Style Evolves
"Nothing’s the same anymore."No, it isn’t, so suck it up, Sinclair.A preview of the very near future.
Well, it’s boondoggle time again
I always kid the nice folks at the American Petroleum Institute who take me on these trips (and yes, they pay all the bills) that I enjoy announcing them because I relish being called a "shill for Big Oil". That’s something Nancy Pelosi calls people when she’s irritated at them for wanting to drill here and drill now for more oil. Consequently, I accept any title which raises Ms. Pelosi’s ire and blood pressure. The irony is
10,000th Post
That would be this one. A little milestone in the QandO evolution.When you stop to think about it, that’s a lot of posts.
They still don’t get it ...
At the National Press Club Centennial Forum at Johnson & Wales University, Robert Whitcomb, vice president and editorial page editor of the Providence Journal said:“I think citizen journalism is grossly overrated. It’s great for parts of the media to save money. But as rigorous journalism for informing the public, much of it stinks; it’s terrible. Many of the citizen journalists have large axes to grind.”Where to start. Well, for one thing,
QandO breaks 5,000,000 (update)
To the student or faculty member from the University of Illinois - Chicago, thanks:Probably more gratifying is that we’re approaching 7,750,00 page views, each visitor averages 1.5 pages and almost 2 minutes per visit here (Sitemeter stats). Our server stats show a much larger audience, but since most of us use Sitemeter stats as a common measure, so be it.T
Our apologies
We continue to suffer attacks by hackers who force a link to a Chinese porn site. We obviously haven’t quite figured out how they’re gaining entrance. I found the script hidden in one of the newer posts (after we’d made some changes we thought would defeat the hackers) which was forcing readers to the porn site as the page loaded. That’s been removed and I and the other will keep an eye on the this as we try to figure out how to defeat this
The Washington Monthly Does Not Tolerate Dissent
At least, not from the liberal orthodoxy. I left several comment on a few posts, only a few none of which actually made it past the anonymous and unannounced moderators. In the end, only one no comment survived.Is this how the left tolerates dissent? My final comment was simply:So where are the comment policies, and just who is the moderator?To which I expect no response nor any indication that my comment was ever offered.
I do love hearing from the irony impaired (update)
From the Mahablog:The Right has pinned on Sarah Palin its fantasies of vengeance on the Left. That’s why they love her.And the reason for the left’s love of Obama?UPDATE: It gets better. In reply Maha says:If anyone wants to ex
A little blogging fun
The last time I was on a Navy ship it was this one:I was about 8 or so and we (my two brothers and my mother) were headed to Taiwan in 1956. My dad was with the MAAG there and an advisor to a Nationalist Chinese division. We were joining him for the 2nd and 3rd years of his tour.The ship is
A Note of Introduction
Good Morning everybody, Dale and McQ have kindly invited me to post on what has to be considered my first love of the blog world, QandO. This probably shows that they are unwise, but given the infrequency of my posting over the past few months, and absence from the comment sections here, where I once spent so much time, I expect the regrets may be few. Lucky for all of you I suppose. For those who are not fami
Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon... Manny Mota... Mota... Mota...
It happens. You think you’re in a dead-end position, destined to blog the rest of your posts out as a two-bit never-was in some forgotten corner of the blogosphere, living off of canned links and stale news. And then, out of the blue ... you get the call to The Show. "Here’s you’re chance, kid" they chide you in a dry tone that says "we’ve seen you’re type before. Don’t blow it." "I won’t" you tell yourself to chants of " 
The Political Blogosphere
It’s quite a galaxy as portrayed in this map Presidential Watch 08.Here it is as a whole:And here is the QandO universe:I’m not sure what it all mea
Airport blogging
The biggest hassle in an airport, at least for blogging, is finding an electrical outlet. My laptop has the battery life of about a half hour. It’s like sleep in Ranger school, if you have an opportunity to sleep, not matter how short, you grab it. Same with electrical power when traveling. So it is easy to find laptop users (and potential bloggers) in an airport - they’re all grouped around outlets.Getting ready to board for the flight to
Get well Libby ...
Libby Spencer, of NewsHoggers, with whom we argue occasionally and disagree with mostly, has undergone a difficult surgery for a malignant tumor in her neck which was apparently larger and more involved than originally thought.While blogwars are fine and fun, the real world takes precedence and we wish Libby a full, speedy and complete recovery.
We’ve been under repeated attack the last two days by hackers who have been hitting us at server level.Bear with us as we figure out how to keep it from happening, but if you see an absence of posts or find QandO unavailable short while, that’s what happening. We’re doing all we can to get back up and fight off the a-holes doing this.DALE Adds:What appear to be happening is that some hack
The Next Right Update
This email has just been sent to the people who signed up at The Next Right, the forthcoming project from Soren Dayton, Patrick Ruffini and myself... We’re pleased to announce that The Next Right has a launch date: next Tuesday, May 27th. Since announcing this project, the response has exceeded our expectations in every way. Some of the savviest analysts w
General encourages blogging
Interesting - especially in light of the order from on high about a year or so ago putting a damper on blogging throughout the military:Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, who heads the Combined Arms Center [CAC] and Ft. Leavenworth, told his soldiers in a recent memo that "faculty and students will begin blogging as part of their curriculum and writing requirements both within t
Intel’s ISEF is all about youth and science - and a bit of fun.
Here’s Intel’s Chairman, Dr. Craig Barrett talking about what this event is all about:
Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair
I’m stoked about Thursday.I’ve been invited to attend and cover the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) taking place here in Atlanta. Sponsored by Intel, it is the science and engineering fair for high school students with over 1500 participants from almost 50 countries setting up their projects as we speak. They’re all finalists who’ve worked their way through various state, regional and national fa
Guest blogging
I’ve been guest-blogging this week over at Megan McArdle’s blog at The Atlantic. You can read my stuff over there until Megan returns from vacation, at which point I will be exiled from the kingdom. I’m not sure which is cooler, though: being invited by Megan McArdle to guest blog for her, or having the opportunity to blog at The Atlantic. I hold both in very high esteem.
Great Moments in Blogging
Last month, MyDD’s Todd Beeton wrote an exceptionally dumb post arguing that the Left should go after McCain for admitting to being superstitious. At the time, I pointed out that Hillary Clinton had also repeatedly said she was superstitious. Todd Beeton had endorsed Hillary Clinton. So, you know, good luck with that line of attack. Today, h
The "Kos" Strike: Unity is a wonderful thing
How divisive has the Democratic primary been among the Netroots?Well, the roots are apparently splitting over the Democratic race with some writers at the popular DailyKos striking because of the anti-Clinton slant of the place. In an open letter to the "progressive blogosphere", Kos diarist Alegre, who has been posting at Kos for 4 years, has declared a strike.
