I rather doubt that Hezbollah collapsed the building. It wouldn’t be the first building to collapse hours, days, or even weeks after being damaged. That is why damaged buildings are often condemned; they are structually unsound and dangerous. It happens in this country after every hurricane`and major earthquake. A few months ago there was a building collapse in Baltimore, for no obvious reason.

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There is an unexplained gap of about seven hours between the one Israeli air strike that hit the Qana building housing the civilians, which took place around 1 A.M. Sunday ....
So the IDF knows not only the structures it hits, but when it hits them. (So what about that UN post?) Was the building a command post? Were rockets being fired from the building? Did the IDF know civilians were in the building? Did it know for a fact there weren’t?

Time would be better spent discussing what the IDR knew and when it knew it. Instead, we get the backdoor speculation combined with numerous inferences based on said speculation.

So why hasn’t the IDF disclosed the specifics of what it knew about the building and what it did not, instead of engaging in the parlor game it is presently playing?

A pox on both Hezbollah and Israel. But at least I know my tax dollars do not arm Hezbollah. It makes me mad that my government is giving weapons to a government in the Middle East that uses thoses weapons to kill civilians. Sure Israel can defend itself, whatever that means. (Of course the defintiion of "self defense" has been debased by the Bush administration.) Just don’t do it on my nickel, ok?

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It’s pretty clear in this case that self defence means eliminating those people that are firing rockets into your territory....

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A pox on both Hezbollah and Israel.

Moral equivilance at it’s finest.


Mel Gibson would be proud

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Give me a 1 word answer. No obfuscation. No pontification. No ambiguity. Give me an answer to this question:

Do you believe the IDF is deliberately targeting civilians?

YES or NO please.

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