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Scheer Nonsense
Posted by: Jon Henke on Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Robert Scheer:
Would George W. Bush have been reelected president if the public understood how much responsibility his administration bears for allowing the 9/11 attacks to succeed?
Yep. It's gonna be one of those columns. But, for his evidence, Scheer has to twist a recent report beyond recognition...
Yet it was appalling to learn last week that the White House suppressed until after the election a damning report that exposes the administration as woefully incompetent if not criminally negligent. Belatedly declassified excerpts from still-secret sections of the 9/11 commission report, which focus on the failure of the Federal Aviation Administration to heed multiple warnings that Al Qaeda terrorists were planning to hijack planes as suicide weapons, make clear that this tragedy could have been avoided.
Well, somebody has been woefully incompetent, if not criminally negligent. In this case, however, I think you'll find it is Robert Scheer. Were there "multiple warnings that Al Qaeda terrorists were planning to hijack planes as suicide weapons"? Well, no...
Fifty-two of those summaries mentioned bin Laden or al Qaeda, and five discussed hijacking "as a capability al Qaeda was training for or possessed."

Two summaries cited suicide operations, "but not connected to a threat in aviation," the report said.
So, 5 memos discussed the fact that Al Qaeda was capable of hijacking an airplane, and none of the memos discussed suicide operations in connection with aviation.

But, can a plausible case be made--from these memos--that the FAA had "multiple warnings that Al Qaeda terrorists were planning to hijack planes as suicide weapons". In fact, precisely the opposite is true...
The commission found no evidence that the FAA knew what al Qaeda was plotting -- hijacking planes and using them as missiles -- but the agency had at least considered "the possibility that terrorists would hijack a plane and use it as a weapon," the report said.
Robert Scheer got it exactly wrong. It's as simple as that. Robert Scheer. Made. It. Up.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

If there's anything to take away from this, it's amaze that anyone is still pushing this crap. Though I suppose one could add a bit of a (!) that it was the LAT, not the NYT that was printing it.

The left... Sheer among them, still can't get past the fact that the American people... by large numbers... consider Republicans to be the better choice.

And Sheer's attitude... the electorate is either underinformed, or just plain stupid, seems right on target for what passes for vote winning in Democrat circles today.

Written By: Bithead
It could an amazing large number of words for Mr. Scheer to say almost nothing. I was left with maybe a hint, but nothing specific. With this kind of information, I could never stop another one of these empty pieces by this windbag.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Michael Moore tried the same lie in his movie. The August PDB from 2001 did not say anything about hijacked planes being used as missiles or to carry out attacks, yet that is exactly what Moore claimed it said. Seemingly Scheer follows in the same pattern. How predictable.

A simple reading of that PDB puts all of that to rest. So should a reading of the documents that recently have been declassified, written by Richard Clarke and given to the Bush administration as it entered the White House.

Journalists don't want you to read facts, they want you to read and believe what they say.
Written By: Seixon

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