Best armor available
This, to me, is probably the most interesting story of the entire fair.Let me set the stage. Three young men, Kirby Knowles, Stanley Chu and Tyler French, all attending Dutchtown High School in beautiful Hampton GA, are in a literature class together. The teacher assigns a project concerning current events. At the time, the problem of Dragon Skin’s armor was in the news, and the argument of which was better for our troops - Dragon Skin or Pinnacl
Hybrid lawnmower
Jonathan Soli, 18, a Senior at Alden-Conger High School in Alden MN got to wondering one day if he could engineer a system that uses the gases produced by the electrolysis of water to improve the performance of a single cylinder four-cycle lawnmower.OK, formally, it was a "single cylinder, four-cycle internal combustion engine", but heck, it was his lawnmower he was going to modify.So he built an electrolysis apparatus and attached it to the a
Meet Morgan A Walti
Morgan is an 18 year old senior from liberty high school in Hillsboro OR and he’s built a bio-mechanical (bionic) arm.First take a close look at the picture and you’ll see three things. Below the arm you’ll see what look like Legos. Well, as a matter of fact, they are
Doin’ the ISEF thing
Three quick images from ISEF.You can always draw a crowd with dog poop.I share a spelling trait with some very smart people.Pins trading is popular.
Blogging hazardous to your health?
Well, so says a story in the NY Times. It concentrates on "professional bloggers". Although I’m not a professional blogger, I play one on the internet.It seems that a couple of bloggers have died and the NY Times sees that as possible epidemic among the victims of the blogging masses trapped in their self-created sweat-
Ed Morrissey joins Hot Air
It is always nice to see the good guys do well.Congrats Ed, from everyone here at QandO.
Hiring Bloggers
I have a short list of bloggers - sometimes, but not necessarily A-list bloggers - that I consider genuine, or potential, blogging stars. They have real insight, writing skill, the ability to find unique information or to see existing information in a new way. Most importantly, they can bring those elements together in a way that works on a blog. They are the bloggers who should be hired to develop and utilize their talent on a full-time basis, as was done with  
I’m with Fred — and New Media Strategies
It’s been six months since I last posted here at QandO to announce that I’d taken a position as New Media Advisor to the Senate Republicans. I believe we accomplished a great deal over the past six months and gave the Senate Republicans a solid foundation on which to build their ongoing New Media outreach. However, a new opportunity has arisen and I simply could not turn it down. I’ve joined New Media Strategies - an early pione
Marcotte: Ending with a faux feminist wimper
Salon feels compelled for some reason to carry Amanda Marcotte’s whine about her short tenure with the Edwards campaign. I feel compelled to highlight the fact that she still doesn’t get it. Money paragraph:Looking back, the detail that astonishes me the most is the sheer amount of ink, air time, and energy devoted to keeping this phony scandal goi
Marcotte, McEwan and now Gross? (UPDATE)
William Beutler of Blog PI asks if now that Marcotte and McEwan have left the Edwards campaign whether the guy who most likely hired them and was in charge of vetting them will be far behind:As my headline asks: What about Matt Gross, Edwards’ Senior Advisor for Online Communications*/Chief Internet Strategist*/general adviser on all things bloggy? Will he resign, too?
The other shoe drops: McEwan resigns
Her announcement:I regret to say that I have also resigned from the Edwards campaign. In spite of what was widely reported, I was not hired as a blogger, but a part-time technical advisor, which is the role I am vacating.I would like to make very clear that the campaign did not push me out, nor was my resignation the back-end of some arrangement made la
A Closer Look at Mandy
I want to highlight a few things from McQ’s Amanda Marcotte quote below:Unfortunately, Bill Donohue and his calvacade of right wing shills don’t respect that a mere woman like me could be hired for my skills....Assuming facts not in evidence, counselor. At no point did Bill Donohue—for whom I have no particular respect, by the way—or anyone else either state or imply that Ms. Mar
Marcotte resigns and immediate declares war on Donahue and the "right-wing noise machine"
Not that any of this should come as a surprise.I was hired by the Edwards campaign for the skills and talents I bring to the table, and my willingness to work hard for what’s right. Unfortunately, Bill Donohue and his calvacade of right wing shills don’t respect that a mere woman like me could be hired for my skills, and pretended that John Edwards had to be held accountable for some of my personal, non-mainstream views on religious influence on politics
Edwards, his bloggers and the Christian left
Interesting fallout from the Marcotte/McEwan kerfuffle at the Edwards campaign:As the flap over alleged anti-Catholic writings by two John Edwards campaign bloggers devolves into a shouting match between conservative religious voices and liberal bloggers, some members of the "religious left" say they feel – again – shoved to the margins of the Democratic Party."We&r
Edwards keeps Marcotte and McEwan
From Kate Phillips at "The Caucus":John Edwards issued a statement today defending his hiring of two bloggers, Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon and Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare’s Sister, saying he believes “in giving everyone a fair shake.”Heh ... that’ll come back to haunt him. 