Cliff Clavin Blogging
John Hawkins wrote a post, "The Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Succeed", and this part stood out to me...After 7 years of writing about politics, it generally takes me longer to find interesting material to write about than it does to actually write the material. The best bloggers have something to say about the big issues of the day, but they also tend
Most Americans don’t read political blogs?!
That’s Reuters rather smug headline. Then they lead with this:A majority of Americans do not read political blogs, the online commentaries that have proliferated in the race for the U.S. presidency, according to a poll released on Monday.Only 22 percent of people responding to the poll said they read blogs regularly, meaning sev
Comment section gliches
If you’re getting an error message after you hit "add comment", hit the back arrow and then hit "preview" - you should see your comment already added. If not feel free to hit "add comment" again, but I don’t think it will be necessary.In the meantime we will chase the gremlins causing this problem.
The Ultimate Metablog
I am writing a blog post about somebody who wrote a blog post about somebody who wrote a blog post about the people  
The IOC okays blogs for Beijing Olympics
Whether or not bloggers will be able to actually get their blogs on line, however, is really up to the Chinese, isn’t it?The International Olympic Committee on Friday gave the green light to allow blogging at the Olympics for the first time, issuing guidelines for this August’s Beijing Games.Athletes have long dema
How does he not get whiplash?
You know, people’s views—political, religious, whatever—often change over time. The light of experience and the accrual of wisdom often cause one to think a second time about one’s views, and perhaps come to different conclusions. Usually, however, these changes occur much slower than, say, a single day.My previous post mentioning Hugh Hewit points out how, in 12.5 hours, he went from arguin
Joining the 21st Century
Well, I finally did it. I’m sitting the parking lot of Circuit City with my new wireless USB device sending this winging away over the airwaves to QandO. Somehow, now that I’m this mobile, I doubt that life will again ever quite be the same. And, at this time, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
Liveblogging the SOTU address tonight
If you don’t want to sit through a boring State of the Union address and are more interested in a unique and humorous take on the speech, tune in tonight as Dale Franks liveblogs the event (as he has the previous ones). Trust me, you don’t want to be drinking liquids when reading his version (well, unless it’s a good beer or something). It might be hazardous to your monitor.
"Former blogger Jon Henke"
Sigh...Now, however, bloggers are courted by political campaigns. Former blogger Jon Henke...Former? Did I not get the memo?
"A Second Hand Conjecture" grows
Always nice to see the great get better. ASHC is adding to its stable of fine writers. Go over and say hello and read some of their excellent posts.
The Joy of HuffPo
HuffPo has become a must read for me. Why? Because there in all its glory you can see the vacuous reasoning of the left proudly displayed. And it is a must read because its value is contained in articles by lefties that would never, ever be accepted by the editor of a newspaper for the op-ed page. In other words, you get to see beneath - well beneath - the veneer.For instance, yesterday I pointed to a piece by Lawrence O’Donnell in which he calle
Access problems - QandO (update)
We’re getting reports of access problems for QandO. It is weird. I can’t access the system from my desk top but can on my laptop (where I’m writing this). I can also access it from my wife’s computer. I’ve gotten quite a few emails saying others can’t access it. The screen we all get is a GoDaddy screen saying the site is expired. If true I guess we’re as bad as the FBI about paying our bills.
A blogging friend and patriot is dead (updated)
Andrew Olmsted, who had his own blog and also blogged at Obsidian Wings until his departure for Iraq, and then for the Rocky Mountain News while in Iraq has been killed there. Details are presently unavailable.
Shameless Political demagogues
Glenn Greenwald, now: How dare Peggy Noonan use a word that I can infer means something sexual about John Edwards! Glenn Greenwald, previously: Psst...Rush Limbaugh might be a practicing pedophile! Really, there’s just
Hey, I like that!
Got picked up by a New Hampshire TV station’s website which is featuring the "Clinton v. Obama: how it breaks down for Democrats" article of yesterday. Neat. Thanks to BlogBurst for that.
How does one manage to twist something this badly?
Apparently for some its quite easy. Here’s an example of where the truth and specific details aren’t important if one can twist it into a cheap rhetorical shot about ’right-wing political correctness’. This particular person takes me to task for making the point that  
Unqualified Offerings indeed (update)
Jim Henley sticks his foot in it and hopefully relearns that it is always best to be sure you comprehend who is saying what before blasting them as a "racist" (which seems to be the left’s favorite damning label of late). However, it appears he may not have learned the first law of holes. Apparently his fairly pathetic attempt to paint
Why the left has become hard to parody
Wondering? Wander over to RightWing News and take a gander at the top 10 worst quotes from the Daily Kos and wonder no more. These are not from commenters. Oh, no. Commenters are too easy. We’re talking diarists.
Blogging and libel
Shaun Mullen at A Moderate Voice discusses a paper by Glenn Reynolds in which Reynolds discusses the seeming dearth of libel cases in the blogosphere and why that is so. Shaun provides a nice capsule of the reasons cited by Reynolds:* The
Bloggers are the news
I think I mentioned that Reuters had a reporter on the "Blind Faith" tour. Not particularly surprising in and of itself. What the Reuters reporter decided to report on however, was. Not the state of the art oil platform which she traveled there to see and tour. Nope. Instead the focus of the piece is on the four bloggers there (as well as those who toured a
Headed to Houston tomorrow
A few weeks ago I was invited to go to Houston and Corpus Christi by the American Petroleum Institute on a "blogger" event, all expenses paid. Not being one to turn down the few perks which come with blogging I said "OK" and will be leaving tomorrow morning (very early) and back Saturday morning.No blogging in between as it is a very ambitious itinerary (beside the fact that I hate the airport hassle with a computer). I’m getting the o
How bad is BDS?
We’re approaching Veterans Day. The President of the United States decides to visit wounded soldiers at a rehab center in Texas:George W. Bush had a shoot-out with the "bad guys" in Iraq on Thursday, playing a computer game with war veterans that simulates a firefight in Baghdad, the White House said.Bush tried his hand at the game w
I’m not sure whether this is good or bad
Given the state of academics these days:
Swarm to Victory!
Extreme Mortman - the blog of Howard Mortman, my colleague at New Media Strategies - is up for the Best Political Coverage category in the Weblog Awards, and I think he’s hit upon a brilliant strategy for "great Americans supporting either Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron P
Bloggers RoundTable and Think Progress
As usual, Think Progress gets the story about half right. Here’s their spin:In February, the Pentagon began holding Bloggers Roundtables to “provide source material for stories in the blogosphere concerning the DoD and the Global War on Terrorism.” But at these roundtables, the Pentagon has reserved space almost exclusively for conservatives and military
QandO turns 4,000,000 visits
Not bad for a little libertarian blog:Thanks to all our regular readers and the drive-bys as well.
The QandO Word Black List
Several commenters have complained about the blacklist we use to filter what shows up in the comment section. Unfortunately, that’s a "must do" in today’s on-line world if you want to keep your blog work friendly and defeat the persistent spammers of the world.Naturally we want to do both. But we’re also interested in keeping your frustration to a minimum. Life is frustrating enough without fashioning a great reply and then not being a
Cass says "so long"
One of my absolutely favorite bloggers has decided that it is time for her to go do other things in her life and as a result, is ending her blogging at Villainous Company. Leave it to me to be the last one to find out.I discovered Cassandra and VC a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked. The lady can write. And when she got on a tear, it
Finally, the blogosphere explained
And in a way everyone can understand:
Battlespace preparation and the blogosphere
The fact that the media and the blogosphere have spent an inordinate amount of time recently on rhetoric from and Rush Limbaugh says a great deal about our political discourse. And it’s not good. But you know, I don’t really blame the pundits and partisans for that. It’s what they do; it moves the ball down their field. Instead, I blame the media for enabling the circus - for allowing the partisan point-scoring and feigned outrage to take precedence
Not Netroots; a Movement
Patrick Ruffini is one of the brightest, so when he writes, you should pay attention. In his latest, he’s taking on the Blogosphere as Punditry VS Activism issue...Even in my ideal world, blogs will do commentary the vast majority of the time. What concerns me is that we don’t always
The Usual from Cole
Imagine my amusement when alleged analyst John Cole gets it wrong again. Commenting on the "Cigarette Police" post yesterday, Cole says:I don’t understand why this is such a big deal- after all, you guys allow the state to do anything when they are trying to protect us, and the guy clearly says he is doing just that.
What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been
On 28 Mar 2002, I wrote my very first blog entry at my web site.Aaah. My first blog ever. Now I know the power of joining the blogger revolution! We’ll see how long this lasts... That was my start at blogging, at a blog I named "The Review", and it’s lasted for longer than I thought it would.At the time I started The Review,
Memory Lane on QandO’s Fourth
I’ll gladly be the third to say something commemorating this day.Back in February, I joined in on the Observations podcast with Bruce and Dale to introduce myself and talk about, among other things, the piece I’d written about climate change. I must admit that, even after having been invited to the bl
Celebrating QandO’s birthday
Sometime in the late 1990s, the Internet gave me something I’d been seeking all my life: contact with people who both cared about politics and didn’t think libertarians were all drug-smoking hippies.But when I think about how fast things have changed since then, sometimes it makes my head spin. Drudge Report, Coming Attractions, Liberty Unbound, Free Republic, Liberty Forum. And then 9/11 and the blog explosion. Instapundit, USS Clueless, Eject! Eject! Eject!, Andr
QandO – 4th Blogoversary
Yup, today we begin our fifth year. It doesn’t seem possible. And within a few weeks we’ll have, per SiteMeter, our 4 millionth visitor. And yes our server stats show about 5 times that number of unique visitors, but hey, everyone can relate to SiteMeter so that’s fine. So we’re somewhere between our 4 and 20th million visitor. ;)Jon started QandO on a blogspot site. About the time he chose to roll it over to another blog platform I joined.
Ideological purity and netroots
Michael van der Galien points out the building movement within the Netroots to punish the Blue Bush Dog Democrats (they even have a snappy little logo ... check it out). Matt Stoller, while he hasn’t issued an "action alert", certainly has all but declared war on them, well sort
Mentioned in dispatches
Jon sends an email pointing out that QandO is referenced in a book about Condi Rice ("The Faith of Condoleezza Rice" By Leslie Montgomery). The post referenced is here. The book page referenced in the notes is page 484.
Firedoglake demands an apology (update)
Does this hit anyone else the wrong way?Firedoglake has issued a press release. A press release? They’re a freakin’ lefty blog. What, a blog post wasn’t good enough?It seems that Senator Susan Collins’ Director of Internet Strategy, Lance Dutson, characterized the blog as “the foul-mouthed fem
You know sometimes you think that something is so obvious that even Ellen Goodman might figure it out. But then you’d be wrong. In one of the more absurd columns it has been my misfortune to read in a long time, Goodman tells us that the political blogosphere just isn’t diverse enough for her:Last week, these progressive political b
Greenwald is silent? What, did the sun rise in the West or something?
Rob Bluey, blogging at RedState, reminds us of a previous whine from Glenn Greenwald of a few weeks ago (when doesn’t he whine?):Liberal blogger Glenn Greenwald made a mountain out of a molehill last month when he accused the U.S. military of granting an "exclusive" interview with Army Gen. David Petraeus to conservative talker Hugh Hewitt. Greenw
Blogger Unions
I don’t get this...In a move that might make some people scratch their heads, a loosely formed coalition of left-leaning bloggers are trying to band together to form a labor union they hope will help them receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining or even set professional standards.Collectively bargain with and receive health insurance from who? Who would t
The Evolution of Blogging
I’ve been reading the YearlyKos after action reviews (for want of a better description) and find much of it fascinating. On a particular panel about the evolution of the blogosphere, Duncan Black said:Duncan Black: My blog is really my voice. I don’t write a lot. I link to other people, link to new sources, link to people who make jokes I wish I had made or wrote thing
Resistance is futile ... (updated)
Rick Moran is in Chicago for Pajama’s Media covering the Yearly Kos. His first report is about the opening address Kos made. A couple of things he said caught my eye:“There is no Jesse Jackson wing of the Democratic party anymore. We are the center,” he said.Folks, if they’re the center, then I pine for the days when the Democrats di
The YearlyKos Convention - a compilation
Jose Antonio Vargas of the Washington Post pretty much nails it on the head when talking about YearlyKos and the Democratic presidential candidates choosing to attend. Noting that Hillary Clinton only managed 9% of the vote on a Kos on-line straw poll, he says:But as the who’s who of the progressive blogosphere — the "Net r
Wonkette: Sometimes you can get too cute ...
What were they thinking?Chief Justice John Roberts has died in his summer home in Maine. No, not really, but we know you have your fingers crossed.Well, at least we won’t have to suffer future lectures by that crowd about inappropriate speech.Yeesh.(HT:  
Paul Mcleary Explains
After reading Bruce’s post below on Paul McLeary’s post at the CJR web site, I dropped an email to him complaining about his line: "How dare a college grad and engaged citizen volunteer to join the Army to fight for his country! (Which is something that most of the brave souls who inhabit the milblog community prefers to leave to others.)"He responded by email, in part:I really walked into this one.I actually spend a lo
A Response to John Cole
John Cole responds to my post below, and I’ve responded in the comment section there. I’ve long been interested in the journeys being taken by two people whose opinions I respect a great deal, John Cole and Andrew Sullivan, both of whom have been so disillusioned by the Republicans that they seem to have decided they would rather deal with Democrats who anger and oppose them, rather than Republicans who anger and disap
Bloggers as...
