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Condemnation: 1,391, Action: 0
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, December 21, 2005

While the condemnation number is fictitious it makes the approximate proportional point I'm shooting for:
The United Nations and the African Union on Wednesday condemned an attack on a village in Darfur in western Sudan in which camel and horse-riding assailants killed 20 civilians and burned their huts.

The 500 men, suspected Arab militiamen known as the Janjaweed, swept through the village of Abu Sorouj in the war-wrecked Darfur region on Monday, killing the villagers and destroying and looting their houses, U.N. spokeswoman Radhia Achouri told reporters.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan condemned the attack, Achouri said, warning that "the security situation in Darfur remains volatile. Militia attacks on villages continue."
Well yeah, they continue, because neither the UN nor the African Union had done anything to ensure the safety of the people of Darfur. Interestingly the AU has a "peacekeeping force" in Darfur.

Their reaction?
The African Union, which maintains 7,000 peacekeepers in Darfur, said it was "outraged" by the Abu Sorouj attack. An AU statement said the organization's peace mediator Salim Ahmed Salim, condemned "the unwarranted brutal killings of numerous innocent civilians, including women and children, and the destruction of their homes and property by armed militia."
Some peace you're keeping there, fellas.

Meanwhile, "peace talks" are over until next year. Apparently the Janjaweed thinks that means it's open season on those living in Dafur.

Anyone else tired of the world's reaction being 'outrage' and 'condmenation?' What possible meaning can those words have when the killing, raping and burning continue unabated despite all the supposed outrage?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Au is not capable to protect the innocent in African countries, because those who lead the African union are some type of tyrain too! who like to oppress their fellows countrymen and women, and I do not know when will african countries be ready to fight for their people and countries of african which are being rename to be Arab countries, does it mean that if you are a muslim you are Arab? I think AU is not protecting the people in Drafur but helping the janjaweed and Khartoum goverment to carry out distructive agais people in that area.
Written By: peter
URL: http://
Based on the blogging and commentary on this website, I have a hard time finding a difference between neo-Libertarians and neo-cons. Can someone summarize the political taxonomy for me? (Please note - nothing specific to this post or comments to this post triggers this comment, but rather having browsed the blog a number of times over a number of weeks.)
Written By: Chuck
URL: http://
Why the UN and the World Powers has failed to resolve the situation in Darfur?

This last Iraqi war has overwhelmed the response of the western world to react seriously and honestly against human rights abusers. Previously, they managed to resolve the situations in Bosnia, Kuwait and Afghanistan, to mention but few recent atrocities that attracted attention and positive response.

The Darfur problem came into light at a time when the Iraqi war dominates world powers. The Arab countries are not happy about what happened and is happening in Iraq. Having massive energy resources, they are a block of power the International Communities have to take seriously. Else, what happened after the six days war between Israel and most of the Arab countries when the price of petrol rocketed beyond control would happen again.

So, the UN has become powerless simply because the world leading power (USA) that championed UN troops in Somali, Bosnia, Kuwait and Afghanistan is seriously hand tied to get involved in another war without the support of UN and the other world powers.

The Sudan government has seen the weakness of UN and therefore, exploits the situation by making the already deplorable conditions in Darfur even worst.

Practically, the system (Sudanese governments from 1956 to date) is struggling to totally arabise Darfur while at the same time attempting to initiate Southern Sudan to Arab culture and Islam. However, Religious conquest in Darfur did little to further their colonisation because the people have wakened up about their human rights in terms of development which never took place in the last 50 years.

To make the UN response to the cry of Darfurians, all the UN members should be taken to Darfur to tour the land and compare it with the rest of the northern Sudan in particular. They should visit the internally displaced people in the north of the country after which they should sit down to draw resolutions on what is happening there.

If this is not done, we will not see any peace in Darfur as quickly as required.
Written By: Peter C Tibi Opi
Based on the blogging and commentary on this website, I have a hard time finding a difference between neo-Libertarians and neo-cons. Can someone summarize the political taxonomy for me? (Please note - nothing specific to this post or comments to this post triggers this comment, but rather having browsed the blog a number of times over a number of weeks.)
Chuck ... go to the top of the page, hit the "New Libertarian" button and begin to read.
Written By: McQ
Is there Government of National unity?

