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So Who Is In Charge Of US Foreign Policy?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, January 26, 2009

While everyone knows, ultimately it is the President of the United States, usually it is the Secretary of the State who carries the foreign policy ball for the president.

Except when the newly seated US ambassador to the UN decides she's the one speaking for the US:
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday the new administration would make Iran's nuclear program a top diplomatic priority and would pursue direct talks with Tehran.

"We remain deeply concerned about the threat that Iran's nuclear program poses to the region, indeed to the United States and to the entire international community," Ambassador Susan Rice told reporters after 45 minutes of closed-door discussions with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

"We look forward to engaging in vigorous diplomacy that includes direct diplomacy with Iran," she said.
I may be wrong, but I can't imagine that Hillary Clinton okayed this or, in fact, knew much about it. I'd also guess, if that's the case, she won't be too happy about it.

Susan Rice has had a little history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time before. My guess is that she and Ms. Clinton will be sharing a telephone call soon if what I am asserting is true.

I just can't imagine Hillary Clinton letting someone else announce the apparent policy for US engagement with Iran, especially considering its importance in the current world situation. Iran is one of this administration's foreign policy priorities. Knowing Ms. Clinton, that's not a policy priority she's going to let another handle.

And frankly, that's really not the job of the UN ambassador - an ambassador is policy executor, not a policy formulator (understanding that they would indeed have input concerning the country or organization for which they are an ambassador, but the administration policy for that nation would be the Secretary of State's to execute as delegated by the POTUS).

Can't wait to see how this all shakes out.
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Well, like it or not, we live in interesting times.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
You said it, Don. If I wasn’t scared sh!tless by nonsense like this, I would probably find it entertaining!
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
I just can’t imagine Hillary Clinton letting someone else announce the apparent policy for US engagement with Iran,
Hillary’s being a good lawyer. Just as a lawyer never asks a witness a question that the lawyer doesn’t already know the answer to, as Secretary of State Hillary will I’m sure never announce a policy that might blow up in her face. Susan Rice, on the other hand, is expendable.

Plus, Rice probably jumped at the opportunity, and thought that Hillary was handing her a plum.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Plus, Rice probably jumped at the opportunity, and thought that Hillary was handing her a plum.
That assumes Clinton knew about it. My assertion is she didn’t.

At today’s presser at the White House:
Q Thanks, Robert. This morning Susan Rice was up at the U.N. and talked about direct diplomacy with Iran. Assuming she’s not freelancing here, can you describe a little more fully about what she meant by that, the president’s direction, what sort of direct diplomacy?

GIBBS: Well, let me begin by first saying that the administration’s pleased that the Senate has confirmed Ambassador Rice to what the president believes is a very important job. I think what Ambassador Rice outlined today was simply to restate the position that I think many of you heard the president outline throughout the campaign for the past two years: that this administration is going to use all elements of our national power to address the concerns that we have with Iran.

There are no specific initiatives that we’re announcing either at the U.N. or here today, and when we have anything more specific to announce, that they will do so.

Q So you can’t say when the diplomacy will begin or how —

GIBBS: Well, again, I don’t — again, it’s not a specific announcement, but more the restating — again, I think, whether you are on the campaign trail or not, clearly this was something that generated a lot of coverage over the past two years, and I think Ambassador Rice was simply restating the position that the president had.
Note the assumption in the question and the answer. My guess is Rice still thinks she works for and speaks for the President and saw nothing wrong with "restating" the position on Iran. Gibbs, of course, as with most spokespeople, is clueless, but seems to also think that is the case. The questioner, however, is wondering the same thing I am wondering.

Written By: McQ
Now, here is an idea:

Maybe The Clown™, instead of thinking that he is Lincoln, or thinking that he is FDR, or thinking that he is JFK, can be just like Richard Nixon. No, not the criminal, but the man who said, "I will go to China." And to China he went, meeting Mao and walking along the Great Wall.

So, The Clown™ can say, "I will go to Iran." He will go and meet Mahmoudy "the Goatfugger" Iamanutjob, the President Who Doesn’t Bathe, and when The Clown™ lands in Tehran the people there can embrace their long-lost Muslim brother, and take him around, showing him all the wonderful tourist spots in the city ("here’s where we kept your people prisoner for 444 days" and "here is where we beat women who do not wear the abaya").

And then, after The Clown™ leaves Iran, having reached out to the Iranian regime of nutjobs, whackjobs, fruitcakes and lunatics...just after he leaves Iran and returns to the US and tells the American people that all it would take to stabilize the Middle East would be to go to Iran and just talk to them, the Iranians can go on tv and announce that they now have a nuclear weapon.

And once again, it will be shown that when you elect a naive, dimwitted, imbecilic pr!ck for President, you get a naive, dimwitted, imbecile who will be outflanked by a goatfugger and his merry band of psychopaths.

End of story. Wasn’t that nice, boys and girls? This story was brought to you by the number 5 trillion, which is how much The Clown™ will blow in spending in just four years, and by the letter I, which stands for what The Clown truly is: an ignoramus.

See you next time, kiddies!
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
Susan Rice has had a little history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time before.
Last time the state dept said the wrong thing at the wrong time, didn’t we have Gulf War I as a result.
Written By: Keith_Indy

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