EC starts another shakedown operation against Microsoft
The European Commission says Microsoft can’t bundle a web browser with its operating system:European antitrust regulators have told Microsoft Corp. that the company’s practice of including its Internet browser with its popular Windows operating system violates European competition law, Microsoft said Friday.This initially sounds like the
UAW welches on auto bailout deal
Other than the pure absurdity of the federal government providing bailouts to failing private companies, the other aspect of the Bush auto bailout that I was sure would raise its ugly head is the union’s intransigence once the deal was struck.Let’s be honest - the only reason the UAW wanted this deal was under bankruptcy, its contract would have been voided. With loans, and an incoming union-friendly administration, it can now have its way at
Why are auto companies in trouble?
Well, it isn’t just CEOs and bad management.[HT: McQ2]
No Contract Negotiations ’til 2011? Fine - No Money ’til 2011
In all of the "Republicans Senators are racists and don’t want American workers to earn high wages" nonsense that’s been blowing around the leftosphere, Megan McArdle reminds us of the one salient point that seems to
Cerberus Starting to Get Some Attention
As I wrote about last week, one thing in particular that truly stinks to high heaven regarding the Big 3 Bailout is that Chrysler’s parent, Cerberus Capital, has more than enough money to fund whatever the ailing carmaker needs. If they aren’t going to do so, then why should the taxpayers?It seems that the stench is  
Stock and Awe in Baghdad
The Markets have spoken, the best place to invest in the world is...Iraq!Now it’s stock and awe in Baghdad!As the Dow plummeted nearly 700 points yesterday to fall well below the 9,000 mark, the Iraqi stock exchange - where this broker was merrily k
More On the Draft Bailout Bill (updated)
This is just coming in on the draft bailout bill.Among the provisions of the draft bill: * The $700 billion would be disbursed in stages, with $250 billion made available immediately for the Treasury’s use. * Curbs will be placed on the compensation of executives at companies that sell mortgage assets to Treasury. Among them, the bill would l
Ford plans to bet its future on smaller cars:The struggling automaker, reacting to what it sees as a rapid and permanent shift in consumer tastes brought on by high gas prices, plans to unveil its new direction on Thursday, when it will report quarterly earnings.Among the changes, Ford is expected to announce that it will c
Decentralization - Chinese Oreos
After 5 years of flat sales with their Oreo brand in China, you’d think Kraft would either pull it or change it. But the latter choice, in the top-down, corporate climate that previously was Kraft, wasn’t possible for the field.But Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld is changing that and injecting a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit into the company by allowing the