Project Hero: CPL Moses Cardenas, Silver Star
Al Anbar province, Iraq. Once one of the most deadly places on earth for US Soldiers and Marines was turned over to the Iraqi government because it has become a place of relative calm, peace and security. Things are beginning to bloom and work there. That is the case due in no small part to the effort by Marines and Soldiers who have fought and died there over the past few years.
Project Hero: CPT Brent Morel, Navy Cross
The doorbell rang at 3am. Mike Morel answered it and stood staring at 3 Marines .“You’re going to tell me my son is dead”, he said.“Yes, sir”, one of the Marines answered.“Was he in the front when he died”.“Yes, sir”, said the Marine.Said Mike Morel, “I always knew that’s where he would be”.Some comman
Project Hero: 9 funerals for 9 warriors
I’m sure you heard about 9 soldiers being killed in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago. As AP reported it, it was a "setback", the "newly established base" there was ’abandoned’ by the Americans. That, of course, was the extent of their coverage.Steve Mraz of  
Project Hero: "Miracle Man"
Here’s a story of courage. Indomitable courage. But the type of courage of which we all too often don’t spend the time it deserves talking about. That’s because it is a quiet courage that comes in the face of overwhelming odds and is usually dealt with out of the sight of others. It is a courage that comes of character and heart.On April 11th 2008, a Marine Sergeant died unexpectedly while undergoing surgery in San Antonio, Texas.T
Project Hero: MSG Brendan O’Connor
This is simply an amazing story and while MSG Brendan O’Connor, ODA 765, 7th Special Forces Group is being honored, I think he’d be the first to tell you that the results of this action were truly a team effort. The story comes from various sources.The story of O’Connor’s heroism begins in June 2006, when Capt. Sheffield Ford III led his 8 Special
Project Hero: LCPL Todd Corbin, Navy Cross
When you read of this young man’s heroics, remember when this happened he was a Lance Corporal and a driver. The fact that he assessed the situation, realized he had to take charge and did so is a testament to both his courage and Marine Corps training. His successful defense of his p
Project Hero: PO2 (SEAL) Michael Mansoor, Medal of Honor
Today we honor the extraordinary valor of PO2 (SEAL) Michael Mansoor, awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously:Born in 1981 in Long Beach, California, Monsoor excelled as a high school athlete. He joined the Navy before the September 11 attacks.
Project Hero: SSG Chad Malmberg, Silver Star
This is the story of a young National Guard staff sergeant who was a convoy commander in charge of getting all the vehicles and the 15 soldiers back to his base in Iraq safely. Naturally about 30 insurgents decided they’d ambush him and the convoy with the idea of killing or capturing them all.
Project Hero: SSG Raymond Bittinger, Silver Star
Meet today’s hero, SSG Raymond Bittinger, an infantryman and squad leader with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. On the day of this incident he was attached to the 1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery Regiment.It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach -
Project Hero: 1LT David Tiedeman, Silver Star
As I’ve mentioned any number of times, soldiers fight for their country in a meta sense, but when on the battlefield they fight for each other - and they fight fiercely. The bond of brotherhood forged in combat will have one warrior do whatever it takes to attempt the rescue of a another one who is wounded or in danger. What happened to 1LT David Tiedeman and Sgt. Robert Betterton
Project Hero: SPC Monica Lin Brown, Silver Star
Spc. Brown became only the second woman in the War on Terror to receive the Silver Star and the first woman in Afghanistan. Spc. Brown, a 19 year old medic with 4th Squadron of the 73rd Cavalry Regiment, was there for them that day in Afghanistan when her comrades needed her most.
Project Hero: SGT Willie Copeland III, Navy Cross
You wonder when you read something like this about how you might react if faced with the situation and odds that Marine Corps Sgt. Willie Copeland III found himself facing on a day in April of 2004. Would you find the strength and courage to do what was necessary to defeat the enemy? No o
Project Hero: SSG Timothy Nein, Distinguished Service Cross
As a Kentucky National Guard Soldier, he has become the first Guard Soldier — and only the fifth servicemember overall — to receive the coveted Distinguished Service Cross.The Distinguished Service Cross is second only to the Medal of Honor among awards for valor in combat. 
