Libertarianism is skepticism
Declan McCullagh offers a solid defense of libertarianism against caricatures and cartoons:Libertarianism, as a rule, attracts the most strident criticism from those who understand it the least. Expending little or no effort on research, critics barely familiar with libertarian ideas concoct an unappetizing stew of ideas - anarchism, egoism, and plain selfishness and greed - and mistakenly dub it libertari
The "Pro-war" Libertarian argument
Interesting article in the WSJ which does a decent job of explaining diverging libertarian thought on the Iraq war although I’m not sure "pro-war" is a good description, although, "for this particular war" would be. What Randy Barnett does is lay out why the differences between libertarians on this war or war in general don’t necessarily mean
Nanny State: The Book
David Harsanyi, Denver Post columnist and neolibertarian, has written a book entitled "Nanny State: How Food Fascists, Teetotaling Do-gooders, Priggish Moralists and other Boneheaded Bureaucrats are turning America into a Nation of Children".The government, under pressure from the nanny minority, is twisting the public’s arm into obedience. Playground police, food fascists, anti-porn
Why paleo-Libertarians turn everyone off
Because they take positions like this:But the Buffoon Of The Year award goes to Ron Paul. His contention that America deserved the 9/11 attack should end his political career. Hopefully it will convince the next forum to exclude him from the proceedings. Paul made everyone else look tolerable, and had most of us yearning for a vaudeville hook.You know, as a