The Yang story should lead NBC Nightly News, but alas he is a mere Democratic consultant. Those poor guys, they have to murder their children in front of surveillance cameras in the parking lot of a 7/11 to get any attention.

Once again, it just proves the lie that the media is biased toward liberals. All a Republican consultant would have to do is take a call from Blagojevich, without saying anything at all — the mere existence of a phone call would be enough — and the coverage would be massive.

See who really commands the media?

Written By: Martin McPhillips
If Fitzgerald had a tape of The Clown™ telling Blagojevich, "I want you to sell the [Senate] seat for $1 million, and send me half," the news media would yawn (Keith Dimbulbermann would rage, "What kind of filth is this from Republicans to try to bring this heroic President down? Fire Fitzpatrick NOW!!!"), the Democrats would laugh and then yawn, no one but Fox News would cover thr story, and in a week people would say, "What tape? Of what, again?"

That’s the state of affairs in America right now.


Written By: James Marsden
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