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"Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it"
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, January 18, 2009

America in 20 years?

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Previous Comments to this Post 

Wow! 20 years? You are more optimistic than I. It is already in process I’m afraid.
Written By: bizjetmech
URL: http://
The solution is obviously to pass even stronger gun control laws.....

Oh it doesn’t matter anyway. In 20 years they’ll be under Sharia law anyway
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Well, you elect and listen to leftists then you what do you expect. Isn’t that what you hear from leftists when they say, "we should follow Europe’s lead"?

Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
20 years?

Written By: Bithead
I’m getting a really strong "I can’t look!" vibe from the video. How bad is it?

As for the march toward a liberal utopia... it’s harder to see when it’s going slower. Maybe it’s a paradox, but if more people recognize it then it’s more likely to face some resistance.

When Clinton was elected there was a strong push toward conservative activism, and that will likely happen again. (It’s hard to get conservatives to become activists... it’s sort of an oxymoron.)

Obama got elected and how many people bought a personal firearm for the first time? (Or got some extras?)

We haven’t been doing too poorly on gun rights. Granted it’s pretty localized but I thought that "must issue" and concealed carry availability by state is better than it had been, and "castle" laws and laws explicitly giving people the right to defend others with lethal force have been passed in some areas. I can’t imagine that the people who have been working for those are going to be anything but *more* vigilant about it now.

This may be the right time for an Ayn Rand revival, as it comes to that. I happened to sit next to a lady at a class I’m taking (the first class, even, so it was random) who went on a bit about how amazing it is to re-read Atlas Shrugged just now. (And when the lady on the other side of me mumbled something about cult followers, she was ready with a warm recommendation of The Fountainhead.)

Despair and anxiety are sins, and not useful.

So look on the bright side. ;-)
Written By: Synova
I agree with Synova. There are too many conservatives in this country who would actually shoot at the National Guard before they give their guns away. There is no way you will see a Federal firearm ban or a reversal of the 2nd amendment. John Kerry felt he had to do a photo-op going duck hunting for Pete’s sake! Now with the Heller decision on the books, Gun-opponents can’t rely on stacking courts, they will actually have to rely on elected representatives to carry out the agenda, which would be political suicide.
Written By: Jimmy the Dhimmi
URL: http://
The Brits have no Second Amendment. Heller vs DC established the individual right to own and use a gun in self defense. If you are concerned, join the NRA, write or call your congressman and senators to let your voice be heard. Also, buy guns now.

This Fall alone, I acquired another rifle, a shotgun, two Model 1911s and a Lyman Crusher reloading system. I have enough powder, primers and bullets to reload 5000 rounds of 45 ACP. Two weeks ago, I bought an M1 Garand and 192 rounds of M2 30 caliber ball ammunition. This week, I will probably buy another Garand, 500 rounds of 30 cal and a set of 30-06 dies and supplies.

Written By: Arch
URL: http://

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