There is an objection, apparently, to bloggers holding a conference call with the White House - "their weekly ration of talking points", says FireDogLake - about which Balloon Juice says "people are no longer pretending to have a shred of integrity and ind
This passes for analysis on Hullabaloo
It is always interesting to peek in on the leftosphere to see how they analyze various stories. For the most part, the Scott Thomas Beauchamp story has been roundly ignored.But we’re now beginning to see a push back. It is instructive, at times, to deconstruct such attempts. Digby at Hullabaloo is useful in that context. She beg
How Not to Design a Blog
I don’t know how many of you read Michelle Malkin’s blog, but she’s popped up a new design. It is a nearly perfect example of how not to design a blog.First, it only shows the most recent entry on the main page. On the first sidebar, there’s a header called "Blog", but it doesn’t actually link to a blog-like page or anything. It’s just a header for the
Free Speech: A dangerous Precedent (Update)
File this under "not well thought out". Or, if you prefer, "stupid". David Freddoso at "The Corner" brings you up to speed:The proprietor of this blog claims that he has filed an FEC complaint against Daily Kos. Supposedly, this won’t fly, based on earlier FEC rulings, but this is nonetheless an outrage against the First Amendm
Althouse on Fire!
She takes it to TPM’s Greg Sargent. Favorite lines:Are you paid by the word? Did you go to the Glenn Greenwald Summer Camp for Lefty Bloggers?Had to clean my screen off after that one.As they say, RTWT.
Kos get’s Kossed (irony alert)
Kos is whining about Jet Blue caving and pulling their sponsorship from YearlyKos. As for my part, I’m cancelling my JetBlue American Express card and will be looking at alternative options for my future travel. Too bad. Unfortunately, JetBlue just told me (and the rest of us) that they accept O’Reilly’s bullshit smears.What’s really inte
L. Graham Smith, of Ecomyths blog has been awarded the "Bloggers for Positive Global Change" award (Congrats!) by Carnival of Climate Change. Apparently as a stipulation of the award, he must name 5 blogs that he feels have "taken the weight of the world upon their shoulders and are trying to build awareness among their readership in order to create a more sustainable and enlightened future."First  
Tom Perkins is blogging
One of our older regular commenters has taken the plunge and has started a blog. Obviousity is up and running and can be found here. Good luck with it, Tom. Look forward to reading it regularly.
The threat of Web 2.0
Will Hinton notes a NYT review about Andrew Keen’s new book "The Cult of the Amateur". As Hinton describes him, "Keen is often referred to as the leading contrarian and critic of Web 2.0. and ironically has his own Typepad hosted blog to discuss his disdain for blogs, social media, etc."Now I haven’t read Keen&rs
He has seen the enemy...
As far as I can tell, Glenn Greenwald spends almost 2000 words in this post to pretty much say "I know you are, but what am I!"Greenwald obviously doesn’t have a problem with trading in personal attacks and questions about the masculinity of his opponents. For example, he criticizes Rush Limbaugh for suggesting that "Democrats and liberals
Grievances past, remembered
Reading this Media Matters story on the allegation that Obama had done "political favor" for "Democratic fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko by writing letters to state and local government officials in support of a Chicago housing project proposed by Rezko’s company" - Media Matters disputes it, claiming that since the letter was not solicited, it wasn’t really a "favor" — I was reminded of l
The story of a remarkable man
This is one of the things I love about blogging. Reading about the lives of remarkable and interesting people of whom you’d never hear but for the blogger who highlights them.In this case it is a beautiful tribute by Cardinal Park (at Tigerhawk) to his father who just passed away. One particular paragraph which r
Oh the horror ....
I do love it when a paid hack gets upset enough to say silly stuff:Just yesterday White House Propaganda Minister Tony Snow attacked Al Gore for noting that the President has tried time and time again to link Al Qaeda and Iraq, and yesterday Bush did it again. Bush is claiming that because Bin Laden realized the strategic advantage of killing Americans right there on his d
Hate Decrying hate ....
When you read something like this, it really makes you want to engage the author in a meaningful discussion on the issues, doesn’t it?I know that supporters of the currently ruling coalition of crooks, warmongers, torturers, incompetents, and theocrats are deeply, deeply hurt when they and their pet politicians are compared
BlogTalk Radio - tonight, 11PM EST
Tonight. 11pm EST.Call in number: (718) 664-9614Are we headed back to the ’50s and reruns of the "Ozzie and Harriet" show?MPAA Adds Smoking as Film-Rating
We’re number 1, 2 and 3 in VA
The Richmond Democrat Blog had declared its "Top 10" Virginia blogs and QandO did quite well apparently:Well, it’s been an interesting journey, hasn’t it? There have been a few surprises along the way, hopefully not all of them unpleasant. But now we’ve reached the end of the road. It’s time to announce the top 10
Leftosphere: "Propaganda, hypocrisy and Lies? Oh My!"
Cadillac Tight highlights some recent examples of "the big three" by the usual suspects.
More interviews
One of the really nice outcomes of the trip to DC to attend the Milblogger’s conference (besides meeting some really great people) was an opportunity presented to me by Matt Burden of Blackfive and Kevin Whalen of "Pundit Review Radio". Matt has had a feature on Blackfive called "Someone You Should Know" which highlights members of the military and what they do in the ongoing wars
Jane Hamsher and I agree
Ice is forming around lake Satan as hell freezes over.
A Public Service Announcement
Michael Wade makes a plea to all VA Tech students who haven’t yet contacted their parents - please do:If you are a Virginia Tech student, please call home now. Your parents are worried. Take five minutes to get on the cell phone, or send an email or a text message just let your parents know that you’re are OK.If you know a Virginia Tech student and can get in touch with t
"Don’t pick a fight with someone who buys bandwidth by the megabit." (With Updates)
Here’s a quick update on the JL Kirk affair. Bill Hobbs has a pretty complete overview of the current state of things in his sixth update on the topic. He has links at the bottom of that post for his other updates. If you really want to dive into the details, I’d recommend you head over there. A couple of high po
Blog Talk Radio: Tonight 11PM (EST)
Tonight. 11pm EST.Tonight’s topics: Imus, Duke, race and other stuff.
Politicians have "tamed" the blogsophere?
Lee Gomes announces in the WSJ that "Political Candidates Have Invaded the Web And Tamed the Blogs". Seriously. It’s over. They got us. We’re done. We’ve been co-opted.That, at least, according to Gome’s title.After spending paragraph after paragraph telling his readers how politic
Civility in the blogosphere is a local problem
If you’re not familiar with the cases of Kathy Sierra or Cathy Seipp, both bloggers, one of whom recently passed away, I’ll leave it to you to google and read about them. Short story: both, in their own right, were victims of personal attacks, threats, misrepresentations and simply abominable and vile commentary by both bloggers and commenters alike.This has been the impetus for a conversation which is now moving through the blogosophere abou
Milblog Conference 2007
This last week I received an email from blogger John Noonan at Op-For (a great milblog that you should be reading if you’re not) asking me if I’d be interested in being one of the "live bloggers" for the Milblog Conference in May. After looking at the agenda and list of participants, I cleared the decks and said, "yes, thank you". I’m both flattered and honored to have been asked.
Blog Talk Radio tonight (Updated)
Tonight. 11pm EST. Hopefully we’ll see a better audio feed from BTR tonight than we had last time.BTW, in case you haven’t heard, Ed Morrissey, of Captain’s Quarters will be going to work for Blog Talk Radio very soon having accepted a position wi
"Even handed" hackery [standard disclaimer]
Heh ... Said Orin Kerr, responding to a commenter at Volokh Conspiracy who was ragging him for not writing about the US Attorney’s story and accusing Kerr of being a political hack:First, I would like to clear up something: Of course we are all political hacks! Our secret trick is that we alternate which side to spin: sometimes we are polit
Greenwald deconstructed (so I don’t have too)
Cassandra at Villainous Company takes Greewald’s latest hyperventilation apart and notes the usual hypocrisy (no, you don’t say?!). Cass is a good writer so you’ll enjoy it (which is, frankly, the primary reason to read it. Greenwald being a hypocrite ... eh, what’s new?).
7 words you can’t say on TV more likely on lefty blogs than those on right
In fact, according to Patrick Ishmael of "The News Bucket", 18 times more likely on a lefty blog.
Things That Make You Go "Hmmm"
This evening, I checked Kinja, to see who is saying what about QandO. Via a link to us from Cassandra at Villainous Company I see that Dean Esmay of Dean’s World (whose tag line is "Defending the liberal tradition in history, science, and philosophy.") has decided to  
"Scalping?" Not aware of the term
Ann Althouse brings up the term "scalping" and, like me, isn’t familiar with the term as one commonly used in the rightosphere for ""pick a target and harass that person and his or her employer until the person either jumps or is pushed out of the public eye". Per Althouse it is also alleged the term is "exclusively the practice of the right wing".Hmm
Hateful, polarized blogosphere?
Yup. That’s according to a collection of network correspondents and Tony Snow. Think Progress brings us up to speed:NBC News’ David Gregory bemoaned how political coverage has “become so polarized in this country…because it’s the internet and the blogs that have really used this White House press conferences to somehow support positions out in America, pol
A blogger council?
Ann Althouse notes that Eric Alterman thinks it would be a good idea (or was he joking? Ann’s really not sure) to have a "blogging council" to "condemn people" who go off whatever I assume the "council" would arbitrarily define as the "blogging reservation". This was an apparent reaction to a discussion about la affair Marcotte. Says Alterman:
A Minor Scandal
Cathy Young, writing at Reason’s Hit & Run blog, rounds up a minor blog scandal.Apparently, a commenter at the Liberal Avenger blog left a comment that the Liberal Avenger didn’t like. So, the LA changed the comment to make it appear as if the commenter had engaged in incest with his sister.When confronted with the change by Patterico, the comment disap
Civility in discourse
Kate Phillips, at the NY Times blog "The Caucus", while discussing the Edwards/blogger fiasco, says:Civility, we would once again mention, seems a lost concept, no matter whose set of beliefs are held dear, or whose writings are found objectionable. (We are in no way taking sides, just offering up, yet again, the observation that the onli
Mona, Mona, Bo Bona ...
Readers of QandO may have been asking themselves whatever happened to vagabond blogger and sometime commenter Mona (or maybe not) who, until Inactivist crashed, set up her snake pit over there.Well she’s back and apparently the venom sacs have had plenty of time to refill. Unfortunately, her new forum is the once highly-regarded “Unqualified Offerings” hosted by Jim Henley. In the strictest sense of the words, however, Mona
MSM begins to discover Iranian connection in Karbala
CNN reports:The Pentagon is investigating whether a recent attack on a military compound in Karbala was carried out by Iranians or Iranian-trained operatives, two officials from separate U.S. government agencies said."People are looking at it seriously," one of the officials said.That official added the Iranian connection was a leading theory in the inv
Only 8% of Americans read blogs (UPDATED)
That according to Rick Kushman of the Sacramento Bee is a finding of CBS and MRI Research:If you hang around TV people long enough, you learn some wild things. My favorite fact, after two weeks of meetings, chatting and general hanging out with television executives, producers and stars is this:Only 8 percent of Americans rea
Who reads political blogs?
One of our regular commenters (as well as a blogger at A Second Hand Conjecture), Keith from Indy provided us with an interesting link to a survey about who reads political blogs.See if you fit the profile and agree with the reasons for reading political blogs.
Want to be trusted? Act in a trustworthy manner
Apparently Think Progress has decided that "embargoed" only applies if whoever is releasing an embargoed press release happens to meet whatever their criteria of the day happens to be. So when they got ahold (or were sent) the embargoed SOTU speech (to be released at 9:01 ET - it was posted on the White House website at  
Really? We’ll see about that, won’t we?
In an article about increased readership for newspaper blogs, Robert Cox, president of the Media Bloggers Association in New Rochelle, N.Y. said this:"As we go forward, blogging as a distinct activity is going to melt away because large media organizations are going to see it as a good place to be for them," he told TechNewsWorld."What you’re going to see is that
Welcome Aboard!
With Jon’s new job with the Republican Senate Leader’s office, he will be unable to blog regularly. As a result, we have decided to enlarge our stable of bloggers.To that end, we will be joined first by Bryan Pick. Bryan is a long-time commenter here at QandO, and he also was the proofreader for The New Libertarian when we were publishing it. I’ll let Bryan introduce himself in his own way, but Jon, Bruce, and I believe you&rs
Another Hacking (Updated)
Curiouser and curiouser. Power Line was hacked as well.Lots of hacking going on, apparently.UPDATE: Apparently not. It seems that the Power Line boys hacked themselves.
Hacked again
Apparently QandO is the target of a sustained hacking attack. Yesterday they got to the blogging software. This morning they went after the ftp. In both cases Dale was able to catch it and frustrate it fairly quickly.Not sure of the reason we’re a target at the moment, but we appreciate your patience concerning the site going down.If you notice something peculiar that just doesn’t look right, drop me a quick email. I&r
Sorry About the Site Downtime (UPDATED)
Someone managed to get into Bruce’s admin account and began hacking the site. Fortunately, I caught him in the act, and shut down the database, but even in the space of a few minutes, the vicious little f*cker managed to delete all the blog accounts, mess up Bruce’s last entry, and screw up about half of the category titles, which will have to be sorted out.I hate hackers. Destructive little morons. I am so angry now that I could l
Job Description
Jon posted his decision to accept the job as New Media Director for the Senate Republicans. The Washington Times carries a description of what Jon will be doing for them: Senate Republicans have hired blogger Jon Henke for the position of "new-media director." Mr. Henke says
Irony alert
Rich Miller, Chicago Sun Times columnist, makes the point that our friend Joe Rago seemed to miss earlier this week when when writing about blogs:This phenomenon is not going away, no matter how much it is dismissed or chastised. The Internet has been seized on as a democratizing tool by mil
Ah, this again ...