It is very a ashamed to the new government of sudanese if it stil using the same ideas as what was been used by the NCP to kill Southernese, the government was been using tribe agains tribe and arm foreigners rebel at the same timefor example LRA is stil operating SouthernSudan under NCP umbrella undaunting of the UN nor AU because he did in SouthernSudan no held a ccountable for the massacre of the people in the SouthernSudan and that was a great human right violation to use aircraft to bom civilian in the same country or use it in same nation accept if it is another country by the Ncp.The western and some African countries had commited them selvs to solve the SouthernSudan problem so that the new government of national unity will solve the Drafur problem,but the question is did the governmentof NCP change it tact at all? no it’s doesn’t chang the NIF is stil on power and it partener SPLM/A is not fuction the power charing was a night mare and empty dream to the Southernsudanese who fought for 21 years and lost millions of people lives and go back to be rule by their enemy did those who died during the war dead as heroes? no who will remember them. It is the Southern histroy during Anya-nya one whe they fought for SouthernSudan indpendent’ but went back the government Sudan when their leaders get higher post in the government they forgot their comrade who fought along with them and they went to Krhatoum to enjoy their lives while the people in the southernsudan are suffering and the same time their army where disarm and scatter.What is the different between Addisababa and CPA? Where is Salva,Lam Akol and many Southern who were been taken to the National unity government? what is their planning for the South? are they serving their people interest or their own fate? Are they getting stronger after CPA agreement or getting weaker? I do believe Salva Kir is good leader who listen to people but who can he listen to if he do not have time to talk with people in the SouthernSudan, secondly there are some people in the republice palac who are working agains the SouthernSudanese and oppressed areas interest.I would like to know about what happen to the Abei commission which was suppose to start it work as soon as the government of the National unity sworn in.Will the regim in and the SouthernSudanese representive in Khartoum allow the people of the Southernsudan to vote acording to their interest? I’m doubt about it, because it seem like the Southernsudanses representive in Kharoum are enjoying their time and NCP is preparing it military for example they just bought jetfighters from China and many more military weapon, the Sudan policies are under the NCP surppervision like the defen ministry,justic join arm unite and all the resouces whether from South or North including finance ministry, they just took aviation from the ministery of transportation, they mistreatment of the Southernses is stil going on in North bout no respone from the Goss or GU.The NCP leader Umer al Bashier called Sudan a state of Arab and Islamic Country,are we African or Arab? how can we be called Arab in our own country in African? how can the country be call Nation of Islam while there are Christian and animis in the Country?

My last question will be answer by the Souther,I would like to know where are we heading to? are we free? did we get our right? what will be the sultion the war? what are disdvantages and advantages of separating Southern from North? And whatis advantages and disadvantage of uinty?
Why did the post of foreigner ministry given the Southernese? I think because Sudan relation with others countries was bad and they want Lam to correct it,also they need Lam to be their shield to protect them from other accusation like what happen between chad and Sudan, the NCP will be master of distruction and SPLM/A will be defender agains any accusation and if I’m wrong let me know long live SouthernSudan.
Written By: peter
URL: http://
I have a hard time finding a difference between neo-Libertarians and neo-cons. Can someone summarize the political taxonomy for me?
I’m not sure that "Neoconservative" is really even a coherent political philosophy. Neoconservatives don’t really agree on a whole lot.

The primary difference, I would argue, is that we favor a more limited government, while Neoconservatives don’t seem to have a similar interest.
Written By: Jon Henke
Perhaps that you (neolibertarians) strongly and consistently favor a more limited government, whereas the neo-con movement as a whole (as opposed to individual members thereof) seems to take the position of, "More Government, less government, whatever gets our very few primary goals advanced."
Written By: Dave
URL: http://
Dear government southern sudan I APPreaciate your leadership .because i under is stand what is going about our government.our splm\A TURN a side for our enmiese Beshir leader of NCP SO Me weakness of the leadership of the SPLM\A NOW MY QUESTION SI THIS. WERE IS H.E PRESEDENT KIR all our right is turn aside to khartoum government hey hou my we are prise with out anything KIR IS afaid for NCP\Beshir if our leader DR.JOHN GARANG no anything will be happen like this what about fail of the leadership
Written By: Revd. abraham Lual Panchol

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