Project Hero: SGT Rafael Peralta, USMC, nominee, Medal of Honor
There was no one more proud to be both an American and a Marine, than Rafael Peralta. Peralta was an immigrant, who, on the day he got his green card, joined the Marine Corps. Rafael was born in Mexico City on April 7, 1979 to Rafael and Rosa Peralta. Upon emigrating to the United States, he attended San Diego’s Morse High School. After graduation, he began working f
Project Hero: 1LT Walter Bryan Jackson, Distinguished Service Cross
You’ll find this story in no news outlet that I know of. It is being carried primarily by the blogs. A young LT presented the second highest award for valor, just below the Medal of Honor, and no one covers it.Think of it. A young officer, a 2LT at the time, just beginning his career, and he
Project Hero: CW4 Keith Yoakum, Distinguished Service Cross
We’ve talked about the dedication and mission orientation as well as the bravery of our aviators before. Today we take a moment to remember two of the best who gave their lives in February of this year in support of their comrades in peril.On the morning of 2 February 2007 CW4 Keith Yoakum and CW2 Jason G. Defrenn were flying the trail aircraft in a fli
Project Hero: Lt (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy, Medal of Honor
The third Medal of Honor will be presented October 22nd to the parents of Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy, a SEAL killed in Afghanistan during Operation Red Wing. This will be the first MOH for the war in Afghanistan.On June 28, 2005, deep behind enemy lines east of Asadabad in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan, a very committed four-man Navy SEAL te
Project Hero: CPL Clinton Warrick, Silver Star
Sept. 18, 2006. It began was a typical morning for Cpl. Clinton Warrick, a medic with the 2nd Platoon, 300th Military Police Company. The sun was bright, and U.S. military police and Iraqi policemen were conducting their usual transitional training at the Al Huria police station in Iraq. Suddenly, without warning, small-arms fire erupted from all directions. The base was under attack. Coalition
Project Hero: Cpl. Dale A. Burger Jr, Silver Star
The story of Cpl. Dale A. Burger Jr is a story of duty, honor and sacrifice. A young leader so concerned with his men he refused to stay out of combat even though wounded, and ended up making the ultimate sacrifice in support of other Marines. A solemn ceremony t
Project Hero: CPT Brennan Goltry, Silver Star
Today we honor a Captain from the 82nd Airborne Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team for valor in combat in Samarra, Iraq. In addition to the Silver Star, CPT Goltry was awarded two Purple Hearts for wounds received in action as well as the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. The sun had
Project Hero: CPT Joshua Glover, Silver Star
Leadership. An intangible quality which is innate in some and must be taught and nurtured in others. But in combat, there is no substitute for good leadership. And the Marine Corps is among the best organizations in the world for preparing leaders to face the rigors, risks and demands of infantry combat.Today we honor a true leader,  
Project Hero: PFC Stephan C. Sanford, Distinguished Service Cross
The story of the hero we honor today is the stuff of legends. He refused to leave a wounded comrade, fought back when the enemy tried to overrun them and endured 5 gunshot wounds, 4 at close range in the effort. PFC Stephan C. Sanford was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his valor that day in Mosul, Iraq:The President of the United StatesTakes Pleasure i
Project Hero: PO2 (SEAL) Marc A. Lee, Silver Star
Today we honor the 1st Navy SEAL to fall in battle in Iraq, Petty Officer Marc A. Lee of SEAL Team 3, who was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for valor in combat in Ramadi Iraq on August 2, 2006:Lee and other teammates were supporting an Iraqi Army unit during military operations with Army forces in Ramadi
Project Hero: SFC Frederick Allen, Silver Star
Today we honor a member of the US Army’s 5th Special Forces, SFC Frederick Allen, awarded the Silver Star for action in An Najaf, Iraq while working with a detachment of the Iraqi National Guard:Sgt. 1st Class Frederick Allen, a native of Ann Arbor, Mich., wa
