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Clueless in Jerusalem
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, March 17, 2005

If you've agreed to visit a country which is peopled by a race and religion which has undergone the trauma of a pogrom we call the "holocaust" and since the country's inception, has been attacked by enemies and terrorists, is it a good idea to stop on the way to a commemoration of the Holocaust to honor one of the terrorists which has been responsible for lethal attacks on that country?

Most people, and one would think especially a diplomat, would say "absolutely not".

Then there's UN Secretary Generaly Kofi "Clueless" Annan:
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's decision to lay a wreath at the grave of Yasser Arafat while on his way to the dedication of a Holocaust museum in Israel is infuriating New York politicians and Jewish leaders, some of whom are labeling Mr. Annan's gesture "outrageous," "grotesque," and an example of "mindless incompetence."

The secretary-general joined world leaders in Israel on Tuesday to commemorate the opening of a new Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. His visit Monday to Mr. Arafat's grave rankled some representatives of the United Nations' host city, who said Mr. Annan had damaged the world body's already poor public image and may have further imperiled U.N. plans to expand into neighboring parts of Turtle Bay.

I'm sorry, but this is either mindless stupidity or an intentional thumb in the eye of Israel. Given the UN's past dealings with Israel over the years, I'm inclined toward the latter. Either way, its inexcusable.

Annan's a disgrace and should be shown the door at the earliest opportunity if the UN hopes to salvage any credibility at all and remain in the least relevant.
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Didn’t Eric Alterman explain why it’s perfectly reasonable for the Arabs and Palestinians to refuse to commemorate the Holocaust? Perhaps Kofi’s taking a page from him?
Written By: Lurking Observer
URL: http://
Didn’t Eric Alterman explain why it’s perfectly reasonable for the Arabs and Palestinians to refuse to commemorate the Holocaust? Perhaps Kofi’s taking a page from him?
Written By: Lurking Observer
URL: http://

Specially, when the late subject’s uncle, Haj Amin Al Husseini, the former grand mufti of Jerusalem, (who was Circassian, not Palestinian) was Hitler ’s point person in the recruiting of Moslem and Arab sympathizers for the SS (the notorious Handschar ’Scimitar’ Battallion, along with the likes of Rashid Ali Al Kailani, the Iraqi Vichy chieftain; and Baathist role model. the "Great Haj" , continued this pattern, in the run up to the 1st Arab/Israeli war, from places like Beirut, or in Ali’s case, Saudi Arabia 


Written By: narciso
URL: http://

This is the same UN that lambasted Sharon for visiting the Temple Mount and blamed the most recent intifada on that ’provocative’ act? 

Just checking.

Written By: Achillea
URL: http://
Remember the old joke about the headline: "World ends tomorrow; women and minorites hardest hit"? The subheadline would read, "UN votes to condemn Israel"
Written By: Steverino
This is just another example of the "impartiality" of the U.N. Dore Gold wrote about in his book "Tower of Babble." Rather than showing impartiality, the U.N. has had a major hand in permitting chaos around the world (see Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, etc.) Well before Annan took over the U.N., it was an organization that refused to distinguish between attacker and attacked, violator and victim. Thus for Annan, Arafat is no different than any Isreali Prime Minister.
Written By: Mark
Wear a sunglass with a blue tint, and everything looks blueish. You all think you have "the truth", when all you have is YOUR truth.

There is no difference between Arafat and Sharon. Sharon killed and burned Arab villages to create the state os Israel in 1948. Zionist books mention Der Yasin with pride as three Israeli prime ministers burned the village.

One people’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

It is simply pathetic that a bunch of so-called "intellectuals" think they have the right to kill and occupy because THEIR God supposidly gave the a land few thousands years ago.

One holocaust does not justify another. Seven million Palestinian refugess is no joke. Four million deprived of decent living is no joke. Arafat is no angel for sure. But, you, Israelis, look in the mirror, and you will see Hitler looking back at you.

This is not to say there are decent Israelis. They are usually second generation. For whom I have admiration. As I do for the Rabiis For Peace movement in San Francisco.

Written By: Steve
URL: http://

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