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Blogging is Dead
Posted by: Dale Franks on Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bill Hobbs has ceased publishing his blog. We're sorry to see his blog go. On the plus side, though, he has decided to replace it with an online magazine.

His concern, of course, is that, since the FEC has decided to regulate blogs, blogging is now dead.

We agree. For the same reasons, we have also decided to end blogging here. The QandO Blog, as such, is now dead.


Welcome to Questions and Observations (QandO), the web's newest online magazine (as of 0323 PST, 3 Jul 05). For you, our readers, the QandO Online Magazine might appear to be exactly the same as the now-defunct QandO Blog. In fact, many of you will think that no change has occurred at all. It will still be Jon, McQ, and I providing daily opinion and news, in a diary-like, chronological format. It will continue to appear at the same URL. The format and web site design will not change. But, if you think that the QandO Online Magazine and the QandO blog are the same thing, well, then, you'd be, like, totally wrong.

I mean, look up at the top of the page. It says "Online Magazine", right there, in blue and white. Sure, it might be published in a format very similar to the web-based diaries popularly known as "blogs", but it isn't a blog at all. It's an online magazine. In fact, it's a companion magazine to our other online magazine, The New Libertarian.

Jon, McQ, and I are now officially journalists, all of us carry actual press cards, and we should be treated with the deference due to our noble calling.

We regret that we must cease publication of our blog, but the federal regulation of blogs makes the permanent suspension of the QandO blog necessary.

Speaking for myself, as one who has blogged since April of 2002, I am extraordinarily saddened to see the end of blogging under the threat of legal action by the Federal Government. Blogging was, for a brief time, a fascinating phenomenon that dramatically widened the ordinary citizen's voice in our great national conversation. And I would have liked to see blogging keep growing, and changing the way we regard media. Alas, that will not be possible any more, and blogs, like so many computer-based phenomena of the last decade, must now go the way of the dinosaur.

On the plus side, though, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we hope you enjoy the new QandO Online Magazine, and we hope that you find our online magazine's daily presentation of news and commentary to be useful.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Newspapermen now?

Previous to this change the musings of a blogger about the virtues of a good coffee liquer cocktail were viewed as a quiet indulgence of some personal insight.

Now under the new magazine format it can be seen as craven product placement advertising of a journalist and that just goes to show the continuing low standards of the marketeer driven free press.
Written By: Unaha-closp
URL: http://

Just kidding really.
Written By: Unaha-closp
URL: http://
Now under the new magazine format it can be seen as craven product placement advertising
Ha! It’s a product review, you dolt!
Written By: Dale Franks
We do product reviews now? Somebody, tell Jaguar that I’d like to review their new line of cars!
Written By: Jon Henke
Blogging is not dead—you are exaggerating the threat.
Written By: Shawn
URL: http://

Jon, McQ, and I are now officially journalists, all of us carry actual press cards, and we should be treated with the deference due to our noble calling

Journalists huh? Man, have you three lowered your standards :)

Written By: Shark
Man, have you three lowered your standards
Written By: Jon Henke
Oooooo, does that mean that we can now consider ourselves not "blog commenters" but part of your "layers of editors and fact-checkers?"

Can we count on you continuing to pay us exactly what the value our work on your magazine desrves?
Written By: Terry
URL: http://
I do believe I see your point. Sorry to see you go, and um, glad to see you arrive!

I don’t think you can be an actual journalist unless you help to pay Linda Foley’s salary (it will be in the commentary to the new regulations on blogging).
Written By: MaxedOutMama
Hey guys,

Why don’t you call it the "Q and O Public Policy Institute" that way you can be policy wonks and issue memberships (gratis) to your advertisers and readers. That way the Board of Directors (y’all) and the membership (us) can claim the "policy wonk" exception. There is one...right? Must be; that’s where out of favor regulators go to continue influencing public policy. They sure as hell wouldn’t restrict "their" free speech.
Written By: RiverRat
URL: http://
Actually, that’s something I’d very much like to do in the medium-to-long term with regards to the Neolibertarian Network and the New Libertarian. We just need momentum and some ancillary support.
Written By: Jon Henke
Dale, Jon and McQ,

Congrats on the new moniker. You have completed the metamorphosis from citizen journalist to Citizen Journalist.

We’ll still be here to give attaboys and razzes where appropriate. ;-)
Written By: D
URL: http://
Blogging is not dead—you are exaggerating the threat.
Written By: Bitter
I write a blog. I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years. My blog will stay a bog. I don’t give a damn what the FEC thinks they can do about it.
Written By: Stephen Macklin
My blog will stay a bog.
Bog. Is that something like a "quagmire"? :)
Written By: Terry
URL: http://
I’m still waiting for the product announcement for "dot blog". Will this become "dot online magazine"? "Dot online policy institute"? We wait with bated breath.
Written By: Skorj
URL: http://
At some point, it’s time to quit playing games with the gubmint. I am with INCITE and will be keeping my blog a blog.
Written By: Trevor

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