Project Hero: Staff Sgt Stephen Achey, Silver Star
The last Project Hero post highlighted the valor of an Airforce TACC NCO in Iraq. Today we honor another one, this time in Afghanistan, where, under violent and adverse conditions 26 year old Staff Sergeant Stephen Achey risked his life to ensure the safety of his mates and the success of their mission
Project Hero: Staff Sgt Michael Shropshire, Silver Star
Among the most valued members of any combat unit engaged in combat are the guys who coordinate and call in close air support, Air Force tactical air controllers. They’re normally attached but when they get results like Staff Sgt Michael Shropshire d
Project Hero: 1SG John E. Mangels, Silver Star
Any company commander who has ever served knows that a good First Sergeant is worth his weight in gold. He, or she, is the top NCO in your company, and it is the "first shirt" who mentors and provides leadership to the company’s other NCOs. Normally, however, the 1SG, like the company’s Executive Officer, are involved in the "beans and bullets" part of the co
Project Hero: MAJ James Gant
As everyone knows, a critical function in Iraq today falls to the soldiers who are charged with the training of the Iraqi Security Forces, to include the army and police forces. Today we honor MAJ James "Jim" Gant who serves as chief of the Iraqi National Police, Quick React
Project Hero: PFC Christopher Fernandez, Silver Star
A tremendous story of a young soldier who disregarded danger and injury to himself in order to suppress the enemy’s fire and allow the evacuation of his wounded comrades:PFC Christopher Fernandez, of Battery A, 1st Battalion, 21st Field Artillery Regiment, was awarded a Silver Star Medal for
Project Hero: SGT Joseph E. Proctor, Silver Star
The criteria for awarding the Silver Star are quite specific:The Silver Star is awarded to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the U.S. Army, is cited for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign fo
Project Hero: PFC Ross A. McGinnis, Medal of Honor
UPDATE: PFC McGinnis’s award of the Silver Star was upgraded to the Medal of Honor.PFC Ross McGinnis had a choice to make, and he made it. The result of that choice cost him his life, but saved the lives of 4 of his comrades. His sacrifice gives you just an inkling of the strength of the bond combat soldiers develop during their time togeth
Project Hero: SFC Paul R. Smith, Medal of Honor
Sometimes it is best just to let the citation tell the story, especially when it involves the Medal of Honor:For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty:Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith distinguished himself by acts of ga
Project Hero: CW3 Lori Hill, Distinguished Flying Cross
If you’re not familiar with the DFC, it is awarded "for Heroism or Extraordinary Achievement while Participating in Aerial Flight". In order of precedence it is worn above the Bronze Star but below the Silver Star. And in the case of the woman who was awarded the
Project Hero: The Veteran
Seems particularly good timing this year that Veteran’s Day, the real Veteran’s Day, falls on a Saturday when I normally do my Project Hero post.Anyone who doubts all veteran’s are heroes need read no further. But for the vast majority of you who do, I’d like to take a little different slant in my tribute than you might read elsewhere. Most of the time when you read tributes to vets, they’re filled with the
Project Hero: CPL Mark Camp, Silver Star
Today we honor Marine CPL Mark Camp who served with the 25th Marines, a reserve Marine unit out of Columbus, OH. Camp was awarded the Silver Star for valor and perserverance in his attempts to rescue other Marines although badly wounded himself:Cpl. Mark Camp, 25, received the Silver St
Project Hero: SPC Richard Ghent, Silver Star
When I do Project Hero posts, it’s mostly a retelling of a story of valor, and the format is fairly straight forward and cut-and-dried. Identify the Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman and relate what they did in combat to be awarded their medal.A little different today. Today I want to go into a little more depth. A little more than the litany of SPC. Richa
