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Are you sure it isn’t FEMA’s fault?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, September 12, 2005

Just wondering:
Utility workers connected the wrong wires and caused a blackout across major portions of Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, trapping people in elevators and snarling traffic at intersections, authorities said.
I mean, who else, according to a certain segment's 'conventional wisdom' is so inept?

Where was the federal safety net? How come Homeland Security wasn't on the spot? Where's FEMA?

I know that sarcasm is considered the lowest form of humor, but somehow it fits as a sane way to point out the idiocy of one of the lowest forms of argument to which we've been subjected for days in the wake of Katrina.

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Previous Comments to this Post 

FEME? Hell, no, this is Bush’s fault. If he hadn’t waged war in Iraq, he could have sent the National Guard troops to train Los Angeles power workers better.

I swear, there’s no depth Bush and Rove won’t sink to to make Democrats look bad.
Written By: Steverino
Well, these utility workers are working during Bush’s regime, so it is ultimately Bush’s responsibility for failing to work pro-actively to ensure that this kind of disaster couldn’t happen. Thousands died because of this blackout and it is all due to BusHitler.


Oh, and last hockey season was due to BusHitler trying to punish Canada for failing to support his war criminal policies in Iraq where over a Gazillion innocent people have died as a result of his illegal evil war.
Written By: Kalroy
I blame Global Warming!
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Sadly, I’m reminded of two things...

The first being Sen. Landreau’s comments(?) to Chris Wallace blaming the Administration’s lack of support for public transportation for her state not using hundreds of busses already in their possession to evacuate those still in NO.

Secondly, I keep on thinking of the movie "A Few Good Men," not because I like it, or I like the marquee talent, but because on one line following an ill advised suggestion by the Gimme Moore character, where Tomb Cruise yells out that that was "Galactically Stupid."

Sad because I wish, just for once someone would do that to those deserving such label - someone such as Landreau...
Written By: bains
URL: http://
I had the questionable pleasure of living through this power failure. Sitting in the Los Angeles Convention Center without power and without having a clue about when the power will be restored is not an experience I recommend.

The strange part is that I was also in LA for the 1992 riots. They began the night I arrived. I managed to be Seattle for their last earthquake a couple of years ago. And I was shooed out of New Orleans for Hurricane Andrew. (1992 was it? or 1993?) I’m beginning to think I’m a disaster magnet.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
So Billy ... any way we can talk you into buying a house out there? I like it here in GA and want it to stay that way.

Written By: McQ
Disaster magnet! How about this. I had just got back from three weeks of work at the World Trade Center the summer before 9/11 and my employer at the time was the largest tenant. I arrived for my honeymoon at Gatwick airport on July 7th. Needless to say I couldn’t get to my initial hotel room which was at Kings Cross. Katrina? Well, it left its debris scattered all around me, but I didn’t even lose power. I wasn’t in Madrid or Bali, but I suggest people keep me from visiting.
Written By: Lance
URL: http://
I blame Kos.
Written By: CyanCyde
URL: http://
Yeah, Billy, you didn’t happen to be in Indonesia this past December, did you? And in Iran the December prior to that? And in Columbus, Georgia about 6 years ago when I started dating this girl named Debbie?

Or is your magnetism limited to natural disasters?
Written By: Jon Henke
Fulminatin’ Fulton
Typical liberal air head comment, Kilroy.
Robert, we took up a collection and bought you a new irony-meter. When the Fed-Ex man shows up, just sign for delivery, set it up, plug it in, and USE it. You don’t even have to send the old one back in or anything. You, uh, WERE using the old one, right?
Written By: Stoop Davy Dave
URL: http://
Or is your magnetism limited to natural disasters?

Well, natural disasters plus disasters caused by sheer stupidity. I put the LA riots in the second category, along with the airline flight I was on in which a passenger pulled the lever that inflated the slide contained in the aircraft door.

I don’t seem to have an affinity for disasters caused by malignant intent. Yet. Sure hope it stays that way.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://

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