Muslims
Finding that hook to pull in customers is something businesses are always looking for. Proton motors, a Malaysian carmaker, has announced plans to develop an "Islamic car", designed for Muslim motorists.Features?The car could boast special features like a compass pointing to Mecca and a dedicated space to keep a copy of the Koran and a headscarf.
Dutch MP claims Christians crucified in Iraq
Simply barbaric, if true. Joel Voordewind of the governing coalition’s junior party ’ChristianUnie’, or ChristianUnion (CU), said he managed to confirm information received from a "trustworthy source" at the United Nations about the recent crucifixions, according to declarations obtained by BosNewsLife Monday, July 16.Sever
Christians in Gaza appeal for help/ Episcopalians name first Imam
Yes, I know, you think I’m messing with you, right? Story one:Christians living in Gaza City on Monday appealed to the international community to protect them against increased attacks by Muslim extremists. Many Christians said they were prepared to leave the Gaza Strip as soon as the border crossings are reopened.Th
Exploiting the religious left in the name of Gaia
Is this beginning to bother anyone else?Once she wrested control of the Senate’s Environmental and Public Works Committee from conservative stalwart Sen. Jim Inhofe (R.-Okla.), Sen. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.) was expected to aggressively pursue legislation to combat global warming. What wasn’t expected was that she would do it with ble
The Pope takes a swing at everything
The Pope is touring South America:Pope Benedict XVI attacked Marxism and unfettered capitalism as twin scourges of Latin America at the end of a trip to Brazil, a visit which has underlined but failed to reverse the Catholic church’s waning influence in the region.Would someone be kind enough to tell the Pope that oligarchy isn’t "unfettered capital
Muslims speaking out against theocracy and radical Islam
Yesterday I noted a large demonstration of about 300,000 in Turkey demanding the Turkey remain a secular state. Another demonstration yesterday took place in Karahci, Pakistan, in which "Kalashnikov Sharia" was denounced:The Muttahida Qaumi Movement on Sunday staged a massive rally in the city against wha
Someone we might want to listen to
The argument goes back and forth about Islam and its teachings. One of the first defenses of Islam’s excesses is usually the tiresome repetition of the excesses done in the name of Christianity, or under, supposedly, its auspicies.But that misses the point. Anyone can call anything they do as representative of some ideology or religion whether or not their actions truly represent the principles of the ideology or religion or not. Consequently tho
What does a woman jihadi earn in paradise
Ah the eternal question, at least in muslim jihadi circles I assume. He gets 72 virgins (or white raisins) for "martyring" himself, or so it is claimed. So what does she get? Well, according to Michelle Tsai, she gets ... him. Oh, goodie.
Sometimes predicting the future is just too easy
James Cameron has a new film. The plot is interesting: what if it could be proven that Jesus was never resurrected?And here’s the kicker. It’s a documentary. From the Time Magazine article:In a new documentary, Producer Cameron and his director, Simcha Jacobovici, make the starting claim that Jesus wasn’t resurrected —the cornerstone of Christian faith— and that his burial cave was
Muslims condemn holocaust deniers
Since we often hear it said that moderate muslims need to step forward at certain times, an example of that happening is always welcome and should be highlighted:Local Muslim leaders lit candles yesterday at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to commemorate Jewish suffering under the Nazis, in a ceremony held just days after Iran had a conferenc
Dennis Prager, [Judeo]-Christianist
The recent Dennis Prager column asserting that Congressman Keith Ellison "should not be allowed to [take his oath on the Koran]...because the act undermines American civilization" and that if "Keith Ellison is allowed to [take his oath on the Koran], he will be doing more damage to the unity of America and to the value system that has
Talking to the Pope
28 Islamic scholars have written a reply to Pope Benedict’s Regensburg speech which got him in such hot water. From what I understand, they constitute, at least partially, a sort of "who’s who" of such scholars. The letter is interesting for a number of reasons. Primarily because, by sending such a letter, a dialog has been opened. For that we
The Brits, Iraq and "Post Christian" values
Today the big story is the Chief of the British Army has said it is time to think about getting out of Iraq. The Army could ’break’ if it is kept too long in Iraq and British troops should be withdrawn ’soon’, the head of the Army has said today.In a deva
This week’s Islamic Insult
This week, more cartoons from Denmark:The Danish prime minister has denounced the drawing of new cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad by members of an anti-immigration party’s youth wing.Anders Fogh Rasmussen intervened in an apparent effort to prevent a repeat of the widespread protests over similar cartoons a year ago.Danish People’s Party activ
Speaking out against Radical Islam
I’ve complained in the past about moderate Muslims mostly remaining silent about the radicals who are hijacking their religion. So in the interest of fairness I present an example of just such condemnation:"Jihad is here. We must wage jihad against the enemies of Allah here. The enemies of Allah are in our midst. They claim to be Muslims, although they are as far as
Dick Cheney has nothing on these guys
After writing a book that was highly critical of religion, Sam Harris heard from countless people on both sides of the political spectrum and both religious and the non-religious.It was that dialogue and the differences in responses from each side which caused him to conclude the "difference does not bode well for the future of libe
Muslim Reciprocity
John Allen writes in the New York Times about Pope Benedict’s desire to engage the Muslim world on a dialogue about tolerance.The new pope is tougher both on terrorism and on what the Vatican calls “reciprocity” — the demand that Islamic states grant the same rights and freedoms to Christians and other religious minorities that Mus
Fight Fire with Fire?
