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Posted by: MichaelW on Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does it bother anyone else that the questionable Constitutional implications of the botched inaugural oath were serious enough to warrant a redo, but that the plainly and unambiguously unconstitutional appointment (and confirmation) of Sen. Hillary Clinton to the Secretary of State post barely merits a yawn?

Or how about the fact that tax cheats are routinely punished unmercifully, and that Joe Biden famously deemed as unpatriotic those who seek to reduce their taxes by as much as legally possible, but Congress is in the process of approving a flagrant tax cheater to the post of Treasury Secretary (in charge of the IRS no less) and the sitting Chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee has been flouting tax laws for quite some time now?

Maybe it's just me.
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Did you miss that Congress passed a Saxbe fix for Clinton rolling back her salary as SoS to the level it was when she was elected to the Senate? There is a question of whether Saxbe fixes are constitutional, but this maneuver has been used several times in the past.
Written By: Jon Biggar
URL: http://
No I didn’t miss it. The Saxbe fix has been used before, but it’s still blatantly unconstitutional.
Written By: MichaelW
Wait...President Bush lowered the pay of the SecState back to previous a couple weeks ago, didn’t he? I can’t find the link, but It was done on 12.19.2008
Written By: Joel C.
URL: http://

Obama is in office now. Stop harshing their mellow...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Nothing new under the sun here.
Written By: Grimshaw
URL: http://
First off, laws are for the little people. Haven’t you been paying attention?
Second, IMO, you should just sit back and enjoy it. Because this is the funniest end of civilization ever and it’s going to get funnier and funnier.

Right until the end. That won’t be so funny.

I suggest you get something that’s the peak of Western Civilization first so when you’re sitting around in your cave, burning your books for heat and avoiding the roaming bands of mutants and feral cats you’ll have a nice memory.

Written By: Veeshir
URL: http://
Easy Michael...

Democrats = good
Republicans = evil

There may come a time where centrist Dems offer up the same unanswerable plea as did a Catholic Priest years ago.
When they came to take the Ann Coulters, I said nothing, for I did not care much for the Coulters of the world...
Written By: bains
URL: http://
I think that the Geithner thing is outlandish. On Kudlow’s show last night Ken Langone, an old school business guy who was a NYSE director and the co-founder of Home Depot, said, "I’m sorry, it just bothers me." Kudlow thinks it is first and foremost a character issue.

But that’s the Clintonian nature of this Obama production, right down to the appointment of Hillary Clinton to State while Bill is not having sex with the international contributors to his foundation. They are so set up for global pay-to-play that it’s astounding. But that’s the legacy of all those Republicans who preached that it was "be nice to Hillary day" every day. What are they supposed to say now?

I’m sorry to say this, but if that huge campaign war chest of Obamas with tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars laundered in from foreign sources came largely from the most likely suspect — China — then Hillary at State is payback for that. Chinese national security espionage had a tailgate party during the Clinton years.

And Holder? He’s sorry now about the Marc Rich pardon? How about the terrorist pardons? I believe he is defending those. Well, I guess half a loaf of sorry is better than none.

Were all three of these appointees to three of the big four cabinet posts part of a deal to let Gates stay at Defense?

"Don’t give us any problems on our State, Treasury, and Justice nominees and we’ll let your man run the Pentagon for a year before we put our man in there."

The Clintons always preferred damaged goods around them, and Obama has learned that lesson. And if you reject a Zoe Baird or Kimba Wood, why, they would come back at you with a Janet Reno, whose disgraceful record in Florida even prompted a Frontline expose, but was virtually never otherwise mentioned.

So, it’s "you think Holder is bad, you reject him and we’ll show you what bad is! Count your lucky stars."
Written By: Martin McPhillips

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