Places Not To Visit
I would stay as far away from any street named after Mumia Abu-Jamal as possible. Especially one in France. There’s not likely to be much police protection available
Your UN in Action
Does this come as a surprise to anyone?A high-ranking human rights worker with ties to the United Nations was nabbed at Kennedy Airport Tuesday with kiddie porn in his suitcase, officials said.Anyone?Hello out there?Anyone?
This is priceless -
OK, it cost 3 million bucks, but the result is priceless.A couple of months ago, in a well publicized hi-jacking, pirates off the Somalian coast took over the Sirius Star, a Saudi super tanker loaded with about a hundred million dollars of oil. Negotiations, apparently, finally concluded and the original ransom demand of 25 million is negotiated down to 3 million.Arrangements are made to deliver the ransom by parachute onto the Si