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Written By: Scott Jacobs
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LOL, hope they didn’t get in trouble for that.

Written By: Keith_Indy
Oh, that was good. :-)

I’ve been watching television shows and stuff with "intent" lately. (Intent, meaning that I’m paying attention to figure out how.) So very much of the military stuff gotten wrong makes me nuts.

"10 washers, 10 dryers", LOL! Reminded me of one episode (of a show I love) where the one fellow who is supposed to be a former SEAL (of course) crawls up a tree to scope out who is following and gives a report something to the tune of, "There’s some guys over that-a-way."

Oh, it hurts!

Written By: Synova
How I know I’m not a liberal: I find this video heartwarming!

I shared it with Nans. Her little brother deploys to Iraq soon, and this video brightened her day.

Written By: Ronnie Gipper
When they’re done cleaning the insurgents out of Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve got a much tougher job for them: my boys’ room. I swear to God no matter how often I go clean it out, I still find dirty underwear in the toy box.

Written By: Wacky Hermit
Hermit -

Ah ah ah ... the posse comitatus act will keep them from being deployed in your boys’ room. Unless it gets declared the site of a natural disaster, then perhaps they’ll send in the 3rd infantry. I know all this, because I looked into a counter-insurgency action on my laundry.

Oh wait ... is the room under water? Perhaps the Coast Guard can help out!

Written By: Ronnie Gipper
Anybody who’s seen the boys’ room knows it’s a natural disaster site. It gets hit every day by three hurricanes: an F2, an F4, and an F8.

Can I still call in the FBI to find my kidnapped socks? I won’t mind if they waterboard my dryer...

Written By: Wacky Hermit

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