Left blogosphere hunts for right-wing blogger to take down
The apparent firing of two left bloggers from the Edwards campaign for past writing has the left side of the blogosphere fuming and looking to put a right wing bloggers scalp outside their teepee as a result.Says Mahablog:But this made me stop and think. It’s clear that as soon as the Edwards campaign announced the hiring of Amanda and Melissa, elements of the Right be
Marcotte under fire by Catholic group (UPDATED)
As we discussed on the podcast this week, most likely any politician hiring a blogger to be their new media guru (or director or coordinator, etc.) most likely doesn’t want them becoming the story or the center of attention. After all if ever there was an "all about me" group, it would be politicians running for office.However, after an initial round of blogospheric talk about
Amanda who?
A lot of people on the starboard side of the blogosphere seem to be bit heated that Amanda Marcotte, from Pandagon has been tapped to be Netroots honcho for the John Edwards campaign, and afterwards has gone back to...uh..edit a blog entry where she said  
This is a farce.The word "macaca," used by outgoing Republican Sen. George Allen (news, bio, voting record) of Virginia to describe a Democratic activist of Indian descent who was trailing his campaign, was named the most politically incorrect word of the year on Friday by Global Language Monitor, a nonprofit group that studies word usage. You want to kno
Preemptive Disclosure
Regarding this story on the Webb campaign (allegedly) putting together an oppo research backgrounder on myself and a few other bloggers, let me help them and future political opponents out with some preemptive disclosure. I’ve gotten two tickets: one for speeding (guilty) and one for runnin
About campaigns...
Raising Kaine, which operated as a de facto campaign blog for Jim Webb during the recent election, has an understandable, if misguided, take on the recent Virginia campaign. In response to  
About those Islands...
In debates during the Virginia Senate campaign, each candidate has asked the other a question about an island in order to test his knowledge of issues. Senator Allen asked Jim Webb his position on the Craney Island project — a very important one which "could generate 54,000 jobs and pump an additional $1.7 billion into the [Virginia] economy" — and Jim Webb was forced t
Democratic Dirty Tricks: the Salon Smear of George Allen
UPDATED with new testimony from an African-American teammate of George Allen’s.I’m reprinting a post I wrote over at AllenHQ, because I think it deserves to be seen here, as well. This is yet another in the long line of discredited smears launched by Democrats against Senator Allen. Sadly, the
Liveblogging the Fairfax Allen/Webb Debate
For the second day in a row, we’ll be liveblogging the Virginia Senate debate between Senator George Allen and Jim Webb. Please follow along at the official Allen Senate campaign blog, HQJon Henke is the New Media Coordinator for the
Liveblogging Meet the Press
I’ll be Liveblogging today’s Meet the Press debate between Senator George Allen and Jim Webb at the new George Allen Senate campaign blog, AllenHQ:ALLEN HQAlso at Allen HQ: Embarrassing W
New George Allen blog
The George Allen Senate campaign has unveiled the new Allen Blog at Check out posts like: Senior Democratic State Senator Endorses Allen for Senate  
Let Nancy Reagan Speak for Reagan
In his first advertising campaign, James Webb has tried to assume the Reagan Mantle, deploying a 1985 video of Ronald Reagan complimenting James Webb’s military service:"James’ gallantry as a Marine officer in Vietnam won him the Navy Cross and other decorations," Reagan says. An announcer’s voice continues as Reagan’s image morphs into pictures of W
Webb campaign staff promotes "Monkey Fest" stunt at ethnic rally
Here’s another Inside Politics story of dirty pool from people associated with the James Webb Campaign.So, there is an Ethnic Rally in Alexandria this Saturday being put on by various Republican minority groups. So what are the Webb staffers at Raising Kaine promoting in response to that minority group rally? "Monkey Fes
Senator Allen Declines Award
One of the up/down (readers choice) sides of being involved in a campaign is that you get to see the kind of ugly politics that goes on during campaign season. For example...The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund had elected to give Senator Allen the Thurgood Marshall Award in recognition of his central role in introducing and passin