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Well, I can’t throw sample MP3s on the blog any more, since we had so much bandwidth horked by linkers a few months ago we got slapped with a $200 bandwidth charge.But I wanted to be sure to mention that the Australian group Karnivool finally got a US distribution deal, so their 2005 album "Themata" was released in the US yesterday, and is now available from iTunes. Finally! The title track, Themata, has been getting airplay on S
iTunes Recommendations
Well, now that I have a production studio working again, I can also excerpt music for my periodic iTunes recommendations. I have grabbed a lot of music since my last foray into this area, but I wanted to throw out some highlights.First up is the new album by Muse, and specifically the song "Knights of Cydonia". I couldn’t excerpt it, because it’s...unusual in its str
Know Your Audience
The Dixie Chicks’ current tour isn’t going so well.The Dixie Chicks are in the midst of their "Accidents and Accusations Tour," which supports their platinum-certified album "Taking the Long Way," their first release since Maines’ controversial statement.On previous tours, the Dixie Chicks consistently sol
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Well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks for me. And my time has been taken up with a lot of things that I’d have preferred not to deal with. Now, sitting back with a Bärenjäger Martini1, and a fresh pack of Camels, I can concentrate on a little blogging.One of the big inconveniences of the past two weeks has been that my desktop computer went Tango Uniform without warning. One second, it was operating perfectly,
ITunes Recommendations
Once again, it’s time to take a brief look at some of the music that’s making its way to my iPod via iTunes. As always, the links in the songs below go to brief MP3 clips of the song.Song Title: World Wide SuicideArtist: Pearl JamAlbum: World Wide SuicideCom
Giving a beat to the Left’s wet dream
Neil Young has put it to music:Let’s impeach the president for lyingAnd leading our country into warAbusing all the power that we gave himAnd shipping al
A Little Bit of Music
Ah, I love iTunes. I did an iTunes recommendation post recently, and I usually wait about a month between them, but, I pulled down some stuff this evening, since The Lovely Christine and I are feeling a bit under the weather and stayed home this evening. I actually downloaded several songs, but most of them were older stuff from the 90’s I wanted to fill out my music library a little bit. I did grab a few new songs though.Oh, by the way, last tim
iTunes Picks
One of the nice things about iTunes is that, not only can you get some of the newest music available (although not all of it; Pearl Jam’s newest single, "Worldwide Suicide" isn’t available yet even though it’s playing on XM already), you can get some of the old favorites as well. In this edition of my iTunes picks, I go back a few years to grab some tunes that I had forgotten. But, there’s lots of newer stuff, too. Below are som
Music Recommendations
I’ve been sick this week (a story about which I’ll go into on the Podcast tomorrow), and haven’t felt much like blogging. So, I’ve had time to pull down some songs from iTunes. Which means that, once again, it’s time to take a look at some of my most recent acquisitions from iTunes, and make a few recommendations. As always, the song title is linked to a brief MP3 sample of the song. Please remember that, no matter how snarky I get a
iTunes Recommendations
Aah! Once again, it’s time for me to recommend some hot tunes you can download from iTunes. Now, I understand that most of you aren’t fans of Alternative music, so please, feel free to skip over this entry and look at something else. Oh, and, as an aside, it’s kinda wierd that I’m the one who does this. After all, Jon is the one that works at the Alternative radio station. I haven’t done rock & roll radio since 1991. Si
Music Recommendations
Politics is interesting and all, but sometimes you gotta just do something fun. So, I’m taking a little break from politics to talk about music. And, The Lovely Christine is out of town this weekend visiting her son in Arizona, so I have plenty of time on my hands this weekend.I’ve added a lot of music to my iTunes library in recent weeks, and I haven’t made an recommendations since June. So, I decided it was time to do so again, and throw in my personal T
iTunes Recommendations
Once again, I got some more musical adrenaline from iTunes. Good Stuff.Blink-182: First Date, Roller CoasterBreaking Benjamin:
Play it loud
Well, tonight I went on one of my periodic iTunes jags, and downloaded enough music to fill two CDs. For some reason I’ve had a serious jones for alternative music lately, so I more than satisfied it with some great tunes. It isn’t a playlist for a relaxing Sunday morning though. If you’re looking for some serious musical amphetamines, I suggest the following, in order of artist. The links go to’s RealPlayer clips.Adema: