Hmmm ... I wonder?
I got an email from the Barr 2008 campaign which I glanced at quickly as I usually do such releases and was about to move on when a couple of things struck me.Barr began the Colorado visit in Denver on Sunday, attending a private fundraiser, then traveled to Colorado Springs to meet with evangelical leaders and tour Focus on the Family. "Support for my candidacy in Colorado grows stronger by the day," says Barr. "The enthusiasm of Colorado Lib
How Do Libertarians Help Dani?
This is one of the most gut wrenching stories I’ve ever read. Over at ASHC, in a very long post, I essentially ask the question "what would a libertarian do differently to prevent and/or deal with this type of situation?" I offer a potential answer, although I’m not terribly confiden
Barr Blogger call
For those of you waiting for my post on the Bob Barr blogger call, I’m in the middle of editing it. I want to take my time with it and do the call the justice it deserves.First impression - I found Barr impressive and, in the little time we had, in command of the issues which came up in the questions asked. He was personable, and probably more important than that, he answered the questions asked. Unlike many politicians who are deft at changing t
Soliciting questions for Bob Barr
I’ll be on a blogger conference call with Bob Barr this Monday evening.I’d be interested in any worthwhile (key word there) questions you might want to have asked of him.This is a serious inquiry, so I’ll be moderating the comment section on this post and blowing away any that don’t meet the standard. I want to have a concise list of those questions sitting in the comment section and up on my screen during the call wit