Project Hero: SGT Joshua Szott, Silver Star
This week I offered a tribute to another artilleryman who was awarded the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, 2LT Harold "Pinky" Durham, a forward observer with the 1st ID. So it is only fitting that this week’s Project Hero warrior is  
A Remembrance: October 17, 1967
About a month ago, wandering through the internet, I came across a story of a young Second Lieutenant named Harold Bascom Durham Jr. I wanted to read his story, because he was a 2LT about the same time I was. And besides, he had an impressive name. Sounded every inch a soldier. And he was - for the short time he was able to serve. As I started to read his story I got a chuckle because you see, 2LT Harold Bascom Durham Jr. of the impressive sounding name was bette
LCPL Christopher Adlesperger, Navy Cross
Marine Lance Corporal Christopher Adlesperger received the Navy Cross for action in Fallujah. In the action, for which he is cited, LCPL Erick Hodges, one of Adlesperger’s best friends, was killed. It was to recover Hodges body and to protect other wounded Marines that then PFC Adlesperger almost single-handedly kil
Project Hero: SSG Matthew Zedwick, Silver Star
Valor is defined as "courage and boldness". As you read the story of today’s hero, SSG Matthew Zedwick of Bravo Company, 2d Battalion, 162 Infantry Regiment of the Oregon Army National Guard, you’ll see it
Project Hero: SGT Tommy Rieman, Silver Star
Today we honor SGT Tommy Rieman. Some background and a lead in for those not familiar with LRS operations (LRRP in Vietnam). SGT Rieman was with the 51st LRS which is indeed an elite unit:Rieman’s role in bringing peace and stability to Kosovo inspired him to exercise his option to reenlist in
Project Hero: SFC Gerald Wolford, Silver Star
Today we honor a member of the 3/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment (AIR) of the 82nd Airborne Division. The "Falcons". As proud former member of the 1/325th, I’m pleased to be able to tell SFC Gerald A. Wolford’s story and how he came to be awarded the Silver Star. The 82nd remains a storied unit because of men like SFC Wolford. But as you’ll see, he wasn&
Project Hero: 1LT Neil Prakash, Silver Star
Today we honor 1LT Neil Prakash of the 1st Infantry Division’s 2nd Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment. Prakash, a tank platoon leader, was born in Bangalore, India and raised in Syracuse, NY in what he described as a very patriotic household. Slated to go to medical school, Prakash had an epiphany at college
September 11, 2001 : "We lost David"
****This post will remain on top for the rest of the day in tribute to the 2996 souls we lost on 9/11/01 as a part of the "2996 Project". More recent posts can be found below it.****Each week I do a tribute, called Project Hero, about a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman who’s been awarded a medal for valor in combat. Those medals represent their actions
Project Hero: 1LT Stephen Boada, Silver Star
In the hills of Afghanistan, a desperate fight raged as Marines fought to the death with the Taliban. One such engagement involved 1LT Stephen Boada. His story, as I’ve pointed out before, is illustrative of the tremendous responsibility young leaders bear in combat. Literally life and death rests on their every choice. And, as was 1LT Boada, they are constantly found wort
Project Hero: SCPO Britt Slabinski, Navy Cross
The Navy’s SEALs have become legendary for their valor, cool courage under fire, effectiveness and intrepidity. They also make every effort to live up to the unofficial motto of the US military’s Special Operations forces: "no man left behind". Senior Chief Petty Officer Britt Slabinski was awarded  
Project Hero: SGT Tommy Rieman, Silver Star
This is another example of the caliber of young combat leader we have in today’s military. I want you to remember something as you read about this action. This young man, SGT Rieman, was 23 when it happened. Then remember that in the vast majority of the combat incidents which happen in Ira
Project Hero: CWO3 Christopher Palumbo, Silver Star
