Putting Dollar Signs in Front Of The AGW Hoax
That’s something they’ve been busily doing in Davos.Global investment in clean energy must reach $515 billion per year by 2030 — triple that of last year’s investment — in order to avoid “the catastrophic impact of climate change,” according to a report from the World Economic Forum and New Energy Finance. We
Traveling tomorrow
Short post, but what a phenomenal trip. Chevron’s Kern River oil field (San Joaquin Valley - Bakersfield) is something which simply overwhelms you. It has been in production since the late 1800s (not as an exclusive Chevron property as it is now, but owned by many and producing the entire time) and has pumped 2 billion barrels out of the ground since the first discovery well was drilled way back when.20 square miles which, at present has 9,600 pro
No Drilling In ANWR Ever?
Congress wants to put the arctic region of Alaska off limits to oil production permanently. The Udall-Eisenhower Artic Wilderness Act was reintroduced in the House on January 6th. It provides for placing the "Arctic coastal plain" under the aegis of the National Wilderne
I’m not the only one... (Update x2: Trading Payroll for Gas Taxes is Popular)
Apparently, as I spent the last few days crafting my posts about an alternative set of policies for the GOP to propose to America, I was not alone in proposing a tax shift toward consumption/carbon.The New York Times has an editorial up about raising the gas tax considerably with offsetting "tax credits to protect vulnerable
Thanks for your opinion, Robert ...
Now, wander on back to Sundance and watch movies, ’kay?Speaking on behalf of the National Trust for Historic Preservation at the National Press Club Wednesday, Hollywood actor and environmental activist Robert Redford said it’s “morally criminal” for the Bush administration to auction leases to oil and gas companies for exploration on 132 parcels of land in Utah.“In my mind, in my opinion, it’s morally criminal what they are attempting t
Dr. Chu, energy, gas prices and coal
In my "road trip from hell" this week (1,600 miles and 5 states), I found myself paying about $1.49 a gallon for gas. And, it may go a bit lower.Of course that’s not something Barack Obama’s pick for Energy Secretary is particularly happy about:"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," Mr. Chu, w
Status of the Domestic Oil Business in One Sentence
It may not convey the total status, but it seems to me to be a good indicator of our problem now and even more so in the future:Shell Oil has canceled its drilling and other exploration plans for next year in the Beaufort Sea while it focuses on court challenges to its offshore plan.A follow on sentence explains the problem further:
OPEC announces production cut ...
But traders were unimpressed, and oil futures took an 8% hit after the announcement.OPEC is trying to cut production by 2.2 million barrels a day, its third announced production cut since September. But compliance has only been about 50%. There are some OPEC nations which are hurting and can’t really afford to cut production.Next year’s ou
Want Jobs? Drill here, drill now ...
ICF International just completed a study for the American Petroleum Institute which has some rather interesting findings in these times of economic woes: Development of resources in moratoria areas and other places currently off limits could lift U.S. crude oil production by as much as 2 million barrels
The wave of the future?
No pun intended. A few weeks ago I mentioned energy generated by tidal action as a possible solution to many of our future energy requirements. Clean and reliable, the only drawback seemed to be that the existing technology required a fairly active tidal process (moving at 5 to 6 knots) to turn the generators on the sea floor. In fact, it limited us to about 12 sites around the US.
How Out of Touch Are Politicians When It Comes to Energy Policy?
If you look at some of the statewide propositions, you’d have to wonder.Take California, a state most people think of as being a bit to the extreme side of green, whether the reputation is earned or not. Given the following, maybe "not" is the more correct choice:In California, President-elect Obama defeated Senator J
Clean Energy Alternatives - is anyone considering this? (update)
With 12,383 miles of US coastline, this seems like a technology which would make sense for both development and exploitation:THE race to develop Scotland’s seas into the "Saudi Arabia of marine power" is about to start, with plans for 500 underwater turbines in the Pentland Firth.The Scotsman can reveal that an Australian company is already
Get Ready for Rolling Brownouts and huge hikes in electricity prices
Forbes warns us:If you think runaway oil prices are upsetting, just wait for what’s in store for electricity. Similar forces are in play. Demand is rising fast; supply is not. The cost to get coal and natural gas out of the ground is going up, and to that expense must be added the cost of the carbon permits that Congress and the presidential candidates are contemplating
Put the FJR in Storage?
Well, at this rate, I might be able to start driving my truck regularly again.
Oh, and please don’t forget "cap and trade" (update)
Because Obama hasn’t: Th
Low oil prices hurt Venezuela and Iran - and that’s not such a bad thing
With oil bouncing around at about in the low sixties, there are some anxious OPEC nations out there. But as you’ll see in the very instructive chart below, some are more anxious than others:The following are estimates from Washington-based consultancy PFC Energy of how much various OPEC countries need on a
OPEC, Oil, the Market and Adjusting Lifestyles
As the market falls, so has the price of oil.The average retail price for a gallon of gasoline in the United States plunged more steeply than ever over the last two weeks as the economic slowdown weighed on crude oil and drove consumers off of the roads, according to the latest nationwide Lundberg survey.Prices will likely slide more, but at a slower pace, following
The wages of delaying new US oil production further
Oil is trading at $64.75 today and Americans have trimmed their travel by 11 billion miles a month (and trust me, that’s noticeable to a guy who puts 40,000 miles on a car each year) for some months.OPEC responds:The international oil cartel agreed Friday to cut daily production by 1.5 million barrels in a move to drive up prices on the international market — a
Oh good - maybe we can buy our oil from Cuba
Because they’re at least going to exploit what they believe to be available:The state-owned Cuban oil company says the country may have more than 20bn barrels of oil in its offshore fields - more than double the previous estimate.Cubapetroleo’s exploration manager said drilling in the offshore wells would begin as early as the middle of 2009.Such
OPEC to meet to manipulate market - again
The USA Today headline blares, "US Calls Global Meeting On Financial Crisis". But that’s not the only meeting being called. OPEC is none too happy either."The price is getting near to $80, and they’re getting nervous," said Jo
The Drilling ban and Congress
As we’ve noted here, the offshore drilling ban expires on September 30th unless Congress extends it. But extending it, given the energy crisis everyone now acknowledges, and the building grassroots demand that we drill for our own oil where possible, doing so is politically unattractive.So, how then, given the possible political fallout, not to mention the probable defections among its Congressional members, is the Democratic leadership going to sa
Want to see some of McCain’s newfound support melt away?
Just have him support the gang of 20’s energy compromise. Why? Because it is a sham when it comes to that is directly opposed to his stated belief (drilling in all of the OCS) and it is loaded with what he says he opposes (wasteful spending): The bill would open up a tiny little smidgen of space on the Outer Continental Shelf fo
Another reason to "drill here, drill now"
The first, of course, is Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. As soon as Hugo finds a new market for his high sulfer crude, you can bet he’ll manufacture a reason to cut the US off.Of course that points out the simple fact that some of our foreign oil supplies come from unstable or unfriendly nations. Chavez, of course, epitomizes the "unfriendly" among them. Nigeria rep
Pelosi, natural gas and drilling
Nancy Pelosi on natural gas:On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, the speaker twice seemed to suggest that natural gas – an energy source she favors – is not a fossil fuel.“I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels,” she said at one point. Natural gas “is cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels,”
About those windmills
T. Boone Pickens has decided that windmills are the energy panacea, and the desperate Dems are buying in literally (Nancy Pelosi’s investment in his effort) and figuratively (Obama’s meeting with Picken’s and parroting of Picken’s talking points).All of that said, sure, windmills may indeed be part of the solution, but to the extent Pickens and the Dems would like you to believe?Well it is always helpful, when fanciful
The gang of ten and the "bipartisan" sell-out
I’ve mostly been out of the loop while all of the "gang of 10" nonsense was developing, but I have to say, as usual, the Republican members (to include my two senators from GA) have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again on an issue they owned.I’ll have to admit either not being smart enough or nuanced enough to understand why a group of Republican senator
As Congress dithers
Another country has decided "drill here, drill now" makes perfect sense: Energy-poor Jordan said on Sunday it was in talks with Anglo-Dutch group Royal Dutch Shell on an agreement to extract oil from the desert kingdom’s 40-billion-tonne oil shale reserves."Negotiations with Shell to sign a deal to process oil shale in Jordan are near
Oil prices and politics