Apparently Ollie is upset that not enough in what he calls "the Land Of Double Standards" have condemned Congressman Virgil Goode’s anti-muslim statement.You know Ollie, sometimes what is said speaks for itself and doesn’t need any amplification or condemnation. Like David Duke speaking at a holocaust denial symposium. Goode falls into that category with his n
Blogs are, well, just blogs, Mr. Rago
Joseph Rago of the WSJ pens a piece appearing today which is highly critical of blogs and the blogsophere. The first knee-jerk reaction, of course, is to dismiss his criticism as that of yet another in a long line of MSM critics who lament the passing of an era when, like the church of the 17th century, media organizations had a virtual monopoly on providing news and opinion (and h
The new perils of political blogging
Shaun Kenney is following a story about the Webb campaign which is rather disturbing if true:If you are a Virginia blogger, chances are that the Webb campaign has an opposition research book on you. Bloggers that made the cut include Chad Dotson, Jim Hoeft, Ben Tribbett, Waldo Jaquith, Josh Chernila, Lowell Feld, Jim Riley, J.C. Wilmore, Jon Henke,
Voting: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility
If you haven’t voted today I’m giving you the most important link: "Best Centrist Blog". Bottom of the ballot - you know what to do.Besides, if you’re a QandO reader, you’ll figure out how to get to the rest if you really want too. 
Voting: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility
If you haven’t voted today I’m giving you the most important link: "Best Centrist Blog". Bottom of the ballot - you know what to do.Besides, if you’re a QandO reader, you’ll figure out how to get to the rest if you really want too. 
Voting: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility
If you haven’t voted today I’m giving you the most important link: "Best Centrist Blog". Bottom of the ballot - you know what to do.Besides, if you’re a QandO reader, you’ll figure out how to get to the rest if you really want too. 
And the vote goes on!
If you haven’t voted today I’m giving you the most important link: "Best Centrist Blog". Bottom of the ballot - you know what to do.Besides, if you’re a QandO reader, you’ll figure out how to get to the rest if you really want too. 
Go! Vote!
And since I’m just giving you the "Best Centrist Blog" link, you know what to do.Besides, if you’re a QandO reader, you’ll figure out how to get to the rest.V
QandO hits 3,000,000 visits (Site Meter)
On "Pearl Harbor Day."Heh ... Prophetic?We hit this milestone a bit faster than going from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000.Thanks to all our readers.
2006 Weblog Awards
Well it’s Weblog Awards time again and, thanks to Kevin Aylward and the gang at Wizbang, the festivities, er voting, begins tomorrow. And for the 3rd year in a row
Blogs and Campaigns: Skin in the Game
UPDATEDA brief Daniel Glover New York Times article on article on bloggers working for politicians has elicited some unjustified blog blowback. (blogback?) Not that there’s nothing to criticize, but I don’t think the criticisms are very well-placed. Glover writ
On Engaging the Bloggers
[Via Instapundit] The PoMoBlog demonstrates a clear understanding of the proper relationship between institutions and the blogosphere.The local bloggers jumped in, because they feel a sense of ownership in the site. Let this be a lesson to media companies wishing a plate at the table
(UPDATE) Bloggers protected if reposting libelous info
At least in California:The California Supreme Court ruled Monday that bloggers and participants in Internet bulletin board groups cannot be sued for posting defamatory statements made by others.[...]The case involved a lawsuit against Ilena Rosenthal, a women’s health activist, who created an e-mail list and a newsgroup ( to discu
Blogs, campaigns and the 2006 election
Lost in the schadenfreude over the Lamont loss to Lieberman is the fact that the blogosphere — specifically, the Leftosphere — was spectacularly effective during the 2006 campaign. Time Magazine observes...the blogosphere — specifically, the Leftosphere — was spectacularly effective during the 2006 campaignT
Context and time mean nothing to Greenwald
At least not if cheap rhetorical points can be scored:When Kerry and others talked about the severe problems in Iraq and the complete ineptitude of the administration’s conduct of the war, he was being a cut-and-run defeatist and doom-and-gloom loser.When McQ and his Bush-following comrades say the same thing (two years and hundr
Why do we keep seeing stuff like this from the left?
Really ... I don’t get it. First there was Jane Hamsher from FireDog Lake and a black-face Joe Liberman and now Billmon and a black-face Wolf Blitzer. I love snark and sarcasm with the best of them, but it certainly doesn’t include black face and slavery references. Why do some bloggers on the left continue to think such references are acceptable?
Kryptonite is dense, isn’t it?
From uber-kryptonite Oliver Willis:Following his co-blogger Dale Franks, Bruce McQuain of Q&O admits to the Iraqi FUBAR. As much as I denied that a civil war was happening in Iraq prior to the last few months, honesty compels me to say I can no longer make that claim. Not only are Shites fighting Sunnis, but they’re fighting each other now. And the dea
Meanwhile in the fever swamps of the left
Of course all I really need to say to solicit the knowing "ah" from a reader, is to point out that the fellow who wrote this is Jane Hamsher’s co-blogger:Gay Republicans are as bad as Nazi collaborators. They are working with the people who would outlaw and exterminate their own kind. And to any moral person, that would be an untenable position.
Can you say "chilling effect?"
Sure you can:The Internet Society of China has recommended to the government that bloggers be required to use their real names when they register blogs, state media said on Monday, in the latest attempt to regulate free-wheeling Web content.The society, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Information Industry, said no decision had been made but that a &rsq
Glenn Greenwald: Sleeze merchant first class
First came the sock puppets.Then this:If the term "moral degenerate" has any validity and can be fairly applied to anyone, there are few people who merit that term more than Rush Limbaugh. He is the living and breathing embodiment of moral degeneracy, with his countless overlapping sexual affairs, his series of shattered, dissolved mar
CQ turns 3
Go over and give Captain Ed some love.Congrats CQ!
Jesse MacBeth Jr
Another fake has been busted. He did a much better job on his DD-214 than did MacBeth. This one, however, is about the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Interesting read.You’d think these folks would figure out that given the ability of experts to gather via the ’net that pulling off fakes like this is virtually
For those thinking about blogging
A tutorial, grasshopper.
When sockpuppets attack
Who’s questioning Jon Henke’s credibility?Incidentally, Henke — before he was hired last month to blog for the campaign as a result of a series of posts he wrote defending Allen’s use of "macaca" — was regularly advocating on his own blog that there be a Democratic takeover of Congress as a means of restraining unprincipled an
A meeting in Harlem
Seems there’s a bit of a food fight going on in the left blogosphere about a meeting recently had in Harlem by our first black president. Apparently Bill Clinton met with 20 leading lefty bloggers but managed to break the first commandment of liberalism: Thou shalt be diverse.Says Liza of culturekitchenI honestly do not
The problem with Billy Beck’s URL...