Many don’t realize how much our Army depends on both attack and assault helicopter elements for our success. And especially when engaged in combat in remote and isolated areas where the minutes of combat can seem like hours and seconds can mean the difference between victory and death. Army pilots such as CW3 Christopher Palumbo and
Project Hero: SGT David Neil Wimberg, Silver Star
Today we honor a Marine who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and was awarded the Silver Star for his valor. When you read his story you see one of leadership, persistence, courage and valor in combat. SGT Wimberg put
Project Hero: CPL Robert Mitchell Jr, Navy Cross
The Marine we honor today is a hero by any measure or standard and when you read his incredible story you’ll understand why I say that. In the mold of other Marine Corps legends, CPL Robert Mitchell Jr lived up to the letter of the Marine Corps motto, by refusing to leave wounded fellow Marines in a life threatening situation. For that he was awarded the nation
Project Hero: MAJ Mark E. Mitchell, Distinguished Service Cross
You probably remember this incident as the prison revolt in Afghanistan in which CIA agent Johnny Spann lost his life and the world became aware of John Walker Lindh, the wannabe jihadi.Also there was Special Forces Major Mark E. Mitchell. MAJ Mitchell is the reason the revolt failed. For his action in quelling the revolt and defeating the rearmed Taliban prisoners, MAJ Mitc
Project Hero: ILT Thomas E. Cogan, Silver Star
Today’s Project Hero awardee is 1LT Thomas Cogan, an infantry platoon commander at the time of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 1LT Cogan exemplifies the type of leader our services have out there leading our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in combat. There is no job in any service in which an officer is more involved in combat than that of an infantry platoon commander. And our of
Project Hero: SGT Jarred L. Adams, Silver Star
Today’s honoree is SGT Jarred L. Adams, a scout sniper with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines. What struck me most about his story is his background. This is a young man who graduated from an alternative highschool and immediately upon graduation, joined the Marines. There he excelled. It was like his entire life, to that point, had been about joining this elite group.
Project Hero: MSG Donald Hollenbaugh, Distinguished Service Cross
The "Silent Professionals", our Special Operations warriors, are a group of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who work in the shadows of conflicts, but are integral to the success of our war fighting endeavors. Army Master Sergeant Donald R. Hollenbaugh is indicative of this group of warriors and, while working with Marines in Fallujah, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, s
Project Hero: SGT Joshua Szott, Silver Star
Today we honor SGT Joshua Szott from the 4th Infantry Division. SGT Szott was awarded the Silver Star for valor in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom in September of 2003. Although wounded in both legs by small arms fire and shrapnel, he succesfully carried 4 wounded comrads
Project Hero: LCPL Carlos Gomez-Perez, Silver Star
Lance Corporal Carlos Gomez-Perez was awarded the Silver Star for valor in combat during the battle for Fallujah in Iraq:A San Diego County-based U.S. Marine received a Silver Star on Wednesday in honor of his exemplary bravery and "complete dedication to duty" during an intense firefig
Project Hero: SSG Anthony Viggiani, Navy Cross
Today we honor a "grunt" from the USMC who was awarded the Navy Cross, the second highest award for valor, for action in Afghanistan. His story is one of grit, determination, leadership, courage, fighting through pain and love of his "boys". SSG Anthony Viggiani did what he ha
Project Hero: SPC Gerrit Kobes, Silver Star
Valor is defined as "courage and boldness, as in battle"Today we honor SPC Gerrit Kobes, an Army National Guardsman who lived up to the definition of valor as a medic with the 1s
Project Hero: SGT Leandro Baptista, Silver Star
Today we honor SGT Leandro Baptista, USMC, who was awarded the Silver Star. A member of the 1st Reconaissance Battalion, Baptista demontrated valor and leadership during an ambush by 60 fortified insurgents. His superiors harkened his actions to something you might see in a Hollywood movie.
