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Disgusting, simply disgusting.
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, March 05, 2005

The NY Press, an alternative weekly, has run a column by some nitwit named Matt Tabbi entitled "The 52 Funniest Things About The Upcoming Death of the Pope".

There is absolutely nothing remotely funny in the article or about the article. Its despicable, disrespectful, and disgusting. It is, in fact, indecent.

I'm sure Tabbi thought he was being clever and cute, but it is neither. What it is, however, is indicative of the coarseness of what passes for commentary today in some circles. And, unfortunately, its also indicative of the fact that some religions are still fair game for appalling and outrageous assaults.

For once in my life I find myself in complete agreement with both Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton:
Sen. Chuck Schumer: "This is the most disgusting thing I've seen in 30 years of public life."

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: "Pope John Paul is one of the world's strongest forces for peace and understanding at a time when discord and rancor threaten every nation. It is outrageously offensive to make light of his physical suffering, which he has borne with such strength, dignity and grace."
Normally I'd say don't dignify such trash by reading it, but its important that you do. Its important that you see it in black and white.

Then, like I, you can try figuratively to get the awful taste of true "hate speech" out of your mouth.
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I have no problem with an article about "52 funniest things about the upcoming death of the Pope" because I have a sick sense of humor. Sure, it’s designed to offend you, but so be it.

But the real problem with’s just not funny. His piece is written with a mean-spirited and vindictive tone.

The point of humor (even offensive humor) is to be funny. This isn’t.
Written By: Angry
URL: http://
Oh I don’t know, Angry, how would you react to the "52 funniest things about those who died on 911?"

Some things are just disrespectful, hateful and in horrid taste. And that’s where I place this idiot’s litany. And I do agree, its mostly juvenile bathroom "humor".
Written By: McQ
I agree with Angry. I tried reading it with Osama as the target, and it still wasn’t funny.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://
I also have no problems with irreverant humor. As long as the wit exceeds the obscenity. But in this case, there is nothing really funny about the article.

I was disgusted by the fact that the pope did not do more to crush the problems the church has had now for decades with perverted priests. If it could have been done, the pope should have been fired for allowing this to go on as long as it did.
Written By: Mr. K
URL: http://
Oh I don’t know, Angry, how would you react to the "52 funniest things about those who died on 911?"

I’d probably react to that as you reacted to this. So what? I’m adult enough to recognize that if I’m going to laugh at something like this, someone else could laugh at something that offends me. I’m not a hypocrite that way.

As I said, the writing was pathetic, he wasn’t trying to be funny at all, he was being mean and vindictive.

Written By: Angry
URL: http://
I’m not a hypocrite that way.

Nor am I .. I’d react to it the same way I did this.


Somethings are beyond the pale, and frankly bathroom humor about a dying man is one of them.

However we do agree that there was no atttempt at humor here, it was indeed "mean and vindictive".
Written By: McQ
I’m not really bothered by crass humor. (as you’ll see) I told Challenger jokes along with the rest of the kids in school when that tragedy happened. I just don’t think humor is inconsistent with respect. Hell, read PJ O’Rourke’s breakdown of foreigners, for a classic in the highly disrespectful vein.

Having said that, I really don’t see what’s actually funny about that list. (written by a contributor to The Nation and Alternet, for what that’s worth) There were a couple lines that approached funny, but the vast majority of them seemed a great deal closer to invective than humor. I’m having trouble figuring out what his point was, and I’m having even more trouble figuring out why a media outlet would publish that.

Then, I’ve always had trouble figuring out why the Pope should be so venerated, too. As far as I can tell, he’s just an overworked old man who really should be allowed to retire with his dignity, instead of being carted all over the world to drool at poor sinners.
Written By: Jon Henke
overworked old man who really should be allowed to retire
Or you could look at him as a highly motivated and dedicated leader of billions who chooses to continue doing God’s work to the best of his ability as long as he is able. But, you know, six of one or a half dozen of another. And like you’ve never drooled down your pencil while dozing in school...admit it.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://
Yeah, that’d work, too. But, like movie stars, the only exceptional thing about him is his job.
Written By: Jon Henke
I used to read NYPress often... and I can tell you this is par for the course for Taibbi. You should have seen some of his anti-Bush diatribes... it was tough finding anything funny. Heck, even Ted Rall is funnier than this guy.

In any case, Frank J. could actually make a list like this (and he likes the Pope) and be really funny.

As for being allowed to retire... the Pope is the final authority. If he wanted to retire, he would have. I’ve got relatives with Parkinson’s - they’re not senile. If they don’t want to do something, they are able to indicate so. The Pope =wants= to be seen publicly. I think it’s pretty sad that we expect the ill to stay tastefully tucked away, lest we are reminded that one day each of us will be a feast for worms.
Written By: meep
I think it’s pretty sad that we expect the ill to stay tastefully tucked away,
My comment had nothing to do with illness. As far as I’m aware, his only illness is the occassional flu.
Written By: Jon Henke
My guess is the author was molested by a male figurehead sometime in his childhood. He has yet to come to grips with that tragedy, so he is taking it out on the Pope.
Written By: Mike
URL: http://

One’s personal standards of good manners, taste, respectability, etc. are issues that, at best, inform our own actions and words.  There is no way one should expect to be able to impose those on everyone else.  Although I thought some of the author’s list was sophomoric, some (#22 for example) was dead-on accurate, and others had an undeniable "memento mori" edge that is true for all of us, significant historical figures as well as ordinary folks like myself.  Although as a lesbian ex-Catholic, I have found this Pope’s outlook on the world/women/reproductive issues/gays to be consistently disappointing in the "What would Jesus do?" way, I don’t think mocking the physical decrepitude and suffering anyone may face at death is a "fair fight," so to speak.  The intent of the list is, in my opinion, so unclear as to render impotent any possible benefit from the reading.

Written By: pat everitt
I am no fan of the RCC, but this is just weird that someone would agree to put this in a paper at all.........not funny.
Written By: Anonymous
I have no problem with an article about "52 funniest things about the upcoming death of the Pope" because I have a sick sense of humor.

I have no problem with this bit angry, it does make look like a bit of a sicko (laughing at anothers suffering and all that) but you clearly accept that fact and are not trying to tell others what to think, its just that the next bit, you seem to do exactly that:

Sure, it’s designed to offend you, but so be it.

Screw dismissing it with a glib "so be it"! I find laughing at someone elses suffering in this sort of situation pathetic, childish and offensive. Now thats only my opinion, but I’m sure as hell going to voice it. I’d never think to myself "so be it".
Written By: MIchael
URL: http://
are you all really this thin-skinned? i, for one, found the list hilarious.

grow up, get over it, worries...we’ll all have a shiny new pope soon.

Written By: anonymous
URL: http://
If you found that list funny, that says much more about you than me.

Written By: McQ
from an atheistic point of vue, the article is simply funny. Such a waste of energy, of life, from this john paul and only 52 points about his last moments
Written By: eric
URL: http://

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