Billy Beck, for what he assures us are very good reasons, chose the URL "http://www.two––" as his domain name. That makes his blog URL "http://www.two––". Billy should be proud. As far as I know, his URL is the only one in the world that uses a double dash as part of the domain name.The trouble that causes, for us here, at least, is that I intentionally programmed .Blog to transform the text "–&nd
Karl Rove did it!
Apparently was the scene of some anti-Semitic posts concerning Joe Lieberman today.Now, before we go on, it was in an open access forum where anyone can log on and post. So this isn’t about per se, although I will posit that we’ve certainly seen some attacks on Lieberman in other venues which were defi
Sock puppetry reaches new heights ... or depths.
In the world of blogging there are few mortal sins, but sock puppetry is one of them:A senior editor at The New Republic was suspended and his blog was shut down on Friday after revelations that he was involved in anonymously attacking readers who criticized his posts.Lee Siegel, creator of the Lee Siegel on Culture blog for
If you’ve gotten to this by other means than trying to load the front page of QandO, you know we’ve been hacked. It apparently happened about 4am.I guess you’ve arrived when you’re thought to be big enough or influential enough to be a subject to a denial of service attack, but you know what ... it’s a true pain in the ass.So bear with us, we’re working on it.UPDATE: Seems somet
There’s new content at the Inactivist blog. INACTIVISTBookmark, blogroll, and pass it on.
New Feature
If you head over to the search page for QandO, you’ll notice that, in addition to the date and database keyword search, I’ve added the Google search feature to the mix. This will allow you to search for QandO content with more generalized search strings than the keyword search allows.One of the improvements this allows is that the Google search function includes the comments as well as the entry text,
There’s a great deal of new content at the Inactivist blog, including a new contributor, Alex. (nee’ "Thoreau" in the Hit n’ Run comment section)INACTIVISTThere are really too many good posts to narrow it down, so just go and read for yourself. Join, commen
Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa
One of my big plans for today was to clear out the backlog of Neolibertarian Network submissions that have been on hold for the past several weeks. I was going to go through and add those submissions.That was the plan. I even got to a few of them today.Somewhere along the way, however, I appear to have deleted my entire saved folder from Outlook. Then for good measure, I closed Outlook, so that they were deleted permanently.So,
Nice Try
Billy Beck opines:My campaign to establish myself as the most distinctively irritating bastard anywhere online presses on at QandO.Someone’s got to do it.Billy, Billy, Billy...Looking over some of the other commenters here, I submit that you really have a long way to go before you can ever hope to reach that goal.
(UPDATED) Will "Net Roots" get its first win today?
The Boston Globe is certainly impressed with the effort up in CT. Let me say upfront, this post isn’t about the race in CT, it is about the NetRoots effort and how it is being interpreted politically:Lamont’s strong challenge underscores the blogosphere’s emergence as a new political power base, observers say. Already, hig
New Blog recommendation
I’m not usually big into recommending blogs (mostly due to simple laziness), but there is a new one of note you ought to know about.Frequent QandO commenters Lance, MichaelW and Omar the Poet have gotten together to launch "A Second Hand Conjecture" blog. I’ve always thought all three posted thoughtful, civil and well written comments here to our posts and a quick
An appalling lack of common sense
For the last day or so I’ve been watching a bit of political theater play out and just shaking my head. Talk about a train-wreck. Jane Hamsher, who loves to belittle the right and Joe Lieberman while implying she just drips and oozes political savvy did what I consider to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen yesterday. In a
The Sunday Blogwar
So, let’s talk about what happened here yesterday.In case you haven’t figured it out by now—and, apparently, many of you never did—I intentionally provoked Ace, and I did it realizing full well I was doing so. And I did it for the sole purpose of demonstrating how pointless and vicious these personal squabbles can be. I tried to hint at my purpose early yesterday, when I added to the body of the main post, the passage...
It’s called "Google". You should look into it.
The original post has been relegated to the comments, for the reasons that I explain here. I intentionally kicked off a flame war, and having successfully done so, the post has served its purpose.
A few facts about QandO
In observing the reaction by many to Dale’s points about the IP kerfuffle and sock puppetry alleged against the right-wing’s favorite left-wing blogger (and don’t bother Mona, I’m not buying the defense he’s really a centrist), I was somewhat surprised to see some unfounded assertions thrown around concerning how QandO functions.For instance, the
Children, In a SandBox: Greenwald’s Sock Puppet Celebrators
F or those of you who don’t know—which I assume includes rather a lot of you—an Internet Protocol (IP) Address is a numerical code that uniquely identifies every device—computer, router, cable modem, etc.—connected to the Internet (or any computer network, for that matter). This address is expressed as four sets of numbers, each set of which may have up to three digits. Each set of numbers is separated by a period. An example of an IP
Condemn This!
Patterico and Amy Ridenour are worked up about Glenn Greenwald’s post noting that right wing bloggers "have not said a word of condemnation about these death calls from a promi
Taking Hyperbole to new heights
Is it just me or is Glenn Greewald becoming practiced at making mountains out of molehills?Apparently the right side of the blogosphere hasn’t reacted in a way he expects concerning some commentary yesterday by a "prominent right-wing blog". He sets it up like this:If your only source for news was reading right-wing
Blogging Advice
Eric Kintz has an interesting essay on why posting a lot of content is less important than posting worthwhile content. This dovetails with some of what I discussed on the recent Virginia blogging conference Enhancing and Promoting Your Blog panel. Kintz’ most interesting points...#1
Blogging: the price of political clout
Most bloggers are aware of the war of words going on between The New Republic and the Daily Kos. It is all a part of the emerging clout of political blogs and a bit of push back from the old media. Naturally, with the emergence of clout comes scrutiny which, heretofore, wasn’t a
Blogs: Notes in the Margin of the First Draft of History
Dr. Stephen D. Cooper of Marshall University has published a book entitled "Watching the Watchdog: Bloggers As the Fifth Estate" which has a fascinating perspective on bloggers... 