You may have noticed recently, that oil prices have gone down. As you might imagine, there’s no magic involved, no conspiracies and nothing particularly profound which has caused this to happen. In fact, it is a result of more supply than demand at this moment because use, on a world-wide basis, h
Why drilling now is important for "then"
Nancy Pelosi keeps yammering on about how drilling now isn’t going to have an an immediate effect on oil prices now and that’s why she opposes it. She then starts blabbing about needing a comprehensive energy plan for the future.Well, Ms. Pelosi, oil, coal and gas are going to be about 80% of any energy future. Would someone do her a kindness and send her this chart. Maybe a picture will make a dent: 
The price of gas is falling
Or is it?I paid $3.799 yesterday. But true cost really depends on what’s in the tank:Ethanol: High gas prices have caused many drivers, particularly those in regions with strong agricultural industries such as the Midwest, to switch to ethanol as their fuel of choice.The price of E85, an 85% ethanol blend which burns cleaner t
From the land of the rolling brownouts
We have news of plans to expand electrical generating capacity within the state of California being stuffed again:The region’s long-term plans to generate electricity to serve a growing population and to replace decades-old dirty plants were thrown into disarray this week, when a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday
September 30th, a day that will live in insanity
Anyone know what happens in 94 days?Yup - the national election.Anyone know what happens in 60 days?Well yeah, lots of things probably, but one which might be considered more important than many others if the person happens to be interested in politics.In 60 days, 34 days before election-day, the Congressional ban on offshore drilling as well as oil s
The law of unintended consequences strikes again
Mandates are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?Rick Kitchings has been a small-engine mechanic for about 30 years, and he’s been busier than ever lately.Recently, a customer came into his shop in Savannah, Ga., with a string trimmer that had barely been used. “It looked like it just came off the showroom floor, but the motor was absolutely shot, absolutely worn out,” Kitchings said.The owner had fueled the trimmer with an gasoli
1979, Energy needs and the future
A little jaunt down memory lane is in order to provide some context to the continued promise of "alternative energy" as the panacea to all of our energy problems. The following quotes are from an energy speech which was never delivered by Jimmy Carter, but reflects the reality and promises of the time.Compare it to the rhetoric you hear today.
Putting the onus on Congress (update)
When President Bush does this, the only obstacle that will remain in the way of off-shore drilling will be Congress:In another push to deal with soaring gas prices, President Bush on Monday will lift an executive ban on offshore drilling that has stood since his father was president.
The silver lining to high gas prices
Is there one? You bet - and it isn’t a reduction in "greenhouse gasses":Today’s high gas prices could cut auto deaths by nearly a third as driving decreases, with the effect particularly dramatic among price-sensitive teenage drivers, the authors of a new study say. Professors Michael Morrisey of the University of Alabama and David Grabowski of Harv
Dems and the shifting political winds
Politico claims that "Dems [are] Searching Their Souls on Drilling".Poppycock.They’re searching the polls, not their souls, and they aren’t happy with what they find juxtaposed with their present position on the matter. So, as is typical of the breed, they’re easing toward the more popular position.Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) said Wednesday that Democr
Nancy Pelosi’s energy policy
I sometimes wonder (in fact I often wonder) about the real mental acuity of the Speaker of the House. She does not impress me as the brightest bulb in the pack: The speaker blames what she labels the Bush-Cheney big oil agenda, using graphics to point out gasoline prices have more than doubled in the Bush administration."This is a scam of the greatest mag
Biofuels, oil reserves and our future
Yeah, I know I bang this drum incessantly, but this is important stuff. We have a short time-frame in which to act in order to head off, or at least soften, the impact of future energy demand in this country. It is both an economic and national security necessity.And it seems that everything to date which has been tried is exacerbating the problem, instead o
Time to do something now
Warren Meyer of the always outstanding Coyote Blog does a little figuring and charting and comes up with this:It is always nice to get a little perspective on a problem, because it is human nature to think what you are suffering is always the worst that has been suffered.
