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Still Confused About Europe
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The latest example?

This is not okay:
A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

"In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line," the court in Amsterdam said.

Mr Wilders said the judgement was an "attack on the freedom of expression".
But this, apparently, is okay:
A Norwegian diplomat based in Saudi Arabia has sent out e-mails from her Foreign Ministry e-mail account equating Israel's offensive against Hamas in Gaza with the systematic mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazis.

The e-mail, sent out by Trine Lilleng, a first secretary at the Norwegian Embassy in Riyadh, includes a juxtaposition of black-and-white pictures from the Holocaust with color images of Operation Cast Lead.

"The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany," the e-mail states.
I say "apparently", because this is recent and perhaps a little early for action to be taken yet. But I have my suspicions she won't end up in court (or much else). Let's monitor and see. But in both cases it seems wrong to me. In the first it abridges the right of someone to speak freely. And yes, I know there is no 1st amendment in Europe. I'm talking about a person's inate right, not legal privilege.

In the second case, if left without being charged, it will simply demonstrate the bias under which "hate laws" can be selectively applied. Again, I abhor them and think they are anti-liberty, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me to see the second case quietly ignored.
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Jews wont target Dutch officials and cut their heads off for making those comments.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
Besides, everyboy knows that sh*tty little country deserves whatever it gets.
At least, everybody in EUnuchstan does.
Written By: Veeshir
URL: http://
not that confusing. They are leftists
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Civilizations almost invariably commit suicide. That’s the great Arnold Toynbee’s view. If there are energies internal to Europe that are significant enough to create a late rally, they are fairly well hidden. Taken with the demographic collapse there, not to mention the loss of identity (a funny thing to happen when identity politics is such a rage), it suggests that the big deal is done.

Take no solace: we are about 20 years behind them. Our schools and universities are already "Europe." And they control nothing, of course, but the next generations.

Any of that "hate speech" prosecution you can already get at an American university, or up the road in Canada.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
URL: you mean that Jews holed up in one area fired rockets at Nazis? And that the Nazis entered the area and only shot at Jewish fighters?

Or did the Nazis go into the Warsaw Ghetto and kill everyone - men, women, children - that they could get their hands on?

Only morons equate Nazis with anything people do today. They use the comparison because, to be honest, they are fugging imbeciles.

Anybody got a shoe? There is a Norwegian embassy employee in Saudi Arabia I would like to throw it at.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
Welllll, Gaza is the Hebrew word for ghetto.

Other than that, one is Dutch the other Norwegian, different countries with different laws don’tcha know. Also one is inciting to discrimination and the other isn’t. One is a member of parliament and the other isn’t.

Still I would be surprised if the First Secretary’s actions pass without causing her problems in some form.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
Hamas boy - ’Ghetto’ is a shortening for the an Italian word referring to the Jewish quarter of Venice where Jews were forced to live.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
it’s kind of an old word too....
The term "ghetto" originated from the name of the Jewish quarter in Venice, established in 1516, in which the Venetian authorities compelled the city’s Jews to live. Various authorities, ranging from local municipal authorities to the Austrian Emperor Charles V, ordered the creation of other ghettos for Jews in Frankfurt, Rome, Prague, and other cities in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Retief is QandO for "Hamas propaganda hack".
Written By: looker
URL: http://
I knew I could trust you to be litteral.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
Nah, I just wondered if you’re really a dumb@ss, or if you have a delicious sense of irony.

Clearly on this one I’ll have to go with the delicious sense of irony.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
Welllll, Gaza is the Hebrew word for ghetto.
Where did you get that from?

Certainly not from here or here or even here

Looker is right with his moniker "hamas-boy" for you. I will start using that as well.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
I could juxtapose pictures from any conflict ever fought next to a selected picture from the Holocaust to convince stupid people of comparisons with the Nazis. Only idiots fall for such nonsense without considering the circumstances of those events. you mean that Jews holed up in one area fired rockets at Nazis? And that the Nazis entered the area and only shot at Jewish fighters?
Exactly. If this idiot wants to make a WWII comparison, Hamas are the Nazis who attack the innocent without provocation. The innocent German dead would be the Palestinians civilians who had no hand in the rise of Hamas.

The world reaction to Israel’s REaction to acts of terror kills me. Where were the protests of Hamas rockets attacks that killed innocent Israelis? Where were those protesting, because Israeli children in Sderot were subjected to daily attacks from indiscriminate weapons? Where was the juxtaposition of pictures from dead Jews in Israel and ruined infrastructure from rockets and terrorist attacks with dead Jews in Europe? Would any democracy on the face of the earth sustain daily terror attacks and not retaliate? Was America labeled Nazis for Afghanistan? Will Obama be compared to Hitler for allowing these operations to continue? Same situation, right? America has modern, sophisticated weaponry. The other side only had airplanes. It’s a disproportionate response of Nazi-like aggression.
Written By: Is
URL: http://
Nazi-like aggression.

Now hole on wun pea-pick’n minute...that phrase is a registered trademark, doan make me sick a hole passle ’o lawyers on yore @ss....much less the faculty lounge of the University of Maine’s Poli Sci Dept.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Besides, everyboy knows that sh*tty little country deserves whatever it gets.
At least, everybody in EUnuchstan does.
Europe is under severe stresses to break apart as a union. The pro-Islamic bias of Sweden, Norway, the UK, will bear a bitter fruit of jihad and Sharia.
Norway is not part of the EU.

May as well cite Tijuana to portray crime in America.
Written By: unaha-closp
Perhaps Geet should bring a lawsuit onto the publishers of the Koran, since the Koran clearly teaches Muslims to hate the unbeliever.
Written By: Jimmy the Dhimmi
URL: http://
The Dutch, like the French, have a demographic time bomb on their hands. Their capital cities, Amsterdam and Paris, already have significant Muslim populations so large and so fecund that they will eventually become the majority population, in approximately two to three more generations—certainly by the end of this century. The Dutch filmmaker is in trouble for being patriotic and perhaps reactionary; the Dutch government is in trouble for being liberal to the point of nihilsm.

You’re right, McQ, freedom is lost by the Dutch government’s suit. One of the unfortunate conundrums of freedom is that, when not attached to a corresponding responsibility, radical freedom—Locke’s "license"—tends to sanction anarchy or nihilism.

The Dutch—and the French—have not developed a policy of multiculturalism with assimilation, as in the American model. Instead, their multiculturalism encourages separatism, which means the tensions and conflicts can only continue to grow. But like the Hans Christian Andersen story of the brave Dutch boy with his fingers in the dike to hold back the water, the demographic tide will eventually win.
Written By: a Duoist
You caught me Capt. Joe. Gaza is actually from the Hebrew word for stronghold. But it is, in fact, a ghetto.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
Yeah, and those Palestinians better give the Gaza strip back to it’s rightful owners....Egypt, or the Gaza Egyptians will start firing rockets at them.
That’ll be okay, right?
Written By: looker
URL: http://
If I was Egypt and Jordan, I’d laughing my a$$ off for the past 40 years at having made the inhabitants of the territories and Israeli problem and not mine.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
from the Hebrew word for stronghold. But it is, in fact, a ghetto.
There is a difference a stronghold (castle) and a ghetto. I think the Bristish royals might take issue with that. One man’s castle is his ghetto.

well ... ok!?

Are you applying some form of postmodernist logic here?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
If I was Egypt and Jordan
Wow for a guy who knows so much about the history of the region it’s obviously escaped the notice of your eagle like eyes that about half of Jordan is Palestinian.

Wow, again.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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