Anne Applebaum asks an excellent question in reference to the Islamic firestorm precipitated by the Pope’s remarks:All of which is simply beside the point, since nothing the pope has ever said comes even close to matching the vitriol, extremism and hatred that pour out of the mouths of radical imams and fanatical clerics every day, all acr
Iranians criticize Pope, riots in Rome, mosques burned
OK, not really, but as this story rumbles on, it becomes more and more ridiculous:Iranian hardline newspapers said there were signs of an Israeli-US plot behind remarks by Pope Benedict XVI that linked Islam to violence and created a wave of anger across the Muslim world.The daily Jomhuri Islami said Israel and the United States — the Islamic r
Democrats, religion and religious voters
So I’m hanging out at “Open University” when I come across this by David Bell:I agree with most of what Alan Wolfe and David Greenberg have written here (and elsewhere) about religion and politics. But I think that in terms of political strategy, this is simply not a fight that liberals can win, and instead of getting into it, they should try to avoid it as much as possible. It&rs
Speaking of Irony
The Guardian Unlimited has an article entitled: "Muslim leaders demand apology for Pope’s ’medieval’ remarks ".That caused me to wonder where all those same "Muslim leaders" were when 9/11, Bali, Spain and London all happened with their condemnation of the radicals who claimed the dastardly deeds in the name of their religion?Draw a c
The Pope’s words, this time in context
Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it considered proper form that when you quote a person, and you leave out part of what he says for whatever reason, you indicate that with "..."?For instance, the BBC published excerpts of the Pope’s speech which has so warmed the hearts of Muslims. In a section entitled "Key Excerpts: the Pope’s Speech", under the s
Smacking CAIR around
Omran Salman, a Bahraini journalist does exactly that in the Philadelphia Inquirer:On Aug. 10, British police arrested 24 Muslim suspects in a plot to blow up 10 U.S.-bound jetliners over the Atlantic. If successful, the attack would have killed thousands of people. The terrorists were motivated by religious extremism.<
Is it midnight in Iran yet?
Shark reminded me it’s the 22nd and it’s slipped by pretty quietly so far. More from James Taranto.I hate it when Doomsdays are a bust. It means all those people who went into the hills to await the end of time are going to return and want their stuff back.
Radical Islam? Do something about it Muslims
John Espisito, a professor of religion and international affairs at Georgetown University asks exactly the wrong question in today’s Guardian:How do we prevent the militant rhetoric and actions of a minority from defining Islam and relations between Muslims and the west?Why is it our (the West’s) responsibility to do so?
The Religious Left
Barbara O’Brien writes at Unclaimed Territory that "Liberal Theocracy" will be way better than "Conservative Theocracy". Oh sure, that’s not what she meant to write, but that’s what it means. I would be thoroughly pleased with a religious movement that sought to disassociate
The Rahman Case
Jay Cost comments at Real Clear Politics that the case of Abdul Rahman may be a turning point in the battle between Muslim moderates and Islamicists in the Mideast.The case of the Afghani morisco Abdul Rahman is being misinterpreted by many as suggesting the hopelessness of attempting to build civil societies in the Muslim world. If Afghanistan
Manifesto against "Islamism"
Salman Rushdie and 11 others have signed a manifesto which declares "Islamism" the new totalitarianism and encourages the west to fight it and overcome it.After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new totalitarian global threat: Islamism.We, writers, journalists, intellectuals, call for resistance to religious totalitarianism and for the
The more things change the more they remain the same
I ran across this during a meandering blog surf. It’s a quote from an 1899 book by Winston Churchill, "The River War", in which he describes Muslims he apparently observed during Kitchner’s campaign in the Sudan against the jihadists of that day (not to be confused with the same sort at work there today). It’s a bit of history which seems as apropos today as it apparently was then: How dreadful are the curses which Mohammed
Yes Virginia, sometimes there are consequences
Not that I imagine they will ever teach this particular person to curb his tongue:TV evangelist Pat Robertson’s proposal to build a Christian center in Jerusalem suffered a setback when Israel suspended talks with Robertson’s representatives. Last week Robertson suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke was divine punishment
Pope says Islam can’t reform
You may remember, in the last week or so, we talked about the necessity of moderate Islam taking back the religion from radicals and how that probably wouldn’t be successful (given the different elements of the Muslim community’s necessary in such an endeavor, such as women)without a reformation.In a  
Fighting the "poor man’s nuke"
Yesterday I noted how each war is unique and how technology is adapted to the conditions or sometimes is so powerful it changes the conditions of warfare. Sometimes the technology is anything but high-tech.Ralph Peters today discusses the perfect precision guided munition,
Problems, solutions and more problems with Islam
Personally, I welcome this article by Abdurrahman Wahid in today’s WSJ. Finally someone in the international Muslim community speaks plainly and forcefully about the problem of radical Islam. But, as you’ll see, it has left me with as many questions as answers:An extreme and perverse ideology in the minds of fanatics is what directly threatens us (specifically, Wahh