Energy Alternatives: Wind Power
As research continues into this particular favored alternative to fossil fuels, the British are learning windpower is less reliable, more costly and produces more CO2 than previously thought.The government is attempting to build a 25 gigawatt wind farm by 2020. But researchers have found wind variability to be a big problem:One
Reid and the Dems have no plan for future energy needs
Investor’s Business Daily brings us the latest from probably the worst Majority Leader the Senate has seen in a very long time:The Dr. No of the drill-nothing Congress tried to deflect the issue of rising gas prices Monday by telling Fox Business News that there are costs we should worry about besides those stemming from Democratic inaction. Our guilt is supposed
If you’re still wondering about increased oil demand ...
Perhaps this will give you an idea of at least one of the things driving (no pun intended) it:Auto sales in China are up 17% despite the rise in oil prices. Chinese buyers surpassed the number of projected autos in China for 2020 in 2005.Of course, oil isn’t the only thing wh
Ignoring the law of supply and demand
Why do you suppose Congressional leaders are spending all their time blaming current oil prices on speculators, price gougers and OPEC?Because if they addressed the real problem - supply and demand - it is they who are at fault for not foreseeing the obvious building problem or acting on it with a coherent and rational energy policy. And, of course, politicians aren’t about to take the blame for their short-sightedness. Instead they’re castin
About those "inactive" oil leases ...
The Democrats have answered the "drill here, drill now" crowd by saying that 80+% of the leases presently owned by oil companies are non-producing.As usual, their answer is clueless legislation - they would, by law, compel the oil and natural gas companies to produce from the federal lands they’re presently leasing before talking about any additional leases. And since they’re obviously not doing that at present, or so the reasoning goes, ther
The politics of drilling
It may loom large in this election.As it now stands, Obama is staunchly in the "we won’t drill" camp. “Opening our coastlines to offshore drilling would take at least a decade to produce any oil at all, and the effect on gasoline prices would be negligible at best since America only has 3 percent of the world’s oil,” Oba
Why does gas cost so much - Part XVIII?
Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer like to talk about "obscene profits". And Obama thinks a windfall profits tax would be a good idea. Oil companies are just making too much money and, if you buy the talking points, screwing the consumer.But as we’ve mentioned, 58% of the cost of a gallon of gas is the cost of crude oil. 17% is the cost of refining, 10% the cost of retailing it an
Why is gas $4 a gallon - well let me tell you why ...
So where are we in the discussion about using present energy sources (oil) while we get our ducks in a row concerning replacement alternative (and renewable) fuels?In a word: nowhere.It should come as no surprise to anyone, that like Social Security and Medicare, politicians on both sides of the isle have ignored the looming energy crisis for decades. Well guess what,  
The perfect bug
It eats crap and craps oil.
What a load of cow cookies ...
Would someone grab John McCain by the stacking swivel and slap some sense into him?"I am very angry, frankly, at the oil companies not only because of the obscene profits they’ve made but at their failure to invest in alternate energy to help us eliminate our dependence on foreign oil," the senator said. "They’re making huge profits and that h
Why we aren’t and won’t ever be oil independent
William Yeatman, an energy policy analyst for the Competitive Enterprise Institute asks:"How long can America, on the one hand, say, ’We’re sick and tried of high gasoline prices,’ and on the other hand say, ’We’re not going to do anything about it; we’re not going to tap our own resources?’" Yeatman
Why energy independence won’t happen any time soon
In 1972, the US imported 12% of its oil needs. Now we’re near the 60% range. In those intervening thirty-something years, we, as a nation have done very little to address that problem.R.J. Samuelson, addressing the proposed cap and trade pro
Who do you suppose will be the last to get the message?
