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The Neolibertarian Blog
Posted by: Jon Henke on Monday, May 23, 2005

Well, it's still being built—sidebars, blogrolls and various other things are still missing—but I've begun the next phase of the Neolibertarian Network: The Neolibertarian Blog

The Neolibertarian Blog is a link-oriented blog, dedicated to linking Neolibertarian ideas, and ideas of importance to Neolibertarians....and, naturally, other stuff of interest. Consider it an Instapundit for the Neolibertarian Network.

Each day, I will create a single post, and add stories to the top of the post as I find them. Comments are enabled for each day, and discussions, suggestions and pointers are welcomed. In addition, this will enable me to link to important posts written by bloggers who read QandO. If you write/find something of note, email me at [jonhenke —@—]

I hope you'll add The Neolibertarian Blog to your blogrolls and bookmarks, and help make it a viable resource in the blogosphere. Too, I hope The Neolibertarian Blog will help draw attention to the work being done by members of the Neolibertarian Network. Visit it here.

UPDATE: Instapundit readers are probably new to QandO, so I should explain a bit. I'll add here what I wrote at The Neolibertarian Blog. I'm still in the process of building The Neolibertarian, but I'd direct your attention to this description of Neolibertarianism, and our list of Neolibertarian Network member blogs.

I hope you'll also check out our journal of Neolibertarian thought: The New Libertarian

In the meantime, I hope you'll bookmark The Neolibertarian Blog, and check back often as we continue to build a more practical—and, hopefully, more effective—brand of libertarianism.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

What is a neo libertarian? I looked at many sites you are linking to and couldn’t find a definition. How is it different from being a libertarian?
Written By: Joel
URL: http://
Joel, go here.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://
We’ve outlined our own broad ideological framework here. In my view, it’s an attempt to expand libertarianism to be more politically relevant—to incorporate all the people who share a tendency to liberty and liberty-oriented policy views, without enforcing a rigid doctrinaire policy of exclusion. ("what?!?! You don’t think Roosevelt was a Commie? Heretic!")

We’re more practical with regards to our politics—and with regards to what is possible in the realm of political activism—than are many Libertarians, and we’re willing to form coalitions to work towards our ideals.

That help?
Written By: Jon Henke
Hooray. A place I can call hom, other than my home of course. Seems to me that the future of political thought is being found on the neo level. R.I.P. Paleo thinking.
Written By: Steve
Wow, excellent site. I’ve been looking for something like this.

Well listen, count me in. I hope you’ll consider my site for your blogroll. I’ll certainly be blogrolling you.
Written By: Cynical Nation
BTW, I created a neolibertarian entry on wikipedia.
Written By: Michael Mealling
i knowed a libraian onct. she shore wuz sweet thar amonst them books!
Written By: bubba
Great site. I intend to become a regular reader.
Written By: D.E. Cloutier

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