Night Cap Syndication
Tim Worstall is leading the the Night Cap Syndication Project, which is offering bloggers a chance at broader distribution. Specifically...Here at Nightcap Syndication we have
Administrative Note
Sometimes, the nature of blogging, the format, and the ephemeral nature of the medium, make blogging frustrating. It can be especially frustrating to take the time to research and meticulously link a post, only to see it quickly fall down on the page as newer posts pop up at the top of the blog. For the most part, that’s just the nature of blogging.But, there are, at least, partial compensations that can be implemented. Because QandO runs on the
The impact of Yearly Kos
An interesting article by Adam Nagourney in the NYT.As became clear from the rather large and diverse crowd here, the blogosphere has become for the left what talk radio has been for the right: a way of organizing and communicating to supporters. Blogging is nowhere near the force among Republicans
NeoLibertarian Network now listed on Truth Laid Bear
Jon has gotten TLB to list the Neolibertarian Network as one of the ecosystem communities. Now 133 members strong, it has its own community page on TLB. Check it out.UPDATE: [Jon Henke] A few more notes for interested blog readers... The QandO Chat Room is usually o
Blogging Innovators and Adapters
There’s often a very combative relationship between blogs and the mainstream media or between blogs and politicians. In fact, that’s partially what drives the popularity of blogs. But it’s worth mentioning that that’s not always the case. Some politicians, organizations and media outlets have embraced both blogs and the combat with bloggers. Leaving aside the use of blogs in political campaigns, which I think has been
Kossacks try to figure out Macbeth and write his history
As this little fiasco winds to a close, there is some heavy duty conspiracy theories being hatched in Kosdom.The question was: Who was behind it? Who benefits from such a video? From the comment section to the post by Maha comes this most sentient statement by former Marine D.R. Marvel: But if this bloke is a phony, chances are he’s a "plant"...As we
A Group Blog Explodes
The issue of illegal immigration has, apparently, destroyed group blogging at Polipundit. And in an amusingly nasty public fashion.So far, I’ve allowed the guest bloggers here to write pretty much what they pleased about all issues, including illegal immigration.But on the illegal immigration issue, I now find myself having to contend with at least three out of four guest blogg
The ecosystem’s new layout
If you haven’t seen Truth Liad Bear’s new ecosystem layout, NZ unveiled it today. Looks pretty cool and loads a heck of a lot faster than did the previous.
Blogging’s place in the media world
Paul Reynolds points to an interesting poll:They come at the bottom of the list, with just 25% of those questioned in a Globescan poll on trust in the media giving them a thumbs-up. News websites are only just a notch better at 38%, so some way to go there as well.On the other hand, 23% of people did say they trusted blogs. However, personally I am not sure the questi
Blogging for Money
The Wall Street Journal has a discussion on making money off blogging. (via Glenn Reynolds) I found this excerpt particularly interesting...Jason Calacanis: So, if you can do 500,000 pages a month — which isn’t easy — you can make $1,500 to $5,000 a month. That’s today and without a sa
Does "Rage and Venom" define the left side of the blogosphere?
Why is it when I read this article today (which is making the rounds of the blogosphere) the first mental image that formed in my head was that of an old woman, hair wildly askew and wearing three ragged coats, pushing her purloined shopping cart full of bagged junk down the shoulder of the road while holding a muttered conversation with herself?
Advertise on QandO!
I’ve done the first update on our advertising page in over a year. I was shocked to see that our average daily unique visits per day have jumped from slightly less than 10,000 unique visitors per day last year to an average of 17,335 unique visitors per day! The number of unique monthly visitors has jumped by a full 75%, going from 20,000 unique visitors per month last year to 35,000 unique visitors per month this year.
Making Sense of the Blogosphere
Recently, Matt Welch complained in Reason about how far the blogosphere (specifically, warbloggers) have fallen short of his initial expectations of "critical thinking" and "collegial yet brutal peer review". Instead of galvanizing the apolitical truth squads of my fantasy world, weblogs became marvelous organizing tools for the most partisan citizens and groups. The blogosphere is, of course, co
Blog Notes
I like to put up an occassional reminder for our readers about the things you don’t always see upon first glance at QandO... The QandO Chat Room is usually occupied during the day by myself and a few others trading interesting links, chatting about news or just lurking while we work. Join us. New articles go up occassionally at  
Post Bloggers
This sounds better...This time around the Washington Post plans to hire two bloggers for its Web site.The paper’s ombudsman, Deborah Howell, has informed RAW STORY that Jim Brady, executive editor of, is looking for a liberal blogger, along with a conservative one, to replace Ben Domenech... I’m not entirely sure what a p
Busting the intolerant right myth
OK, we’ve ridden the McKinney wave about as far as it’s going to go. So on to other things. Oh, I know, let’s put a stake through the heart of the old stereotype that it is only the right which is mean and intolerant. I give you none other than Rebecca Traister of Salon pointing out that "ain’t necessarily true":
The State and Future of Political Blogging
David Klein, author of "Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture" shared some thoughts on the impact of blogging in a webchat hosted by the State Department:“Nothing I have witnessed is as potentially transformative of media and politics as the emergence of blogging — or rather, the emergence of the ‘voice of
QandO hits 2,000,000
I know our server stats show a much higher hit count than does Sitemeter, and Dale can expound at length as to why Sitemeter sucks and that, in fact, we get 10 times the traffic it records. OK, fair enough, but everyone has Sitemeter and so they’re as handicapped as we are. Even if the numbers are relative, we all still get counted pretty much the same way ... so we can relate. All of that to say Sitemeter finally put us over 2,000,000 today.
Buying a Blogger
(via Instapundit) Beltway Blogroll discusses the bennies given some bloggers...If Al Jazeera invites dozens of bloggers to the Middle East in order to cover a forum that is designed to promote the Arab television station, should those bloggers: a) take the free trip, or b) disclose the freebie to their readers
Congress: Blogger bill in the works
A heads up from an emailer:House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has scheduled consideration of the Online Freedom of Speech Act (likely on Wednesday), legislation that would free bloggers and other Internet communicators from Federal Elections Commission (FEC) regulation. The bill was introduced by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX). Because the FEC is preparing to issue new regulations governing political speech over the Internet, this is an important bil
RCP Revamp
If you haven’t seen it, the RealClearPolitics website has undergone a makeover. RCP is an invaluable asset for bloggers and a site I check every morning first thing. If you’re not a regular, you ought to be.
Second thoughts on blogger conference calls
Steve Clemons is having them. In the standard press conference, I — as a blogger — knew the rules. We were there not to be co-opted but rather to hear the Senators and to pose questions. We weren’t there as sycophants. Our job was to push the angles and report truthfully. We weren’t there as enemies of McCain and Frist, but as competitors regarding how
Journoblogging: the evolution of blogging and the MSM
Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber makes an intesting observation in the "journalists v. blogs" culture war.Newspaper articles aspire to presenting a comprehensive, neutral and authoritative judgement regarding the facts at hand in a particular matter. Of course, they don’t always succeed in doing this at all – hence the need for ombudsmen, correction columns etc. But ev
The gift that keeps on giving
National Journal’s "Hotline" has picked up on the Blunt/QandO bruhaha. And yes, I’m still poking at it with a stick, because, well, it’s fun.
Blunt: The other shoe drops
Last week Dale let off a little steam after the conference call with the three GOP representatives running for Majority Leader in the House.It was a fairly typical Dale rant which included the now classic quote:I would rather lick fire ants off a stick than see Roy Blunt as Majority Leader.As I told Dale in