With energy demand and cost skyrocketing, this would seem to be a no-brainer:Italy, which last week decided to embrace nuclear power two decades after a public referendum banned nuclear power and deactivated all its reactors, could be just the first of several European countries to reverse its stance on nuclear power, a leading industry gr
Energy demand and Oil
Shell Oil’s President John Hofmeister told the Senate panel yesterday:"If the nation set a goal of increasing domestic production by 2 (million) to 3 million barrels a day by opening up new sources of exploration and production, we could demonstrate to the world that we are in control of our own destiny,"What’s patently obvious is the dithering idio
Wouldn’t you love to see this? (update)
The Senate, again, grilled oil company execs today.Just once, wouldn’t you love to see the tables turned? Brian Kennedy from the Institute for Energy Research has 10 questions for Senators:1. Do you understand the fundamental economic principal of supply and demand for commodities pricing in the oil market?2. Oil is a glo
Paul Krugman VS Amy Klobuchar
Paul Krugman says it’s those darned conservatives pushing the idea that speculation is behind high oil prices...Traditionally, denunciations of speculators come from the left of the political spectrum. In the case of oil prices, however, the most vociferous proponents of the view that it’s all the speculators’ fault have been conservatives...Meanwhile, it’s De
The price of oil - going up? Or going down?
Predictions are all over the place. On the "down" side:The oil boom is on its last leg and may last a few months before a clutch of new refineries start operations amid slackening economic growth across the world, consultancy firm and investment bank Lehman Brothers has predicted in a report.The report said supply is in fact outpacing demand growth even
Government mandates and ethanol - a bad idea
Lester Brown (founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute) and Jonathan Lewis (climate specialist and lawyer with the Clean Air Task Force) succinctly lay out the reasons ethanol mandates are a bad idea - not that anyone in government will listen,
Europe - "let them eat cake..."
Ah, the old biofuels bamboozle continues apace:The EU Commission on Monday rejected claims that producing biofuels is a "crime against humanity" that threatens food supplies, and vowed to stick to its goals as part of a climate change package."There is no question for now of suspending the target fixed for biofuels," said Ba
Energy Crisis? Not necessarily ...
The USGS released the following on April 10th:North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in an area known as the Bakken Formation.[...]Technically recoverable oil resources are those producible using currently available technology and industry practices. USGS is the only provider of pub
Do we need to rethink the rush to biofuels?
We’ve seen net cooling for the last 10 years, there are serious questions about both the models and the equations from which global warming has been predicted and still the rush to convert to biofuels continues
Obama, Big Oil and fun with charts
Since everyone has mostly been wrapped up in the Obama/Wright and Hillary/Bosnia things, we’ve missed a few actual issue oriented articles that have found their way into the news cycle.One that caught my attention was headlined " Obama Eyes Active Role in Oil Markets" by Jeff Mason of Reuters. And, since I’m a shill for "big
How "green" is green?
You know all those "green energy" jobs Clinton and Obama love to go on about? Well, here’s a place where those green jobs aren’t particularly doing the environment any favors:The first time Li Gengxuan saw the dump trucks from the nearby factory pull into his village, he couldn’t believe what happened. Stopping between the cor
Ethanol: Congress, Mandates and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Congress has recently mandated the use of alternative fuels, specifically ethanol, in the latest energy bill to become law. In fact, it has specifically outlined both the amount and type of ethanol which must be produced. But as we will see below, that has and will continue to have some unintended consequences that will be difficult to argue are positive.The MandateIt essentially breaks down like this:2008
Biofuels, food cost, and affluence
A very interesting article by Mark Clayton of the Christian Science Monitor outlining the complexity of discussing the impact of biofuels on food markets. There are, as expected, arguments on both sides, but as you’ll see, regardless of the amount of impact you believe biofuels are having on food prices, it is clear the price of food is rising and will probably continue to rise. RTWT.