Project Hero: Lest we forget
A bit of a departure this week from the normal Project Hero posts where we feature one hero and his story. Today we honor those that have fallen in keeping with the Memorial Day observance. All the other wars we’ve ever fought have monuments to those who gave their last full measure: their lives. The war in which we’re presently engaged doesn’t yet have such a monument. But I thought, as a fitting memorial for all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who ha
Project Hero: SFC David Lowe, Silver Star
Today we honor a Special Forces soldier and team medic for action in Afghanistan for which he was awarded the Silver Star. SFC David Lowe and his A-team had served their tour in the country and were literally packed up and waiting to go home when an urgent call came in about so
Project Hero: Petty Officer 2nd Class Juan M. Rubio, Silver Star
Every infantry platoon, whether in the Marine Corps or Army, has a special member. Called a corpsman in the Marines or a medic in the Army, they’re almost universally known as "Doc". And almost to a man, they’re focused on just one thing, seeing to it that the Soldiers and Marines in his unit get the best treatment available should it be necessary. This focus, or calling, is
Project Hero: SGT Timothy Conners, Silver Star
Today we honor Marine SGT Timothy Connors who was awarded the Silver Star for action in Fallujah, Iraq. If you’re a frequent reader of Project Hero posts you’ve probably detected a pattern in the remarks of each of these brave people. The near universal belief that they didn’t do anything more than anyone else and that their comrades were just as
Project Hero: SGT James Witkowski, Silver Star
We sometimes forget that in Iraq, we’re fighting a war with no front lines. That means soldiers who normally aren’t thought of as "trigger pullers" are called to act in that capacity. We also tend to forget that a lot of the soldiers in Iraq aren’t active duty soldiers. They’re instead reservists and National Guardsmen who’ve been deployed to Iraq in
Project Hero: 1LT Jeffery Lee, Silver Star
Today we honor the USMC’s 1LT Jeffery Lee who was awarded the Silver Star for action in Fallujah, Iraq. What caught my eye is the amount of time the fight he was engaged in required (12 hours) and the fact that he was wounded and then literally duct taped together to continue the fight. 
Project Hero: MSG Sarun Sar, Silver Star
We are a nation of immigrants, and that is something that has a tendency to be overlooked as the political battle over illegal immigration rages today. Today I want to highlight a soldier who epitomizes the best in the contributions immigrants have made to the United States of America. Today we honor  
Project Hero: TSGT John Chapman, Air Force Cross
Today we honor a warrior who made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Air Force Technical Sergeant John Chapman. Chapman was awarded the nation’s second higest award for valor: the Air Force Cross. His citation:The President of the United StatesTakes Pride in PresentingThe Air Force CrossToJohn ChapmanT/Sergeant, U
Project Hero: MSG Anthony Pryor, Silver Star
Today we honor a member of the storied 5th Special Forces Group, MSG Anthony "Tony" Pryor who won the Silver Star in Afghanistan.Master Sergeant Anthony S. Pryor, a team sergeant with Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th SF Group, received the Silver Star Medal for his gallantr
Project Hero: 1LT Brian Stann, Silver Star
The hero we honor this week is 1LT Brian M. Stann of the US Marine Corps. As you’ll see, the mission was his primary concern, but he also had another goal in mind as well. “This award represents my guys,” the Scranton, Pa. native explained
Project Hero: 1LT Karl Gregory, Silver Star
One of the most intense and satisfying portions of my military career was when I had the honor and privilege of being a rifle platoon leader. Never, in the rest of my time in the military, did I ever feel the bonds of comradship or the weight of responsibility for the lives of others than during that service.Today we honor a platoon leader who epitomizes the leade
Project Hero: COL James Coffman, Jr, Distinguished Service Cross
I noted in an earlier Project Hero post that CSMs are not ususally in the position to win medals for valor. They’re leaders, of course, but usually, because of their rank, not found in the thick of the fighting. CSM Ron Riling was an exception to that rule. The same could be said about Colonels. They’re
Project Hero: PFC Joseph Perez, Navy Cross
Consider the fact that as a PFC, Joseph Perez was a pretty low man on the chain-of-command when this action occurred. And at 23, one of the young men and women who joined the military after 9/11 knowing precisely what he was going to be asked to do. And, when asked,
Project Hero: CPL Jason Dunham, Medal of Honor
Today we honor the sacrifice of one of the Marine Corp’s finest, Cpl. Jason L. Dunham, who, on day in April 2004, laid down his life to save those of the members of his squad.A 6-foot-1 star high-school athlete from Scio, N.Y., Cpl. Dunham was cho
Project Hero: CSM Ron Riling, Silver Star
Frankly, Command Sergeant Majors aren’t supposed to be in the fight (but then, neither are Brigade Commanders). But any CSM worth his salt will find a way to do so. And when they do, their experience and leadership usually come to the fore. Such was the case with
Project Hero: SGT Leigh Ann Hester, Silver Star
In probably one of the most increidble stories to yet come out of the Iraq war is that of SGT Leigh Ann Hester. Hester, a National Guard MP and, in civilian life, a retail store manager, became the first woman to to be awarded the Silver Star since WWII. In a war where, even if not officially allowed, women soldiers have found themselves in combat, you’ll see by SGT He
Project Hero: PFC Jeremy Church, Silver Star
Soldiers in transportation units aren’t supposed to be trigger-pullers. Soldiers in transportation units are supposed to drive trucks. But the war in Iraq has changed that dynamic, and it has placed units that normally operate behind friendly lines in the forefront of the conflict.
