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...Starring Karl Rove as Craig Livingston
Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tod Lindberg makes and important point about the whole Rove/Plame/Wilson/Cooper/Miller/Niger deal:
Now, that may be enough to get Washington all a bubble as of July 2005, but I would suggest that within a few years it will be as thoroughly forgotten as the question, "Who hired Craig Livingstone?" I say this as someone who tirelessly pressed that very question and who can no longer remember exactly why. It arose in relation to one of the lesser scandals of the Clinton era. When it first came to mind, I thought it might have been in connection with Travelgate, but on further reflection, I recall that it had to do with FBI files. The point is that the considerable energy devoted to it at the time has by now dissipated without effect.
I'm inclined to think that this is exactly what will happen here. The supreme Irony is that the MoveOn crowd—the same people who thought the Clinton-haters were such fruitcakes—have now come full circle, to being wild-eyed Bush-haters. And in 10 years, no matter what happens, no one will even remember who Karl Rove was.

When it was Craig Livingstone and the FBI files on the president's political opponents, the MoveOn guys were so understanding. "Clearly, this was a clerical oversight." "Mr Livingston needed those files as the Administration was looking over candidates for jobs." "There are no real security implications about perusing secret FBI files on your your political enemies."

Now, it's all, "Karl Rove is a traitor!" (Showing, once again, their charming lack of familiarity with the Constitution.) "American security was endangered!" "CIA Agents could've been killed!" (Showing, for the very first time, any hint of concern for the lives of CIA agents, a class that the MoveOn people generally regard as the fascist paramilitary tools of American imperialist hegemony.)

Not so willing to MoveOn, now, are they?
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It’s nice to have proof that governments aren’t the only bureaucracies that can keep working harder while completely losing sight of their goal... Actually wasn’t that George Santayana’s definition of a zealot?

Written By: Jeff the Baptist
I’ll believe that President Bush decided to do something about Karl Rove when he’s found bound and gagged on the sidewalk in the sixteen-hundred block of Pennsylvania Avenue wearing nothing but a dog collar and a light stick up his ass.
Written By: M Paulding
URL: http://

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