Biofuels - not a green bullet says study
After the US Congress and the EU commission have mandated massive increases in biofuel use, comes a report from the Joint Research Centre of the EU that says the cost of biofuels outweigh the benefits:The unpublished working paper by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s in-house scientific body, makes uncomfortabl
And you wonder why we’re still dependent on foreign oil?
Check this out:The nation’s first proposed offshore wind-energy project cleared its most formidable hurdle yesterday as the US Minerals Management Service declared that the wind farm off Cape Cod would have little lasting impact on wildlife, navigation, and tourism.The agency’s nearly 2,000-page draft environmenta
Question: Will Oil Prices Stay High?
Oh yeah. Just check this out:China has agreed to boost crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia by over a third next year, two Beijing-based trading sources said on Monday, helping fuel new refineries in the world’s second-biggest consumer.Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, will sell Sinopec Corp and PetroChina about 200,000 barrel
Energy Bill: Do you consider this good policy?
Oh, joy, the energy bill has passed the House.On Thursday, just over a year after winning the majority, Democrats in the House of Representatives voted through an energy bill that represents a stark departure from the administration’s approach. It would raise vehicle fuel efficiency (Cafe) standards for the first time in over 30
Breakthrough in Lithium-Ion battery technology
Speaking of energy, some alternate energy news:Exxon Mobil Corp. believes it has found an answer to a problem that has bedeviled the auto industry in recent years: using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, like those found in cell phones and laptops, to power cars and trucks.This weekend, at a conference in Anaheim, Calif., Exxon Mobil will unveil a super-thin pl
Getting too that hard to reach oil
Cool video by a company which has developed a way to use water to flush more oil from existing fields.(HT:  
Energy Policy: Unconventional Energy Resources
We hear (and have heard) political promises to make the US "energy independent" by x number of years coming from all the current presidential candidates. And they’re also concerned with breaking the hold of foreign oil dependence. Two worthy goals - if they allow what we have already available to be exploited. And what we have available
Blind Envy
You knew someone would attempt to make a big deal about it and you also knew it would be someone from the Nutroots. My money was on Oliver Willis, but instead it was one of the mouth-breathers at FireDoggerelLake, home of the black-face Joe Lieberman. Apparently our acceptance
"Blind Faith" followup
Take a look at the video at the link here ("The Future of Deepwater Production for Chevron") and spend about 7 minutes watching how they built, transported and joined the "Blind Faith" platform (pay special attention to the HLD and how much it can lift in tons). If you’re an engineer or a technology geek, you will enjoy this immensely. Heck, if you just like to see how things are done, you’ll enjoy it.
Hugo: Use OPEC as a political tool (updated)
Frankly I’m surprised it has taken him so long to realize the potential. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to turn OPEC into "an organization of monopoly and exploitation," according to Saudi King Abdullah.The Arab leader rebuked his South American counterpart during this weekend’s rare meeting of lea
Blind Faith: Size matters
I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Houston and Corpus Christi where I had an extremely interesting couple of days learning a little bit about the oil industry. I and a few other bloggers were able to hear from a large player in the oil industry - Chevron. And we were there, specifically, to see their deep water production facility, "Blind Faith" before it is deployed to the Gulf of Mexico.Incidentally, for you that are wondering, the name of the p
How do we put "no nukes" in a song?
Yup, I often take all my energy advice from Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash and Harvey Wasserman (co-founders of Musicians United for Safe Energy). Of course CNN graciously provided them a forum for their propaganda. I especially liked this part: When we first launched our anti-nukes campaign in the 70s, many of these green technologies were just
Nuclear renaissance?
I’ll be interested to see how long this takes to become reality - if it ever does become reality: If you’re tracking the nuclear power revival in America, last Tuesday, September 25, was a milestone. For the first time since 1973, a new application for building a reactor was placed before the federal government. [...]The proposal submitted