Project Hero: Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham, Air Force Cross
The Air Force Cross is the 2nd highest award the Air Force awards for valor in combat, 2nd only to the Medal of Honor. This week’s hero is Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham who fell in Afghanistan. Cunningham was a Air Force Pararescue medic, or "PJ" as they’re known, part of an elite special operations Air Force unit. His story is one of extreme bravery, even in the face of h
Project Hero: SSG Charles Good: Silver Star
SSG Good, a Special Forces soldier saved the life of a fellow soldier and fought for an additional 24 hours, a battle in which the insurgents suffered 35 KIA.Staff Sgt. Charles Good of the 5th Special Forces was credited with exposing himself to enemy fire on the Syrian/Iraqi border to assist in getting a critically wounded comrade into a Humvee, then negotiating in Arabic a ride from an Iraqi
Project Hero: CPT Christopher J. Bronzi, Silver Star
Leadership. That intangible quality that inspires, motivates and causes others to want to emulate the leader’s actions. In combat, leadership can be the decisive quality which determines success or failure. As you’ll see, by reading his Silver Star citation, CPT Christoper J. Bronzi, USMC, is such a leader: For heroic achievement in conne
Project Hero: SSG William Thomas Payne, Silver Star
Our hero this week is Staff Sgt William Payne, a squad leader in the 1st Cavalry Division at the time of the action described below. SSG Payne is indicative of the caliber of small unit leaders we have leading our sons and daughters in the military. His dedication to and love for the mem
Project Hero: MSG Robert Collins and SFC Danny Hall, Silver Star
This week we honor two soldiers from the 10th Special Forces group, both of whom earned the Silver Star in a single engagement in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.Master Sgt. Robert Collins and Sgt. 1st Class Danny Hall.Collins and Hall, both of 2nd Battalion, 10th SFG, were dep
Project Hero: PVT Dwayne Turner, Silver Star
"No one is going to die on my watch."Our hero this week is PVT Dwayne Turner of the 3rd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. Turner, a combat medic, won the Silver Star during an attack by insurgents in which he was badly wounded, but con
Project Hero: PFC Daniel McClenney, Silver Star
For valor in combat while in Konar Province, Afghanistan, the Silver Star was awarded posthumously to PFC Daniel McClenney, USMC."On 24 June 2004, McClenney’s fireteam sought to locate and disarm enemy militia in the Konar Province of Afganistan. Enemy fire from two ambush positions intended to suppor
Project Hero: 1LT Brian R. Chontosh
For those of you that don’t know, I mentioned a few days back that I was surprised to learn 208 Silver Stars had been awarded in Iraq. Apparently heroism isn’t newsworthy enough for most of the MSM. So in an effort to change that, I’ve embarked on a bit of a personal crusade called "Project Hero", where I will highlight the heroism of some of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and