Was this press conference at the Laugh Factory or what?

Written By: Ronnie Gipper
Gates is a sell-out, plain and simple.

The Dems are smart. When Bush took office in 2001, the Dems sent an order to everyone: if Bush approaches you to join his cabinet, you say NO! Unless you want to be forever remembered as a turncoat!

So no matter how many times Bush said he wanted a Dem in his cabinet, everyone he approached turned him down. Except decrepit old Norman Mineta, who was so stupid you could tell him that he was being traded to the Yankees for chewing gun and a teddy bear to be named later.

So, what did the GOP do to Obama? Nothing, because he found two dolts, Robert Gates and Ray LaHood, to serve in his cabinet. Now when Afghanistan goes kablooie and/or Iraq starts to get messy, The Clown™ can say, "Hey - blame it on Bush’s guy, not me!" And he can blame any transportation troubles "on that Republican schmuck from Indiana," LaHood.

And, like good little suckers, these two went along with it. And they will get it in the end, because The Clown™ looks out for himself and throws those overboard who get in his way. Just ask Ayers and Wright and every other "friend" the imbecilic little pr!ck had at one time or another.

Written By: James Marsden
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Just ask Ayers and Wright and every other "friend" the imbecilic little pr!ck had at one time or another.
One could only hope that relationships between the Executive and Secretarial positions are based on just about anything other friendship. Except, maybe, blackmail.

Throwing friends under the Presidential Escalade is bad but Cabinet Secretaries, not so bad. It’s a lot better than when they die in plane crashes.

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